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Clay Pot chicken rice can be found in many places all around the Klang Valley, a not terribly complicated dish of rice, chicken, salted fish (optional) and lap cheong (chinese sausage) cooked in a clay pot over charcoal with some brown sauce. Spring onion is usually added as garnish. After sampling numerous stalls, my suggestion of a good clay pot chicken rice goes to the one at Damansara Jaya at restaurant Khoon Kee, initially recommended by my buddy Kenneth.

note: The Clay Pot chicken rice is not located at Koon Kee anymore, it has moved to a new location the same row of shop houses near Domino’s Pizza

Clay Pot Chicken Rice at Damansara Jaya
authentic clay pot chicken rice cooked with charcoal fire

The clay pot chicken rice is prepared the proper traditional way and offered in two sizes, single and double serving. Of course, you can always order more than one if you arrive with a crowd. The stall serves several types of steamed soup (暾汤)as well as “oily” vegetable (油菜).

I usually order the claypot chicken rice with lap cheong as well as salted fish to give it an added dimension of taste (I’ve learn all these BS descriptions from watching too much Iron Chef). A bowl of soup goes well to wash off the naturally greasy nature of the main meal so to reset your taste buds anew for the next serving of that excellent chicken rice.

Clay Pot Chicken Rice at Damansara Jaya
how’s your appetite?

The price is pretty reasonable, a big clay pot chicken rice for two with everything and a soup totalled less than RM 20. However, expect to wait a little longer during busy weekends. The stall only serves for dinner.

map of Damansara Jaya, Atria
location map of restaurant Khoon Kee at Damansara Jaya, PJ

Other places nearby Atria are the iThai restaurant, and the fishball noodle soup place. Have a good meal!

Jalan SS 22/25
Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.125625,101.616561 (GPS is updated to the current location)

Discuss : KY eats – Clay Pot Chicken rice at Damansara Jaya, PJ

  1. walau look at the number of charcoal stoves there man …

    u tried the one in Jalan Pudu, beside Maybank? very nice also …

  2. ah this stall… at first i thought u were going to talk about Busy Corner where they have prawn claypot rice and various flavoured chicken claypot rice

  3. You should come to Kampar one day. I’ll bring you to the BEST & ORIGINAL one there. 😉

  4. Ah..Koon Kee. Veli nice Claypot Chicken. But i dun like the See Tau Por. Like PMS all the time. Always scold the maid like a dog and scold customer sometimes esp those that never wait for your turn or ask “where is my claypot rice” or “why they get first wan”. Beware..sure kena *too* by See Tau Por. Sometimes scold ppl until all the customer no more mood to eat… 🙁

  5. Eh, there is also a Koon Kee near IBM(Tmn Tun). Same ?

  6. yummy place…….vouched for this place. absolutely delish..

  7. hmmm, it’s been sometimes since I been there myself…

  8. Anyone tried the one in PJ Oldtown? Opposite the Pasar Lama (or something like that) Just down the road, with McD’s on your left, and the pasar and bus terminal on your right. Its right beside an optical shop. I like the one there, yum.

  9. The claypot rice + soup there are yummy but the wait is terrible on weekends….

    I’ve waited 45 mins to an hour b4 on a Saturday (around 7 – 8 pm) so it’s best to go earlier for dinner.
    (The popular soups also tend to run out if you go late)

  10. Looks good – must go try this particular one!

  11. Resurrected

    Erm, I was a bit turned off by the way they cleaned the claypots and the prepartions before they start business when I passed by frequently a couple of years back.

    The Old Town one mentioned by Sharon is pretty good. It has salted fish too I think.

  12. I go there all the time!
    The owner of the claypot business knows my dad by name too lol!
    We go there so often that we always get priority! Nyahaha!

  13. Titoki,
    I don’t even know where Kampar is… 😛

    Sharon & Resurrected,
    Guess I’ll have to try the old town shop myself soon.

  14. ya old town one is classic

  15. side tracked:

    eaten some nice lap cheong the other day. it’s thinly sliced, and fried with garlic and then more friend garlic were put on top as garnishing…

    talking about it now making me salivate.

  16. I’ll bring you there. Cum. 😉

  17. eh the chicken/duck + char siew rice in Khoon Kee is also good, especially the char siew…. mmmm

  18. didnt u blog about this place before?

  19. suanie,

    I have taken pictures of this place before but somehow didn’t blog about it.

  20. […] After posting about the clay pot chicken rice at Damansara Jaya, a few of you have suggested me to give Veng Soon at PJ old town a try. Since I have been going to PJ old town quite often lately, I figured why not? […]

  21. […] Busy Corner was pretty busy on the weekday night we went, but the restaurant is located in the middle of the shop row, not at the corner. At Damansara Jaya near KDU College, this place is also just a couple hundred meters from another very good clay pot chicken rice place near Atria. […]

  22. food – not bad, but i prefer the one in puchong where not only chicken claypot is served but also land, fish,pork,etc.. yummy…

  23. wes,

    land? I hope you’re talking about lamb..

  24. […] Like it’s Damansara Jaya counterpart, this stall cooks the clay pot chicken rice with the old fashion charcoal fire instead of using propane gas. I’m not sure I could taste the different, but it sure make the food preparation a lot more exciting, attracting the tourists along the busy Petaling Street. […]

  25. yongming

    i ate there before!!!! its really nice but for a good delicacy u should visit ipoh. amost all the food there are nice but only a few spots are consider VERY NICE. sumsay its bcos of the river water which is mixed with the lime stones that are frequently found in ipoh. but dun wory, the food there are all healthy. a few foods that are famous in ipoh are ipoh white coffee, ipoh chicken rice, tanjung tualang prawns, ipoh’s sar hor fun’. those are the best of the best!!!

  26. speaking of claypot rice, i hv tried various places included paramount garden, jln pudu (near Maybank), koon kee and another very nice one, Taman Megah Cheras Claypot Rice served not only traditional claypot rice, they also server Nyonya Claypot Rice which is the unique and fantastics. You should try there. If you wanna try it, email me and I will show you the way.

  27. i had tried the claypot chicken..i had alot of lap cheong, feel very nice..but i think it rice is quiet soft, maybe i suit to the soft rice ppl, overall, it is best claypot chicken i had tried after at setapak n pj behind o n s..

  28. Michael,
    I do like softer rice myself. 😉

  29. I like the claypot chicken rice from this restaurant. Delicious!

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