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There is authentic hawker style chicken rice near KLCC that goes for RM 3.50 per plate, and no, it’s not from one of the 3 food courts (level 4, level 2, avenue K). If you work at or near the vicinity of KLCC, you will undoubtedly know about Wisma Sentral, the place where everyone from KLCC goes for lunch.

Chicken Rice at Wisma Sentral
old school simple set up

Han Leong’s Chicken Rice at Wisma Sentral provides very good value and plenty of variety. There are roasted chicken (烧鸡), steamed chicken (百鸡), BBQ chicken (鸡叉烧), and bean spourts. An order of chicken rice is served with a small bowl of soup, chili and mashed ginger, as well as dark soya sauce are available as seasonings too. Not that many places still provide mashed ginger anymore.

Chicken Rice at Wisma Sentral

I usually order roasted chicken drumstick (RM 4.00) or chicken thigh (鸡二肚, RM 3.50) for lunch. The place gets very busy from around 12:15 to 2pm, however, food is usually served rather quickly as the chicken are usually prepared in small plates in anticipation of the lunch crowd.

Map to Wisma Sentral
the complete meal – rice, chicken, chilli sauce, ginger, soup

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GPS: 3.158728, 101.714473

Discuss : KY eats – Wisma Sentral Chicken Rice, near KLCC

  1. For good chicken rice… Seri Kembangan is the place

  2. seri kembangan is a big place, be laa abit more specific bro..

  3. there is also one good chicken rice stall inside Wisma Genting’s foodcourt, long queue most of the time.

  4. I miss the roasted chicken there! Cheap and nice.
    Another shop I used to frequent is the vegetarian shop near the videogame centre.

  5. isnt it wisma CENTRAL?

  6. reminds me of the chicken rice sold near stadium negara…you get free refill of rice, as much as you can eat!!!

    now the uncle selling the rice near TARC, but for obvious reasons, has not given the free rice to the students there already.

  7. Kelvin,

    Sentral is the correct MALAY spelling. 😀

  8. UOA’s underground foodcourt’s chicken rice quite cun man..Halal one

    stupe : whoa..near TARC that chicken rice damn syok man..

  9. hmm, i used to go for the chicken rice there..

    but lately i’ve been going to avenue k’s as well.

    taste quite the same…

  10. hey..your chinese abt the “pai chi” was written wrongly…u wrote “100 chicken” instead of white chicken…lol!

  11. Excellent chicken rice at a stall along Jalan Silang (behind Magnum 4D shop), and cheap – RM3.20 for chicken thigh (kai yi do) with soup and chinese tea included, and the soup is really the properly boiled type!

  12. LOL @ yk’s comment

  13. yatz – that uncle ol timer chicken rice seller. 🙂 eat rice alone also nice.

  14. foodcrazee

    go to PJU 5 dude. try them out. Use persiaran surian and go straight past the condos. Make a right turn after that. superb chicken rice called Wai Sek Kai – cant remember the English name

  15. Hmmmm yah I miss Sri Kembangan chicken rice, damn good man, was about the only good thing about working in Cyberjaya!

    I still love SS2 steamed chicken rice and the one near my place for roast chicken and char siu.

  16. looks like my spelling in mandarin isn’t any better. =/

  17. lol… lucky is 百鸡 (Pai Ji)… not 鸡百 (Ji Pai)….
    kakakaka!!! 😛

  18. this chicken rice shop not so good, the meat tastes papery. i feel like im chewing paper

  19. citibanker

    The chicken rice there is totally bad.
    Not well cooked at all.

    Better eat claypot chicken rice at sri petaling. (beside ‘alisan’) 😀

  20. budokid & citibanker,

    I never claimed the chicken rice was great, but it wasn’t bad in my book. Decent food for very cheap price at this part of KL. I guess you guys are a little too harsh.

  21. Tower2worker

    I agreed the chicken rice was sucks!

  22. […] The majority of people working around the KLCC vicinity are usually familiar with the 2 food courts at Suria KLCC as well as the lunch hot spot that is Wisma Sentral (Chinese food, chicken rice). However, many noobs are unaware that there is actually a food court at Menara Public Bank, hidden away at the 4th floor carpark. Even fewer people would guess that it is an outdoor establishment. […]

  23. it is actually Wisma Central

  24. William,
    That’s the “English” name. 😀

  25. I just want to say… 😉 i work at wisma central, but i’m so interested about this chicken rice.. is it malay also can eat?? the smell so good.. my favorite food is nasi ayam..

  26. I just want to say… 🙂 ok thankz for share..

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