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Many of us who grew up reading or watching the old school Japanese anime Doraemon would be familiar with dorayaki, the earless robotic cat from future’s favorite snack. However, I am sure that most of you noobs have never saw one in real life, less tasted it. Hence when I got to know that the Sun Moulin Bakery in Isetan KLCC carries the snack, I just had to try it.

Dorayaki, Doraemon's favorite
robotic cat’s favorite snack

The snack costs RM 2.40 a piece, and true to what the comic depicts, is served cold. Dorayaki is basically Japan’s answer to the familiar chinese red bean pao, with two layers of soft pancake is used to sandwich the paste together. Overall the taste was pretty good, though it takes a little getting used to having red bean paste cold, which made the texture a little harder than what I am familiar with.

If you are/were a fan of Doraemon, you gotta try this. Sun Moulin also serves some of the best breads and sponge cakes, though the price is generally slightly higher than average. On the other hand, if your childhood is associated with Sponge Bob and Powerpuff Girls, you are probably too young to read some of the entries here, go do your homework already!

As a bonus, here is the link to Doraemon theme song lyrics, in Japanese romanji with English translation too!

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Discuss : KY eats – Doraemon’s favorite Dorayaki

  1. slurps… i love sun moulin. even browsing thru also can be pretty satisfying hahaha

    btw, i’m hosting the Merdeka Open House 2006. see if you can cook up something for the virtual potluck. for details, pls check here

  2. Did you sing the theme song while eating?

  3. Yuck. So sweet.

  4. /pointing to the Thai scripting

    Imported from Thailand!!!??

  5. i dun really fancy dorayaki. the texture and taste is abit like overnight kueh… hm, but overall is just OK. ;p mebbe i havent really try the good and original yet.

  6. Cheneille

    uhm…. dorayaki has always been sold in pyramid i think. it’s the stall right outside mph. and they only sell it for 1.50 per piece.

  7. hehehe…. yes i know. last time Isetan even had a booth to sell Dorayaki only. :p I paid them money, keep the change and u know what? I forgot to take my Dorayaki. I only realised it when I got into the car. I was like..did I miss out something? hahahahahah… I paid for nothing!!!!!

    LoL..unforgettable experience.

    It taste nice …not so sweet and jelak. :p

  8. food lover

    omg! why the dorayaki so expensive wan??? rm 2.40??

    i had one pnly RM 1.50 worrrrrr

  9. food lover,

    er, cos it’s Isetan. hehe.

  10. foodcrazee

    titoki is right – damn sweet …

  11. really looks nice…. really Ang Ang Angf Totemo Dai Suki…
    Doraeaa….. mon nnn….

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