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The tambun biscuit is perhaps the most saught after gifts from Penang when it comes to food, I guess it’s just as well since stale char kueh teow or laksa isn’t exactly great. Tambun biscuit, or tau sah peah (豆沙饼) in Hokkien, is basically a baked biscuit with thin and slightly oily layer of skin wrapping a lot of green bean paste.

Him Heang Tambun Biscuit
Authentic Him Heang biscuits

There are many brands of tambun biscuit in Penang, but Him Heang is so far the best that I’ve tried. It hits the taste bud just right, the ingredients not too wet nor dry, the thin crust, and just the right level of sweetness.

Him Heang Tambun Biscuit
yum.. yummmm

A box of biscuit costs RM 9.20 and comes with 32 biscuits nicely arranged in two layers of 4 x 4. It is ready to eat, and best served with some tea or coffee, since tambun biscuits tend to stick to the upper ceiling of the mouth without some liquid to wash it down.

Do not get fooled into buying other brands of tambun biscuits, as they usually imitate the design of the box and carries the name ended with “Heang” as well. Him Heang does not have any branch anywhere other than the main shop at Jalan Burma. They are opened from 8:30am to 5.00pm every Monday to Saturday. You can call to book for your biscuit if you have a large order, and I would advice you do so to avoid the huge crowd.

Him Heang Tambun Biscuit
this is where to get some if you’re in Penang

162A Jalan Burma, Penang
GPS: 5.423848, 100.321210
Tel: 604-228 6129

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  1. they are damn nice 1!!! but try talking with two in your mouth…..ilove these with a nice hot cuppa java 😛

  2. Keep some for me ya! 😀

  3. FYI….
    CRC not CSC…it stands for Chinese Recreation Club.

  4. parallel_gurl

    omg!! omg!! omg!!! i WANT!!! :p *salivating*

  5. haha ya wei! him heang is the best ever. when i came back from penang i brought like boxes and boxes back 😀

  6. Try and catch a batch which is straight out of the oven… words can’t describe the taste… 😉

  7. ewwww…….. can’t stand him heang or ghee hiang.

  8. Just to let you know, actually Ghee Hiang is the original “tambun” biscuit confectionary in Penang but most people nowadays prefers Him Heang. So Him Heang isn’t exactly the most original “tambun” biscuit around but I prefer Him Heang too.

  9. A38 Cruiser

    Mouth watering by just looking at them. Can anybody send a box over to UK?

  10. FYI…The owner of Him Heang originally worked in Ghee Heang before he started Him Heang… Too bad for Ghee Heang as Him Heang has a better marketing strategy.

  11. my mom says thanks 😛

  12. Actually if you find Him Heang main and only branch is closed or they have no more stock, you can head over to Penang road near the old main police headquarter there. Some shops opposite MyDin do sell Him Heang’s tambun biscuit at a higher price, RM0.50 more expensive if I’m not mistaken.

    Hope this piece of information helps ppl from outstation. 🙂

  13. man, you got the box of 32s! dammit. when i was in penang, i went there and they only had boxes of 16s left. 🙁

    so i had to get 4 boxes of those, just to make up. they were more expensive, too. ugh.

  14. How long do their biscuits keep? Do you need to put in the fridge? If cannot keep for very long I might buy ghee hiang’s as theirs is wrapped in plastic, and I need to transport and hoard a lot of these halfway across the world (US). 🙂

  15. ashan,

    I believe the biscuits should last about 3-4 weeks. 🙂

  16. Hmmmm……. That’s a lot of biscuits shop in Penang. My mum brought some from Penang when she came to Australia last month. But I think what she bought is different brand. Something like “Sheng Hiang”!!
    I got they website from their box,
    I like Penang and missing Penang food so much, hopefully can finish my study and go home soon 🙂

  17. I’m from Penang so let me tell you the actual story about Him Heang & Ghee Heang. Mel is right, the original Sifu of Tambun biscuits were from Ghee Heang, due to some unknown reason he left to Him Heang. And i think Ghee Heang is as good as Him Heang too. Many people think that Him Heang taste better & their biz is better, but in actual fact Ghee Heang’s biz is more on export and Him Heang is local. That’s why you can see the packing from Ghee Heang is nicer & more representable. I advise those who have not tried Ghee Heang, you may give it a try next time. The shop is nicely decorated and have lots of huge parking space and the service is better too. One thing i don’t like about Him Heang is the inconvenient parking space and the customer service is lousy. They put priority to outstation customers/tourist and do not respect local customers. I was once being chased away by the owner due to they want sell their biscuit to outstation customers first, if there’s any left over then i need to come again. This really piss me off. Whether the biscuit is good or not come from your own experience, it’s not from what people told you how good is it.

  18. there are still many shop selling good quality tambun biscuit, example sheng hiang n dragon pearl bizcuit.. they have their own style rather than juz ghee hiang n him heang which come frm same sifu…..try other n compare….u will knw…
    i m the supporter of dragon pearl biscuit…..
    they have few branches ard penang island, kek lok si,, air itam near chung ling , bukit jambul……n other la…i cant remember already. so …go n try ….

  19. I would be pleased if open a branch in KL since here did not have a nice Tau Sah Peah. I would like to be a share holder and open in KL to cater the customer in KL. I love Tau Sah Peah very much and hope to open a branch in KL but the important problem is I cannot make a nice biscuit. Hope could learn from you all and to be a mechandised.

  20. I like Penang tau sah peah.

  21. Susy,
    They have one and one branch only, which is a shame I think. Chinese business mentality, want to control everything I guess

    Ditto! 😀


    Him Heang Biscuit famous but , i for penang people (Macalister Road) Hoh Heong Tambun is the best

    Are you from Hoh Heong? I am from Penang too by the way. 🙂

  24. what is the business hour of him hiang?

  25. chris,
    I think they open from morning till probably 6-7pm and closes on Sundays. Not very sure though

  26. No la..Him Heang open until 5pm…office hour…

    I banned him heang as their service is so bad…parking so hard….

    Nowadays, i went to Ghee Hiang, their service is good and parking is big..most important things is they open until after work i still can grab it if they no finish their product la….

  27. lily,
    Hahaha, usually my mom helps me buy them, she knows the boss, so. 😛

  28. hungry guy is hungry

    Tao sah peah? Fail.

    Phong peah is where it’s at. People these days… don’t know how to eat. Try Phong Peah with Ipoh white coffee next time. You’ll thank me for awakening your taste buds.

  29. hungry guy is hungry,
    Haha, actually I do like em both! 😀

  30. Now adays Him Heang Tau Sar Pheah totally cannot eat d…i bought few weeks ago..yeak~ until now still no one finish it…throw it in the rubbish d…

  31. I wonder the quantity of tambun biscuit in that pink classic paper bag coz I m recently doing aan assignment based on biscuit packaging. Provide me more on the company details,like when it was started, or their website?

  32. 1 more thing 2 ask. Do you know how much is a box of 16pc Him Heang Tambun biscuit? How much is a box of Ghee Hiang Tambun biscuit (both 32pc & 16pc). Thanks…

  33. Gyen,
    Ahh, i’m not sure of these answers, sorry sorry. But I am guessing the 32 piece is around RM 10 or so. Sorry can’t help you much here.

  34. Wow! 馨香 really brings back a lot of memories from when I was a kid!

    Although they came in similar type of boxes then, they weren’t in such “fancy” packaging, but something that reflects more traditional Chinese style. 馨香豆沙饼(or tehcnically should be called “汶莱饼” which I came to know about much later) has always been one of my all-time favorite.

    They used to get “sold out” by late afternoon during the time when the store was still under the older management (my guess is the previous generation) and the manufacturing process not that modernized. I remembered we have to get there “early” just so we wouldn’t miss out these yummy mini-bites whenver we went to buy some at its main shop. 🙂

  35. Him Heang no longer best Tambun biscuit in Penang ! Anyway you can ask 9/10 Penang people also agree that .. The latest Top 4 biscuit shop all located at Penang Newlane somewhere near Sunway hotel

  36. Every people is different taste,so dont give so strong and powerful comment of both company Him Heang or Ghee Heang.Both company bicuit also tastely.Is up to people to choose whic she like the taste.Almost all Tau Sar Pheh are some from content.maybe got 1 or 2 different content inside the biscuit.So for human being pls think b4 comment the product.Sorry is i have saying anything wrong comment in here.

  37. JJ,
    I think your comment is one of the more insightful ones I’ve come across 🙂

  38. Thanks KY.i just dont want to side either one,coz in Penang still got many shop are selling Tau Sau Pheh.Some of also tasty

  39. JJ,
    True, true, there’s no point siding anyone. Food, after all, is always a personal taste.

  40. Nowadays it seems that Ghee Hiang is more preferred than Him Hiang because Him Hiang has attitude and parking problems. Also now Him Hiang going HALAL so taste different. Not as nice and tasty as before. Anyway, Ghee Hiang is still my preferred choice. Did you guys see the new gift packs, great gift idea for customers and friends.

  41. jane,
    I guess everyone has their favorite stalls and there is nothing wrong to prefer one over the other. Both are rather good in my opinion. 🙂

  42. Him Heang or Ghee heang, anyone knows where to get it in KL?

  43. michael,
    him heang doesn’t have any branch, i’m not very sure about ghee heang tho

  44. Hi..Michael..i think or maybe you can find the Ghee Hiang branch at some shop at KL but i dont know is where.Coz now Ghee Hiang are trying to opening branch round the Malaysia compare with Him Heang at penang only 1 stall.

  45. JJ,
    Yah, Him Heang has only 1 branch and specifically states that they are not sold anywhere else.

  46. Dear All,
    I’m from Penang as well. However, i do not purchase Penang Specialty biscuit from Penang Him Heang anymore due to staff attitude and packing space issue. I m currently working in KL. so whenever i go back to Penang, i prefer to buy DRAGON PEARL BISCUIT for my office colleagues and friends due to several reasons:
    1. Parking Space and Location wise.( i stay at Bukit Jambul, another store available at AirItam , near Chung Ling High School)
    2. Biscuit Availability (Never Out-of-Stock)
    3. Quality ( Freshness Guaranteed – with individual pack and handy plastic paper tray )
    This is my point-of-view honestly, Try the difference ! Everyone !

  47. Michelle,
    Interesting, but my mom knows the Him Heang aunty so we get preferential treatment. lol

  48. is it “Halal”???Thanks.

  49. Doris,
    Unfortunately it is not.

  50. From very young I ate Ghee Hiang (GH)when they were at beach street if m not mistaken n then when I grew up I went to buy Him heang (HH) when nobody knw them…today it is jam packed.Got to que up for so long & expensive d.

    Those days GH tasted good when HH was not there.Then I like HH better after that cos GH tasted dry. AFter seeing d que & causes d jam at d burma rd…i said 4get it.
    Last saturday, I went to tis new shop recommended by my aunty and a fren – it is call Ban Heang at Melaka street….ummmp no jam no que…ummm their Heong Pheah is so good is so soft inside (black sugar thingy)…I tried others before it was a hard filling inside and it is only RM3.00 a packet (HH is selling RM6.20…whoopy) and they hv “pua kiam tee tau sar pheah” a packet comes in 5 pcs only @ RM1.80…it is good as well. Sorry folks I din try the tambun pheah.They have got Phong Phneah & Beh teh saw but can’t make it on time so I din manage to buy that. How to get there…call them 04-2295018.If u knw how to go to GH is easy from GH head straight at the cross junction (GH must be directly on yr right..that means u r on Anson Rd) . After d traffic light,take a second left turn into the Melaka st. Ban Heang is on yr right….Try them !

  51. BTW, it is non halal

    • Ban Heang Heong Pheah, Tambun Pheah are halal one! no worry. You can buy for Malay friends as well.

  52. Rockerteers,
    Ooo interesting, thanks for the head up. 😀

  53. […] Penang, it is the Him Heang tambun biscuit, from London, you shouldn’t miss the pork crackles, if there’s someone coming back from […]

  54. The more you praise the price will definitely go up again. Becoming smaller in size.

  55. Ang,
    Hahah yah, tragically that might be the case.

  56. Can u pls let me hv the address for Ghee Hiang,cos I’m gg to Penang in two weeks time.

  57. For Dragon Pearl Biscuit nearby Chung Ling High School is HALAL and suitable for VEGETARIAN too. (Making from Vege-Oil, packing in Green Box)
    Besides, it has non-halal version, which is using non-vege oil. Packing in Yellow Box.
    Hope these info helps.
    Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!

  58. Hello! I agree that Ghee Hiang has gotten rather dry. Ban Heang is very good, but the shops were being demolished when I went back at Chinese New Year. Anyone know what happened? The Eaton tambun biscuits and phong pheah are also quite good!

    • NT: demolished? O.o hopefully they’re just changing to a new location

      • Ban Heang have move to No 200, Macalister Road (Just right beside Red Rock Hotel). You might call up 04-2295018 for make an order.

  59. Hi, do u know whether Him Heang trade their tao sha piah out of malaysia??

  60. Warangkana

    Where to buy Him Heang Tambun Biscuit in Thailand ?

  61. wilbalan singh

    For me at least 2 boxes of the Tambun biscuits at one go!

  62. Actually Him Heang biscuit used to have lard as one of their ingredients. But has changed to vegetable oil since… I don’t know when…. I think many years ago for reason which I also not sure.. I normally will buy some gift for my colleagues whom consists of Muslim thus I normally will chk their ingredients… And will avoid Him Heang at tat time due to tat reason. I normally buy GheeHeang. One fine day, I realised the lRd ingredients is replaced by vegetable oil. Tats why some people says the taste chg for Him Heang as lard taste so much better.

  63. Anyone knows where I can get this biscuit in kl/pj area?

    • bella: unfortunately they don’t sell it outside of their one branch in Penang, in KL/PJ you can buy other brands, try the shops at Imbi.

  64. who is the Him Heang Boss??

  65. hi…is it halal ? feeling confius due my the box have not certified halal from JAKIM.

  66. Ghee Hiang biscuits are not up to par.previously before their fancy packaging was i go for him heang.Not really true Him Heang proud.unfriendly maybe but how is Ghee Hiang better in this aspect?

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