Kueh Teow Soup (粿條汤) has always been one of my favorite Penang hawker offerings, other than the usual suspects such as Char Kueh Teow and Curry Mee. So I went over to the famous Kueh Teow Soup stall at Lebuh Armenian in Geogetown to satisfy my craving last weekend.

Update: This place has since moved to Lebuh Carnarvon, updated entry here.

Penang Kuih Teow Soup at Lebuh Armenian
simple, light, yet superbly delicious

The restaurant is of an old school kopitiam with only slightly over half a dozen serving tables. The atmosphere at the place hasn’t change at all since at least a couple decades ago, giving a sense of nostalgia.

I ordered the Kueh Teow Soup with pork intestine as extra ingredient. By default, it comes with sliced pork, three very soft and tasty fish ball, fried pork fat and some fresh vege as garnish. The soup is light while flavourful, just how I like my kueh teow soup to taste like. The other ingredients, including the kueh teow, were very tender with the taste factor right on the dot as well. The kueh teow soup in PJ old town is nice, but this is of another level altogether.

Penang Kuih Teow Soup at Lebuh Armenian
the old lady’s top is of the “GUGGI” brand

This dish was only RM 2.50, and that’s with the extra intenstine added, it is RM 2.00 without. Pork tripe is available as the other extra ingredient. You can also order fish ball soup here. The stall operates from about noon to late afternoon.

Penang Kuih Teow Soup at Lebuh Armenian
located on the same road with the famous Kuan Yin Temple

Intersection of
Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling &
Lebuh Armenian, Penang

GPS: 5.415517, 100.337234

KY eats – Penang Kueh Teow Soup at Lebuh Armenian
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