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One of my favorite local delights in this part of the world is the otak-otak. Now, there are two different types of otak-otak, noobs such as Suan would love that the southern type that is thin, wrapped with banana leaf, and cooked over charcoal fire; but the Penangite in me still prefers the northern Nyonya style variety that is thicker and bigger, often steamed instead of grilled.

Otak-otak at kopitime, 1 utama
my god, brain.. brain!

In Klang Valley, you can often find the southern style otak-otak in pasar malam and many Malay markets; but to get a decent peranakan otak-otak, now that is a bit of a challenge. Which was why I was rather delighted to have spotted this otak-otak set offered at Kopitime in 1 Utama.

Despite the slight over pricing of the item, I just had to order it. The set came with two decent size otak-otak and two slices of roti bengali. The otak-otak turned out to be actually pretty good, and the roti bengali does serve as a pretty good companion for the light meal. Though the RM 7.90 + tax is a little too much to pay, however, I wouldn’t mind it once in a while.

Otak-otak at kopitime, 1 utama
not exactly cheap..

Kopitime is situated at 1 Utama new wing facing the bowling alley, though I believe they have some other branches too. Other than the otak-otak set, we had prawn mee and laksa, both dishes were pretty bad and best left unmentioned.

By the way, the word otak means brain in the Malay language, though the food does resemble a little on the fascinating human organ, it is best not to remind yourself of this fact when consuming this dish.

GPS: 3.150050, 101.615939

Discuss : KY eats – otak-otak at KopiTime 1 Utama

  1. being a frequent visitor to muar, i can say that the otak-otak there pwns any other variety πŸ™‚

  2. in such cases i stand with Suanie.

    Deriku is right – nothing comes near to Muar’s otak otak. have it monthly as i have a colleague who goes back every month. tumpang to tar pau ler…..

    see me if u wan some dude…

  3. muar one is best… southern style rox!!!!

    and they come in many sizes… even blocks!

  4. iced nyior

    i love otak-otak, both styles but prefer the nyonya style. Used to eat it at Uncle Lim’s at Ikano but looks like i gotta try out the one in OU soon πŸ™‚

  5. Don’t ever try the Penang Asam Laksa there! It’s sucked! Too huge bowl and the taste is nightmare!!! πŸ™

  6. Hey,

    How about a review on some vegetarian restaurants in PJ or KL?

  7. mc lim,

    I’m wouldn’t mind but most of my friends need their meat all the time. There’s big bowl vegetarian noodle house in SS2 that I might try one of these days though.

  8. […] personally always prefer the Penang style otak-otak, and the version at Peony, though not the best I’ve had, was not bad either. As for salted […]

  9. where is this otak2 utama 1 located exactly?????reply asap pls

  10. lina,
    At new wing bowling alley! πŸ˜€

  11. […] (RM 3) arrived, and it was actually very delicious, I’d rate it better than the one at Kopitiam, 1-Utama. The BBQ stick otak-otak too tasted very close to those suanie brought from Muar, though at RM 5.50 […]

  12. Follower

    For followers of KOPITIME, Atria Building is going to go by end July. I was told they are moving nearby to 36, grd flr, Jln SS22/25 – blk in front of Kopitime(near Nasi Kandar Restaurant.)
    We can still have our β€œRoti Bakar special” Haha ha!
    Nasi Lemak – best la!

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