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Some of you might have read the excellent dinner time tomyam at PJ old town I wrote about a little while back. Well, the same “restaurant” (more like front porch of a house) is operated by different owners in the morning and afternoon. No tomyam served, but the food from Nam Xiang is not a bit less delicious and furthermore, quite alot cheaper.

Nam Xiang at PJ Old Town
steamed siakap and romaine lettuce with pickled tofu

On my first visit I ordered a steamed siakap fish and a plate of Chinese romaine lettuce with pickled tofu. The siakap (barramundi) was prepared with with tomato, mushroom, parsley, ginger, garlic, and sour plum as garnish. The meat of the fish was pretty tender and the slightly sourish soup base goes down well with the rice.

The vege was pretty decent itself though not anything spectacular, pretty much what you’d expect this particular dish would taste like, slightly salty and spicey. The meal for two only costs around RM 20, a very good deal.

Nam Xiang at PJ Old Town
vege, tofu soup, and the yummy thai style chicken

After the very good first impression at the place, I went there again to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, I mean, they have good food, quality ingredients, and low price. What are the chances?

This time around we ordered three dishes. Thai style chicken, tofu with salted vege soup, and a fried kangkung. The thai style chicken was prepared with the chicken deboned and deep fried, garnish with onion, parsley, red chili, tomato and cucumber for decoration, and a sourish plum based gravey. The chicken meat was very crispy and done just right, overall one of the best thai chicken dishes I’ve had, the contrast between the sour sauce and the crispness of the chicken was very prominent and drool inducing.

The tofu soup was pretty good too, with the salted vegetable not overpowering and the tofu provide a chance to cleanse your taste bud from the thai chicken. The fried kangkung though, was a little too salty for my taste. The meal costs less than RM 30 for 2 person, for 3 dishes, a very good price.

Nam Xiang at PJ Old Town
pretty easy to find once you get to PJ old town

Restaurant Nam Xiang
Intersection of Jalan Dispensary 38 and Jalan 2/23,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.086394, 101.645701
Tel: 016 382 9905
7am to 2pm, closed on Sunday

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  1. pickled tofu? never seen that before …

    the fish is steamed ala Teochew style.

  2. I stay in old town for so many years already but never eaten there before also…U really a hunter la.

  3. i prefer to call my siakap, seabass!!!

  4. earl-ku,
    pickled tofu is also known as foo-yu

    yeah, seabass is the more noob name. 😛

  5. barramundi sounds so ozzie…

  6. as for the yau mak… isnt it romaine lettuce and not chinese lettuce?

    KY: i think you’re right on this one. thanks!

  7. Pickled tofu?! LOL.

    It’s called fermented tofu you n00b!!!

  8. I am so hungry….faster come home! *starves*

  9. titoki,
    I follow the great wikipedia definition ok!

    wait, wait…

  10. Hi, been reading ur food blog and I’ve tried some places that you recommend. Keep up the good work!!! Btw, this restaurant only opens day time? So early ppl wake up eat thai food uh?


  12. Hey there, thanks for the tip. Me and my bf went looking for the tomyam shop on monday, and we got fooled into this OTHER Restoran Thai dunnowhat at the corner, just opp Public Bank. I was insisting to my bf that the food is reli great, and hahaha, the food was utter crap at this wrong shop. Boy was he pissed. Clever la me, didnt remember the name of the right shop.

    of course, yours truly tak puas hati, and dragged him again yesterday to Oldtown to look for the right shop, and we found it, like just 2 doors away! And gosh ur right, the bestest tomyam EVARRR. we had tomyam goong,huge@ss prawns, some the size of my palm, and really fresh too. 8 prawns all in all. Omelette, kailan salted fish + drinks. amounted to RM62 for the both of us. Pricey, but my bf said totally worth it coz of the prawns. Me felt so smug, finally got the right shop, bestest tomyam. we were two happy campers 😉

  13. sharon,

    Awesome! I should try the prawn next time too.

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