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A femmes blogger finally bought herself a new phone to cross out one item under her “want to, but haven’t” list, last weekend. It was a nice phone with bells and whistles.

Of course, we tested all the cool features. Playing video, snapping awesome photos with the built in camera, mp3 ringtones, bluetooth. It was a cool little machine. She was satisfied, paid and left the mall wearing a wide grin.

Fast forward 4-5 hours later, it was dinner time. The phone rang, she was excited, picked it up, “hello, hello, can you hear me?”

The line must be screwed up.

Another call, “hello, hello, wtf??”

Turns out, the microphone for the new phone wasn’t working. Leson of the day: when you buy a new phone, make sure you can use it for conversation. Thank you.

The new phone and the dissapointment
look at the dissapointment

Discuss : KY saw – phone buying lesson

  1. junioruser

    What is the brand of the handphone, btw? Must aviod next time! Haha!

  2. frostier

    Noob..!!! ky ur pasal lah.. never help her out test phone 1

  3. bitch man u……….. people alll in pissy moood cuz of the broken phone and u like.. tell the whole world..


  4. FUCK YOU ASSHOLE UNDERSTAND@!!!!!11oneoneone.


  5. Same like buying clothes. When we check everything is alright. When reach home, button missing la, zip not working la….

  6. Adrian C

    sure its a malfunction? maybe the speaker/receiver feature not turned on. i know it sounds dumb but these new phones make the simple stuff very complicated. check first.

  7. Looks like a Nokia 3250? Same one I got. Luckily it’s just a phone.

    Unlike your Good Year Eagle tyre (note that its singular…one tyre) just went flat and you cant patch it back. So what do you do?

    You spent RM620 for a pair of new tyres (now it’s plural!) after 2 days out from show room.


    KY: it’s Yokohama AD07, and no, I only needed to replace 1 tyre, not two. noob. heheΒ 

  8. inevitable

    FA looked super kiutttttt from this angle

  9. Dabido (Teflon)

    I own a AUD$500 microphone … but she can’t have it for her phone! πŸ™‚

  10. hahahhahahahahahahahah

  11. use that one as ipod + cybershot and get another good old 3210 with you.

  12. hahahahaha dumb ass maximus.

  13. LOL so mean, then she went back to the shop and it started working πŸ™‚

    The phone shop dude must have speshul powars.

  14. bra strap……sexy….;)

  15. huh? there’s plenty of soft silky hair, nice fair skin and you go aim for the red bra strap?

  16. candygan

    wah… ini macam LAO YA huh !! ;p

  17. frostier

    should opt for black huh? or go without?

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