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Unless you are one of the 3 dental masochists in this part of the world, I can gather that you are more likely than not dread going to the dentist. The hissing sound, the grinding noise.. the pain.. the pain.. the horror… There must be some way to make the experience more pleasant, and no, playing elevator music isn’t going to offer much relief.

OSIM has recently been sort of running out of ideas, they have dominated the massage chair industry and were looking to spread their dominance into other parts of our daily lives by coming out with some ridiculous products such as the iZap and iGallop. I mean, shaking your stomach to reduce weight? If that works, I know at least one person who wouldn’t need to spend thousands joining a slimming program after using iZap for a few months with zero effect. And lets not get me started on iGallop…

Well, I’ve been thinking, why not have a massaging dentist’s chair? As we’re tensed up waiting for the drill to come down to invade the molars, wouldn’t it be great to have a little reassuring massages around the back, and maybe the feet too? Forget iGallop, let me have the iDental.

OSIM iDental
how about iDental?

note to OSIM: I am willing to accept loyalty royalty for this invention. kthxbai

Discuss : KY Ponders – Marrying OSIM & Dentist – the iDental

  1. accept ROYALTY omg ky double check, can??? lol

    KY: #^%@&, hehehehe

  2. suan the spell checker!!!

  3. And risk the dentist drilling in all the wrong places because of the vibrating patient? I don’t think so…

    LOLz… nice one!

  4. If only all the dentist in the world uses this kind of chair, then no one will be afraid of going for dental checkups.

  5. how will the dentist inject or pull out your tooth while your whole body is shaking like mad ?

  6. All of you don’t appreciate KY’s genius. I think its a brilliant idea, KY. From now on, I will only go to dentists with massage chairs. Until then, may my teeth rot.

  7. I’m a UM final year dental student. And i think your idea is really ingenious !!!! I shall seriously think about it when i start up my own private practice next time, haha 😛
    Among my coursemates, we even thought of inventing drilling instruments which could give out pleasant songs…instead of the much dreaded drilling sounds….

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