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I’ve heard about the roast duck rice at Loong Foong Restaurant for quite a some time, but since one of my housemates do not consume duck and a failed attempt to dine there (they ran out), I finally had the chance to let my taste buds judge what the fuss was all about.

Roast Duck at Loong Foong Seafood Restaurant, Taman Paramount
yes, it’s a “seafood” restaurant

The odd thing about the roast duck rice stall is the location of it, at the Loong Foong seafood restaurant. I assume there are quite a lot of people who orders the duck as just another dish instead of as the only item to be eaten with rice. I wasn’t interested in seafood that day, so we ordered up roast duck rice for two.

When the dish were served, I was pretty impressed with the duck at least visually, the skin roasted to the perfect dark golden brown color with some dark sauce over. I was not too thrilled about the rice though, they served normal white rice instead of the special blend of duck rice like what you get at the PJ State Loh Duck. However, a bite on the soft and tender duck explained why this place is so highly regarded, the texture of the meat was perfect, easy to chew and with no pungent duck smell that is undesireable to many. And the skin.. the roast duck skin was that of the Peking duck caliber, reminded me of a few times I had the chance to taste that expensive dish in a proper Chinese restaurant.

Roast Duck at Loong Foong Seafood Restaurant, Taman Paramount
just look at the crispy duck skin

The chili sauce was pretty good as well, an extra portion of the dark sauce is served together with the dish for blending with the rice. This sort of make up for the fact that white rice is served, though I would still prefer the proper blend instead.

Despite the small shortcoming, the roast duck lives up to its name. This place is not to be missed if you do eat duck at all. The dinner costs about RM 14 for pretty a good portion of duck. I would definately go there again.

Roast Duck at Loong Foong Seafood Restaurant, map to Taman Paramount
the restaurant is nearby the Giant hypermarket at Paramount

1 Jalan 20/13, Paramount Garden,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.106085, 101.625595
Tel: 03-7876 9045

Discuss : KY eats – Roast Duck at Loong Foong, Taman Paramount

  1. u should compare with the other famous roast duck in sea park… the perpetually packed sunrise…

  2. Now it’s your turn to make me feel hungry with your post!


    Yums – I love the duck at Loong Foong…
    The achar at the duck stall and the “tai choww” stuff is not bad too.

  3. This one is oklah…the Cheras one better

  4. eh this 1 open for lunch ah?
    i’m hungry now!!!

  5. Kelvin,
    Haven’t tried the Sunrise duck rice yet, don’t even really know where it is. hehe

    It would be nice to know which and where is the “Cheras one” though.

    Not too sure.. go try lah.

  6. Not opened for lunch, only dinner time. I usually ta pau the duck home as it’s yummy. Like J said the achar is also nice. Note that the Lucky Seafood also started their roast duck stall, wonder if it’s nice? The cheras one nick mentioned is also a favourite. Hmmm, was planning to do duck tday, luckily I did not post it or else we have lots of feathers flying today.

  7. wow surprised u dunno sunrise. quite an institution for duck in sea park. it’s near KFC.

  8. Kevlin,

    Thanks, gotta give it a go one of these weekends. 🙂

  9. go early… always packed

  10. dude, people order this loong foong duck as a side/main dish amongst others, not per se. so, u may not be served the proper oiled/butter rice too.

    i love this one.

  11. Yah I asked Kelvin about duck too, pretty hard to find good duck in KL, it’s quite rare.

  12. oooooh the duck rice there is SUPERB. my family always goes there quite often to eat duck rice.

  13. YUCK!!! DUCK!!! SUCK!!! 😛

  14. so depressing to watch people enjoy hearty meals when i am just a poor student barely sustaining myself here LOL.

  15. Ducks that are sold in seafood restaurants are normally drowned ducks. Still seafood.

  16. Irene,

    Even poor students can afford these kinda meal, not like they are expensive or anything.

  17. KY, let’s get the mat salleh and go for sunrise duck on saturday brunch!

  18. Kelvin,

    Yeah, sounds like a good idea, lets do it.

  19. email me ur contact. will set it up. i think the gwailo may be busy though

  20. well, not when the poor student has only less than 200 left for the rest of the month due to poor budgeting lol. and that amount includes fuel money.

  21. Sunrise duck is nice when eaten there – once you bring home, it taste awful. They serve lunch only and it is awfuly hot and stiffy and really crowded!

    Loong Foong Duck is better – eat-in ur take out! Their achar is superb fresh but not the type you can refrigerate!!! 🙁 I
    think they serve dinner only amd also awfully crowded!

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  23. muahaha enjoying duckling now .serving the net using the lastest techno gadgetss……….contact 603 7660 0322 for more info..provided by IP Mobility sdn .Bhd.

  24. This duck is best in town and always sold out by 7:30pm. I never go Sunrise and Petaling Street’s 4 Ngan Chai ever since I found this gem 🙂

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  27. Their service is not good

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