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Instant noodle has become something so intrenched in the Malaysian way of life that you can even order them at mamak stalls. I susepct that we might be the only country with enough lazy people unwilling to “cook” their own Indomie to make it a business preparing them at restaurants.

As one of the Gen-X boys partly responsible for this whole joke (my theory below), I myself has certainly developed a somewhat unhealthy fondness over instant noodles. I’ve tried quite a big variety of instant noodles from local, Japan, Korea, and the States, but this is one of the first Taiwanese offering I’ve ever had, the instant “Yi Du Zhan” Beef Noodle from Wei Li(一度赞牛肉面, 维力), and boy it was the best!

Instant Taiwanese Beef Noodle
the content

To call this a cup noodle would be a gross understatement, the bowl is pretty big and the content probably weigh 3x a standard indomie package. In the package there are 4 packets of seasonings and ingredients in addition to the noodle itself. two different seasoning: one oil based, another of the paste type with sliced; dried spring onion, pea, and vege; and the all important beef with gravy.

Instant Taiwanese Beef Noodle
the preperation for the beef noodle

The preperation instruction is slightly different from your standard cup noodle, and for the benefit of you noobs who can’t read English but might find yourself be lucky enough to come across such treasure one of these days, here are the steps:

  • open the cover half-way and remove all the 4 accompanying packets
  • empty the content of all seasonings except the beef.
  • pour boiling water into the bowl to indicated level, then place beef packet on top of the bowl
  • remove the cover 3 minutes later and add in the now warm beef with gravy
  • enjoy your fruit of labour while contemplating if you should prepare the next bowl

This beef noodle, though instant it might be, is one of the best I’ve ever had, better than most freshly prepared offerings, and almost up to par with my all time favorite, the Vietnamese pho that is freshly prepared.

Instant Taiwanese Beef Noodle
the ready-to-eat beef noodle, finished!

Anyone know where I might be able to buy this stuff or other instant Taiwanese beef noodle here in Malaysia? Or if you are going to Taiwan, get me a big box!

KY’s Gen-X instant noodle theory:
The generation X represents the first wave of massive migration to the cities where the newly sprung up private colleges were located. As college students mostly have tight budgets and lack of transportation, instant noodle became a natural alternative to “real” food. Over the years, many of the same people graduated and went on to the working society. Many still retains the fondness of instant noodle, but are now in slightly better financial situation while becoming even lazier. Thus the birth of prepared instant noodle in the country.

Of course, this is also accelerated by the creativity of certain mamak stall owners who perfected the “telur mata kerbau” that goes so well with the Indomie.

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  1. Ooh i love Taiwanese Instant beef noodles! *drools*

  2. bitch, is beef !!!! yucks !

    got other flavour ?

  3. Those Instant Noodles are really nice (I love the Spicy Beef flavour) but not very cheap…
    (I remember paying up to AUD$5 for a bowl)

    Have never seen it here in Malaysia though… but if there were selling it, it would probably be really expensive.

  4. Wow… Looks good oh. Was this your dinner after futsal last night?

  5. hem, this instant mee definetly looks good… but the beef, u mean instant meat ? hm!

  6. terence,
    beef = best. not sure if there’s any other type of meat in this type of format.

    Yeah, my dinner

    you’re right, instant meat!

  7. The noodles looks really yummie ^^
    (Btw saw you a couple of times in the lrt teehee)

  8. you have so many stalkers

  9. foodcrazee

    the noodle texture of Korean, Japanese and Even taiwan’s instant noodle is superb but the msg is heavy ….

  10. I just had dinner and you made me hungry.

  11. hmm…there’s pork flavour too..
    u can get it from the asian groceries in aussie..:P

  12. i love to eat instant mee and will eat it once or twice a week during lunch time in office – free lah… office pantry stock… but of course being free and from office, we have only the cheap cheapo local type – none of these korean, taiwanese, etc.

    once in a while though, i do buy these ‘foreign’ instant mee and had try many of those korean mee before. states also got instant mee? i haven’t heard/came across of that!

    this taiwanese mee if you say very nice, i must give it a try. 2 weeks ago i just try one… but not sure local or foreign… which comes in a plastic bowl, complete with plastic cover and i can re-use this bowl (microwavalbe too).

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  14. I prefer the braised pork over beef and where else can you get it in Malaysia. I been trying to find this in Singapore.

  15. Gee…can anyone tell me where to get it in malaysia? It is def worth the trip

  16. Lemon,
    OoO I’ve never seen it!

    Penang! 😀

  17. Hi,
    I can see that you’re interested in the beef noodles, would you like to try this website –

    The beef is from australia! Can try! 🙂

  18. how can I order the cup noodle? I wan yi du Shan pork flavor .

  19. Hi, are you currently still selling the noodles?

  20. Ops…my bad…

  21. Hi,

    Can you help me where I can get more detailed information on this noodle. I am interested in distributing this product. Thank you.


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