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Futsal Shoes
good shoes, bad shoes, and a weird dude

Proper futsal shoes aren’t the pair of ADIDAS you wear to One-Utama for dating, as horny found out. The shoes evolved a mouth after playing for the 2nd time and had to be fed to the bin, but somehow the fella was still all smile, weird. Get a real pair of futsal shoes already.

By the way, we play futsal on thursdays night, usually 8-9pm at footy futsal next to Ming Tien in Taman Megah. Organized by the hooligans at Hantu Bola, Eyeris is the head hantu. Let me know if you are interested to join us! We’re playing tonight too.

Discuss : Proper shoes for futsal

  1. foodcrazee

    at least u have a healthy life ….. wish i still can play some games….too many injuries…

  2. Dabido (Teflon)

    We’ll probably start some sort fo Indoor Soccer at the PCYC soon. Might be Futsal, might not be!

  3. iamyuanwu

    I’m interested to join in, if it’s not too far from where i live.
    Oooh…My feet are getting itchy for a ball…

  4. I’m a futsal kaki too. I’m interested to join but I will be in KL this weekend from Sat-Mon only. 🙁

    Hope we can meet on the pitch some other time.

  5. can i wear my six stud to come and play?

  6. iamyuanwu

    Eh… I thought futsal is played on a hard/concrete court?
    How to play with a six stud?! Won’t you sprain/twist your ankle?
    I intend to wear my school-days Pallas Jazz only leh.

    BTW, where do you guys play? A Cheras boy like me need lots of directions to look for a place in PJ. 🙂

  7. hmm i should join u guys better

  8. iamyuanwu – 🙂 was just pulling a fast one. yes, can’t wear those 6 studs for futsal. Pallas jazz now too expensive to use as futsal shoes la. go Giant buy those 9.90 pvc sports shoe. Use and throw 😉

  9. iamyuanwu

    Eh… Pallas Jazz is value for money what. My friend wore that for mountain climbing in Mt Kinabalu. White one some more. It was still white when we left the mountain. She’s still wearing it now after a year. (‘o’)
    On the other hand, my NB jogging shoes simply disintegrated near the peak. Came back without the rubber outer soles. :-p

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