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We have noticed the Friendship Herbal Soup restaurant (捕一宝) for quite a few times when we went to KAYU mamak or Segambut Seafood Noodle restaurant in SS2. We had thought that the place only offers herbal soup, turns out, they are a full fledge Chinese restaurant, offering a pretty big selection of Chinese dishes, and of course, lotsa herbal soup choices.

Friendship Herbal Soup Restaurant at SS2 - 捕一宝
nice little setting, clean, and fully air conditioned

The restaurant is not terribly big, just a single shop lot, with tables probably enough to fit a total of 50 hungry guests. The ambience is pretty nice, environment is clean, and it’s fully air conditioned.

Friendship Herbal Soup Restaurant at SS2 - 捕一宝
three different types of soup, and they offer yam rice too!

We ordered a bowl of soup for each person, and four other dishes to go with the rice, probably a little too much. Ended up stuffing ourselves to finish everything. The soup we ordered were the peanut soup (花生荡), eight precious soup (八珍荡), and the python soup (蛇羹). My god, they were yummy, I had the python soup, the texture and taste reminds me of sharksfin soup, but with stronger aroma and heavier flavour. The peanut and eight precious soup were excellent too, stocked with generous amount of herbal ingredients and meat while being not too salty nor bitter.

Friendship Herbal Soup Restaurant at SS2 - 捕一宝
another 4 dishes, chicken, tofu, vege, egg.

As we were having rice, we oredered four other typical Chinese dishes. We had the claypot three cup chicken (三杯鸡), tofu with minced meat and mushroom, vegetable (油麦), and an egg dish. These dishes did not dissapoint either, the claypot chicken dish was particulary good. The gravy had a very strong and excellent taste while the chicken absorbed alot of the flavoring from the spices. I think a hint of rice wine was used in making this dish. It reminds me of the paper wrapped chicken I had in Belakong a while back.

Friendship Herbal Soup Restaurant at SS2 - 捕一宝
the food was great, and we emptied everything

Total cost of the meal for three of us was RM 43.00. Pretty good deal for 7 total dishes and 3 drinks I’d say. The soup costs RM 4.00 to RM 6.00 while the dishes were RM 5.00 tto RM 8.00. Value for money and excellent taste, will definately go there again.

Friendship Herbal Soup Restaurant at SS2, map - 捕一宝
just a few shops down the road from KAYU

No. 40, Jalan SS2/10
47300 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-7877 7827
GPS: 3.115834, 101.617023

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  1. kimberlycun

    real seh kang???? I WANTTTTTTTT

  2. wooo hooooo

    i tried this with my family a while back. While i was enjoying the pig’s brain and snake soup, they were enjoying the nice pork ribs/knuckle…

    weird shop selling weird soups…nice 🙂

  3. mizzvickz

    did they use real python in the python soup? or is it just the name? lol.
    and shit manz. i’m SO craving for a nice bowl of hot herbal chicken soup right now.

  4. After drinking the snake soup, did u “score” that night with someone?

  5. aiks ! Since when they are allowed to sell snake soup ? got license meh ? scored ? think he met Mrs Palmer and her 5 daughters.

  6. They are selling snake soup because the shop is owned by Samy Vellu. 😛

  7. seems tat everybody focusing on da python soup also~ hahaha tat’s also y im leaving a message here ler~ thx man! wanted to try it so long liao… u rox~

  8. Python??? Snake??? Omg!!! No matter what, they still put MSG into the soup.

  9. Bloody hell, Segambut isn’t far enough to warrant a “(location) (food item)” restaurant! It’s not like Kajang Satay or Ipoh Chicken Rice or Ampang Yong Tau Foo (Ampang isn’t that far anymore…)

    Sadly, I live in Segambut but have no idea where all the acclaimed food places are. There’s a crab place (I’m allergic to those so never bothered), some giant pau place and economy rice place which Mont Kiara workers sometimes journey to.

  10. Dammit, I am such a sucker for soups.

  11. This shop not open when sunday ..i went there twice when sunday.. it closed.

  12. ahfei,
    Thanks for letting us know. 😉

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