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Following the previous stupid “spot the difference” game with FA’s pictures, lets do it this time with the femmes Suanie who has recently just appeared on the Female Magazine. There are 8 (8th month in lunar calendar) differences between the original and the altered image of the famous blogger, lets see if you have a pair of golden eyes, noob!

Spot the difference with Suanie's pictures
the first picture

Spot the difference with Suanie's pictures
the second picture

For the noobs, check your answer here!


Discuss : KY games – Spot the differences in these Suanie’s pics

  1. this one a bit the hard right?

    yeah, i cheated 😛

  2. 1, Right finger (Photoshop skill needed)
    2, Chair (Photoshop skill needed)
    3, No Smoking plat
    4, Clock or logo? Inside there…

    Erm… No more… 😛 How many differences ar?

  3. Dabido (Teflon)

    Why does that missing finger remind me of the Stephne King movie Cat’s Eyes?

    No smoking sign has moved.

    Menu has swapped sides with that round sign in the background

    Chair arm is missing

    Ash tray is missing on table.

    Table leg is missing in background

    Drink Bottle in background has changed colours. [Green to red]

    Starbuck sign in background near the non-smoking sign is different.

    Also, please don’t stick the ‘check your answers’ bit in till after we’ve all proven how darn clever we are finding the differences, otherwise people might think we cheat.

    9th difference – Suan now thinner than both those pictures! 🙂

  4. argh i got 6 spotted only haha

  5. KY..what you doing to her dieeeetttt?????

    *evil smile*

  6. Dabido,
    People are often alot less patient than you.

    I didn’t do anything. hehe

  7. Dabido (Teflon)

    KY – patience! lol They can’t wait 24 hours for the solution? lol Besides, only took me ten minutes to find the solution on my own.

  8. Can’t concentrate on game. Just can’t stop laughing…

  9. the picture’s more interesting that the game 🙂

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