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In this economy where the ringgit gets ever smaller, yours truely has embarked in a rigorous cost cutting measure.. by squeezing out the last bit of toothpaste, no less!

I bought this little gadget from a store in Avenue K right on top of the Secret Recipe restaurant next to the LRT station, costs me a good few bucks. Over the long run, the ROI (return on investment) will be high, I assure you. Well, unless you are a person of enourmous arm strength or something..

Tooth Paste Holder with Darlie
oh the mighty toothpaste holder

I mean, look at the toothpaste after I’ve ran it through the holder. Not a single drop left, now that is what I call prudent expenditure. Keeps the toothpaste nicely organized and out of the rat’s way too. By the way, Darlie is cheaper than Colgate. 😀



Discuss : Awesome Toothpaste Holder

  1. LOL! Do u do ROI’s on all yr hsehold investments?

  2. FireAngel

    and darlie has more bubbles too! yeay! “Hei ren ya gau!”

    you didnt say how much was the fella though. I want one!!! bday belated present! gimme!

  3. FireAngel,

    less than RM 5 lah. hehe

  4. Giant Sotong

    Darlie is also mintier than Colgate.

  5. hmm….thats a kewl idea

  6. u can save money by storing the foam that comes from the paste after u brush ur teeth… next day can reuse

  7. Very cool!

  8. darlie’s taste sucks. gimme colgate anyday

  9. hehe hope u didn’t pay more than RM2 for that holder

  10. Kelvin,
    I guess that must be what you have been doing.

    I don’t taste my toothpaste.

    er…. I think a tad more than RM2

  11. wanna endorse Darlie? 😛

  12. You have rats in your house?

  13. bUttsH4k3r

    oh, the days when darlie was known as darkie.

  14. can i marry you?

  15. inevitable

    Woah… cool stuff. Thanks
    *Put on my check list

  16. that’s not prudent enough! are you sure there is not a single drop left? you should do like what i did once (only once) – after the toothpaste looks very flat like every drop had been squeezed out, cut it up! ya right, cut the bottom part, then down the side… and you can still use the toothpaste by scrapping your toothbrush with it. of course after this, you can’t keep it in the holder anymore but inside a cupboard or with a plastic covering it.

  17. lucia,

    you are crazier than I thought. hahahaha

  18. wey…where right on top sercret recipe?
    couldnt find it…whats the shop’s name?

  19. i used to hold the tube at the edge of the sink and squeeze it by running it left to right, but now i use charcoal, is cheaper than all of those and i get white tits

  20. Your gf / wife will love you to bits for for being so tidy 😉

  21. KY, fresh and white are cheaper than darlie…

    and if you are lucky enough, tesco might price them wrongly…

    like how i bought 4x 6 packs of nestea ice for RM1.40 for 6 cans last week….

  22. terenceg,
    how? by using the charcoal to paint all over your body except yoru tits?

    can’t remember the store name, but the one that sell gifts.

  23. KY kacau us only~~~

  24. Buy Carrefour house brand, you save 1 ringgit compare to darlie.
    Use it to compensate Listerine price and save you money on tooth scaling

  25. fantastic plan. Where is Avenue K again? Sounds familiar…

    btw, I say that Darlie’s a better toothpaste than Colgate. Colgate tastes like sugar mint cream.

  26. i must go get one, normally i just cut off the bottom, you will be surprise how much s left in there whiih can lst you a week or so … i used to just throw them away … but see, knnccb inside still so much wan

    same goes to the face wash …

  27. bodicea: AvenueK = in front of KLCC, Jalan Ampang

  28. kimberlycun


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