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There is this Perodua Kembara that is always parked nearby my housing area on weekdays. Since the current new number plate is WPH and this car is a WPE, with the average of 3 weeks per new alphabet, by crude calculation this car is at least two months old…. and it still has the plastic wrap covering all of the back seat and the head rests of the front seats.

Perodua Kembara car seat plastic wrapping
the owner must love his “new” car alot

I can only imagine how annoying it is to be a passenger in the car. With our hot and humid condition, getting into this car means having your skin sweat and stick to the plastic, and don’t even get me started on the irritating noise generated by the plastic sheets against your body. I wouldn’t able to stand this for a single ride, let alone for months.

Some people are beyond comprehension. Lets see how long he keeps this up.

Discuss : Get rid of the car seat’s plastic wrapping already

  1. Heh, one of my neighbour’s WNR car’s plastic wraper is stil intact!

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