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Spotted this BMW 3 series E36 for quite some time now, laying bare at the Crimsom Apartment car park since at least a couple months back. It looks like an abandoned car, even the engine bay unlocked.

Salvaged or Stolen BMW 3 series E36
rear lights and all the wheels are gone

The car is just resting on top of some bricks, all the wheels are removed. Side skirts and front bumpers are damaged as well. A peek at the engine reveals that it’s a 6 cylinder model, meaning most likely a 320, 325, or 328. The more popular 318 came with a four cylinder motor.

Salvaged or Stolen BMW 3 series E36
E36 resting on some bricks

It is pretty weird to see a car like this just abandoned right at the parking lot. I wonder if it belongs to the owner who stays at this apartment complex, or the car was just being disposed conviniently here?

Salvaged or Stolen BMW 3 series E36
engine bay, not in any good condition

Discuss : Stolen or Salvaged BMW 3 Series E36

  1. interior leh? the engine is missing quite some stuff also

    eh interior still nice, then proceed to take off the seats la, use it for ps2 gaming cun ma …steering? dashboard all still intact ka? gimme add, i go salvage … haha

  2. earl-ku,
    it’s at crimson apartment, kelana jaya. i believe dashbaord and seats are all still intact. hehe

  3. hey i live nearby…check it out first.

  4. I buy it. if you want

  5. freddie

    what is the selling price..?

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