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The FIFA World Cup is here, how do you watch yours? Hanging out with a bunch of strangers 3am in the morning at a mamak place with puny 42″ plasma TVs? Or at home with your little 29″ TV? I feel for you…. over here, we do it in style. Take a look, a giant 80″ screen on the wall! Are you jealous?

World Cup on big screen at KY's
how do you like this?

World Cup on big screen at KY's
kerol posing to give you a sense of scale

p/s: Too bad the projector will be with us only for the weekend… I’m looking for a sponsor.


Discuss : KY – how do you watch the World Cup?

  1. Can I come over one of the weekends? 😀

    KY: sure you can, but we won’t have the projector after today.. 🙁

  2. curi from where wan??

  3. oh… gaya ada…

  4. FireAngel

    football. meh.

  5. lolz…stylo mylo lar….diu.

    Plasma is everywhere in the casino.

  6. Dabido (Teflon)

    ‘Take a look, a giant 80″ screen on the wall! Are you jealous?’

    I’m not jealous … I own my own projector screen. 🙂

    I don’t know if I ever blogged about it though … I do have some picture somewhere of me standing near the image while my brother Jeff and I played a computer game … dont’ think I ever put it on the blog though.

    Only one other things to say – today Australia plays Japan!


    KY: should be a great match, can’t wait.

  7. way to go man~ 1 big screen to watch…. im in india now… only depending on some cheap small TV… n there’s no mamak wif nice TV here… yesterday 1 of the sport channel was showing Cricket in stead of footbal~ wut the hell~

  8. who’s that babe on the screen

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