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Firstly, I gotta give a million thanks to Pinkpau for having her friend brought a pack of heaven from the States for me. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you have never tasted this before, don’t. Once you go Reese’s, you’ll get hooked and live an agonizing rest-of-life here since they are not available locally.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
this stuff is godsend

The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups is actually made of only two simple ingredients, milk chocolates wrapping soft peanut butter in a “cup” shape. No tricks to it really. Somehow the combination tasted absolutely awesome, and at 110 calories a piece, a dieter’s nightmare (since you can easily have half a dozen in 10 mins.)

According to this wikipedia article, the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were created by H. B. Reese in 1928 and own by the Hershey Company.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
milk chocolate + peanut butter = tastebud pwnage!

Though these peanut butter cups were abit melted and slightly out of shape due to the Malaysian weather, they still tasted just as great as I remembered them. It was awesome. Thanks again Pinkpau!

Btw, anyone coming back to Malaysia from anywhere that sells this stuff, buy me a huge pack or three please!

Discuss : KY eats – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups !!!!

  1. FFFFAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRKKKKKKK YYYOOOUUUUUUU KY. I hope you get diarrhea for the rest of your life. I hope the Devil rips your tongue out and deep fries it. Choke on the taste you swine.

    O.K. I’m just a little bit upset you got Reese’s and I didn’t.


  2. eh, why not share with the rest of us, or you finished all already?

  3. Snark you dumbass you can buy these in Brunei, should have filled your case when you were there 😛

  4. Fulltime Mom

    you can actually buy them from the imported chocolate stall at the lowest level of klcc. not too expensive either

  5. Fulltime Mom,

    o.O interesting!

  6. Dabido (Teflon)

    I can get Tim Tams! 🙂 Hee hee!

    Anyway, they look like packets of condoms! 🙂

  7. Eh..Reese is everywhere..they used to sell it cheap in Canada, and we buy it in bulk!

  8. That’s it. I’m raiding the chocolate shop in the KLCC tomorrow. And if I don’t find Reese’s there, there’s going to be hell to pay. *SNARL*

  9. step 1:
    hot toast
    nutella (or some other equivalent)
    chunky peanut butter

    step 2:
    combine using a butter knife while toast is still hot (so all the stuff melts and is extra gooey)

    step 3:
    eat and enjoy the elvish magic that makes it so tasty

    step 4:
    feel like a fat bastard

  10. hehe you’re welcome, KY.

    about the shop in klcc, yea they used to have. but the last i checked (and a few times more since), they dont anymore.

    i’ll be going to hk soon. they have them there, but in packets of 2 pb cups (roughly 4 times the size of the mini ones in this post’s pics) each. anyone wanna tumpang buy?

  11. eh mistake. the normal size ones are 2 times the size of the mini’s.


  13. I bought mine at LCC-t airport…..:P i was surprise to find it there….small packet cost me
    RM16 dude!!!!

  14. oopss…mine is a small mini peanut butter cuz…..hrmmm…yours have choc fillin gin the middle?

  15. I thought I saw them in Sogo supermarket but I could be wrong. No harm checking it out.

  16. last i passed by – the chocolatier at concourse suria klcc was still selling it? .. damn.. bulan2 puasa go and show the images.. esp. for someone in my condition.. terus ngidam..

    i know i’ll have to make a pit stop downstairs before gallivanting off for the weekend… (if i am allowed to hv a weekend.. that is.. we hv a proposal to draw up and submit by tuesday.. matiii..)

  17. will go klcc check if there is some there today.

  18. Fulltime Mom,

    Really? I got to check that out then!
    I’ve never tried these before, but from the looks and description of it, its definately some good stuff. 😛

  19. Well, a company named IDS Services S/B is intending to market this product in Malaysia soon. But, things r still at the stage of negotiation. BE PATIENT, everyone!

    it’s delicious, indeed!

  20. I HATE YOU!

    (There my short, simple and erm… somwhat sweet, depending on how you look at it, comment)

  21. 110 calories PER PIECE?

    That’s insane! – if you eat 10 pieces that’s already about half your daily calorirific need……

  22. i agree….reeses peanut butter cups are tha shit! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nyummmmmmm

  23. i think a friend from canada bought me those before.

    addictive shit, and a Very Bad Thing for dieting people like me.

    they really look bad in our hot weather though. melt peanut butter cups do not really look so appealing.

    the taste is heaven, i agree. =)

  24. i checked klcc again! dont have lah. why u all bluff me, get me excited only. =(

    anyways i will indeed be going to hk soon .. so if anyone wants pb cups! email me or something! (ky, nommore free pb cups for you)

  25. Wonder if they taste good in a sandwich

  26. was at klcc on friday and can’t find any.

  27. Fulltime Mom

    stock gets replenished from time to time, ask the sales people. my hubby buys them by the 10s (bags) from klcc. another place i’ve seen it at klia departure hall, near the escalators to go down to passport control.

  28. Yeah!! I just found out it is available at 7-11 throughout Melbourne..AUD1.40 for two bars.

  29. ah… i went to chocolatier at KLCC and they ran out of stock. They sales girl said they might have it next month… 🙁

  30. I WANT ONE.

  31. b3 b0rn.. c0nf0rm, b3 si|3nt .. di3

    eat #1: reese’s peanut butter cups…

    no thanks to ky’s post, i have developed a craving.
    had tasted it a few times – loved it, of course – peanut butter is my weakness.
    always saw it @ the chocolatier, concourse level, suria klcc but never bothered about it. since, heyyyy.. i work h…

  32. i miss the “kit kat” from vancouver …luckily my sis visiting next month 🙂

  33. As Suanie Sees It - in search of reese’s peanut butter cups

    […] Then KY went and blogged about it, memories returned and I craved for the damn thing for a few days, and finally decided to take matters into my own hands. […]

  34. I’ve seen it in Singapore!

  35. Yeah, those are addictive! I’ve had a packet of 2 regular cups from a swap with someone in the US, and another 2-cup packet (Double Chocolate – chocolate peanut butter) from another swap. And there’s a bite-size version of it that comes in the form of little balls. I prefer the bite-sized ones – can eat as many as I like without feeling too guilty. Because size smaller ma.

    I’ve seen mini Reese’s cups sold in both KLIA and LCCT chocolatiers. 🙂

  36. […] I think Tim Tam needs no introduction to most people, especially those who studied in ozzie. This chocolate mud biscuit is the best seller in Australia. The snack is full of chocolate, caramel, and biscuit in a harmonious combination that treats your taste buds the way good snacks do. Kinda reminds me of Reese’s although they are completely different. […]

  37. Hello from California. I’m also a Reese’s addict, but they are sold at all the grocery stores here, so I have to resist buying them whenever possible.

    Yes, there is the normal sized reese’s cup, and then there is the miniature reese’s cup:

    The minis have a different chocolate to peanut butter ratio, and in my opinion, are much better than the regular, full size cup. Also, I think melted reese’s don’t taste as good as unmelted. If you can get your hands on a bag of the minis, you must try them.

  38. found it in malaysia.. yeayy! am happy – on peanut butter + choc high

  39. You can get them from Cold Storage now!

  40. omg reeses are like the best candy ever made on earth!!!

  41. patricia,
    I agree!!!!

  42. Clarynne

    guys u can get Reeses easily at Watson and Guardian! and they cost less than rm3 for two cups. i jus got myself one packet today 🙂 the best ever combination – peanut + milk choc

  43. Clarynne,
    Good to know, thanks! 😀

  44. I WANNA BAG OF PB CUPS PINKPAU, MINI PB CUPS OF REESES , PLEASE DEAR, u said u will tumpang buy for us so keep your word liaw…call me 016 3533097.I wanna try this,name is chris

  45. ha ha thanks i got to check out those stores , sorry pinkpau …but no thanks…

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