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Lets play a little spot the difference game that we’re all too familiar with. Here are two pictures of the lovely camwhore that is the Fire Angel, spot the 6 differences to get some bragging rights. No, there aren’t any prizes, and no, she probably will not date you either.

FA's picture, original
The first picture

FA's picture, altered
The second picture

If you think this is too easy, I deliberately made it so, afterall this is the first. Have fun!

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Discuss : KY games – Spot the differences in these FA’s pics

  1. I only spotted 5. Missed the thumb holding the Coffee bean paper cup.

  2. that thing beside the McD fries box

    the word under the last line of the CB paper cup

    her toe thumb nail color

    is that a metrojaya? then its the metrojaya signage on the shopping mall behind

    the location of the guy behind the satria

    what the last diff? FA might have some milk or coffee in the first cup and alcoholl in the second pic?


  3. damn it was the thumb holding the paper cup lol … but hey my last theory could have worked also rite …

  4. different ‘cup’ sizes??? 😛

  5. Kelvin,

    Behave, behave. hehehe

  6. This is too easy for me… 😛

  7. i no i no!!! 1 got bigger tits than the other wan!!!!!1111oneone

  8. wingz: the first pic i can clearly see she is wearing a bra, but the second pic tarak … and i doubt she is wearing any undies too …


  9. Photo taken a loooooooooooooong time ago? Hair so long one?

  10. I dunno what’s so “lovely” about FA … very Plain Jane. And what’s wrong with her skin?

  11. I spotted a fake FA. She’s not the FA I know a year ago 🙁

  12. so she swallows huh.. i see..

    hmm.. *imagination runs wild*

  13. Dabido (Teflon)

    Where is the fun in having the verify answer bit?

    Anyway, I spotted them all. Wasn’t hard. About two minutes wasted time. 🙂

  14. err… …
    how come the girl got

    no chest one ?

  15. […] Following the previous stupid “spot the difference” game with FA’s pictures, lets do it this time with the femmes Suanie who has recently just appeared on the Female Magazine. There are 8 (8th month in lunar calendar) differences between the original and the altered image of the famous blogger, lets see if you have a pair of golden eyes, noob! […]

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