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MyTeam vs Malaysia
Guest pass thanks to Mack

So I went to the Bukit Jalil Stadium the grand match MyTeam vs Malaysia (well, the under 20s) thanks to Mack’s invitation. As many of you would have known by now, the final score was 2-1 with Malaysia edging over Shebby’s bunch of hopefuls.

MyTeam vs Malaysia
MyTeam lads put up a show

Reaching Bukit Jalil at 15 minutes before kickoff was a mistake. We had not anticipated the huge turn up for the game. Took us some half an hour to finally get into the parking lot after having misdirected by the clueless traffic controllers. We got to the stand just right after MyTeam scored the opening goal.

MyTeam vs Malaysia
2 of the 50,000 strong crowds, no prize guessing who they are

After half time, Malaysia leveled with some really poor goal keeping on MyTeam’s part with a less than impressive free kick. 10 minutes later, Malaysia U-20 boys scored on another slightly more impressive free kick to take the lead for good. MyTeam did try to fight back and came close to even the score on 92nd minute but the ball hit the post. The crowd would have gone absolutely wild had the ball went in.

MyTeam vs Malaysia
That’s Pak Lah’s booth

MyTeam, while playing with lots of heart, ultimately lack the few important ingredients that might have help change the outcome. The teamplay and player fitness was poor due to the relative short time since they team was formed, and the lack of big game experience. However, Shebby’s boys did well and deserve some respect.

Discuss : KY saw – MyTeam vs Malaysia at Bukit Jalil

  1. was surprised that so many ppl turn up…. Agree that MY team still need more pratice and experience on big game.

  2. Went for futsal instead of watching it on TV3. Missed it!

  3. wei. why didn’t mention about the fight & red card wan

     KY: I didn’t know about the fight, but yah there were couple red cards given.

  4. spiller

    Joe Rodrigo?

    KY: no prize

    note: comment edited abit due to request.

  5. and Mack.

    KY: no prize 

  6. Gallivanter

    Although MYTEAM did well, their keeper was crap. On top of it, I can’t believe I wasted 45 mins of my life watching the silly game. It only reiterated the fact that Malaysian soccer will remain in doldrums as you can’t even see them stringing a good move. Luckily I stayed at home! JOKE! Would’ve been more fun watching grass grow!

  7. MyTeam boleh! Malaysia mana* Boleh!

  8. My Team should have won ….as they played better.

  9. What is more disturbing is the mentality of some FAM official & those who close to the game… the commentator, a former national player, repeatedly last night reiterate his opinion that the national team should be ‘protected’ against this ‘kind of match’ and be spared of any knid of potential embarassment – what are they thinking? they want to hide the fact FAM is wasting taxpayer money developing a team that almost got beaten by a ‘mee segera’ team. what an insult.

    Isnt it better to expose our national team weakness now? isnt it better to reveal what is lacking now in the national team rather than they get whip in a real tournament later when it matter? isnt it better to take que and improve now rather than to improve after the fact? oh yea… because FAM officials is so good of recycling excuses when we flatter internationaly to justify their existance, they rather take the latter path….. how pathetic…

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