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Right after watching the dissapointed Poseidon, we went to the cinema again the next day for the much anticipated third installation of the X-Men franchise, X-Men: The Last Stand. Again, this review might contain spoilers, you have been warned, noob.

X-Men: The Last Stand
one pretty satisfied viewer

The story:

A ‘cure’ on the mutant gene was found and being offered to mutants who wish to be human, permenantly. Thus the mutants were splitted into two camps: an opposition to the cure led by Magneto, seeking to destroy it and anyone who stands in between his quest; and Professor X, who basically wish to leave the decision on the individuals.

The movie then took us back to 20 years ago when Professor X and Magneto (they were still friends) visited the then young Jean and revealed that she has the strongest of all mutant power, with a dark side.

Fast forward back to the not-so-distant future, Jean is found to found to be alive by Cyclops. However, the experience has also brought out her dark side that is the Phoenix. A wild and uncontrollable personality, with the highest mutant power that was kept in check by Professor X previously. Cyclops was killed.

The story then developed with the effort of Magneto recruiting Jean/Phoenix and a bunch of other mutants to eliminate the ‘cure’ of mutant gene, as they suspect that the government will make this ‘cure’ a weapon against mutants (they were right). Professor X tried to stopped Jean from becoming dark Phoenix but was killed by her.

Incidentally the cure is originated from a mutant boy whose power is to nullified all mutant powers that are close to him. Magneto wanted to kill the boy, who is located at the Alcatrez (now medical) facility. In the process, the Golden Gate Bridge was moved to link up the famous island with the main land by Magneto.

Thus a war between mutants led by Magneto and the government broke out, with Wolverine and Storm leading the 6 X-Men gang trying to stop Magneto. At the end, Wolverine had to make the most difficult decision and killed Jean to prevent dark Phoenix from using her dark power.

My criticism and praise:

  • There were too many new mutants that were introduced (Beast, Shadowcat, Multiplemen, Juggernaut, Archlight, Angel, etc) however, none really developed to have a major role. Unlike the excellent Nightcrawler in X2
  • I had thought the Angel would play a major part in the film but was dissapointed in the screen time and the (lack of) part that he played
  • Another dissapointment would be the limited roles of Mystique and Cyclops. However, they served the purpose of the overall story well.
  • The story between Wolverine and Jean, and what he had to do for the greater good was very touching and formed a very solid ending to the conflict
  • Visual effects were excellent, especially when Phoenix exert her dark power, and also the scene where Magneto moved the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • The story has a good flow and pace, performance of the actors were solid.

My verdict:

Overall X-Men: The Last Stand is a very solid movie. However, although it stands very tall among the super hero movies, I personally feel that it is slightly lacking if compared to X2, but not by much. I’ll give it a 7.5/10, the movie currently enjoys a very good 7.9/10 rating at imdb. You can also learn more on the characters at wikipedia X-Men page

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  1. sicksand


    did you watch a 15 sec ‘trailer’ after the credits?

    KY: didn’t know there was one! 

  2. MUTANTS without the “N”

    KY: ops, hehe 

  3. Terenceg

    fuck petronas, go work with TGV

  4. Dabido (Teflon)

    Looks like they killed off two of the main X-Men characters … wonder how they will bring them back for X-Men IV ???
    [Then again, they killed Jean off in X-Men II … so, easy to bring them both back! hee hee!]

    KY: well, as Jean is the dark Phoenix, and we know Phoenix can never die permenantly. so.. anything goes 

  5. Dabido (Teflon)

    p.s. I should add, YES they have announced a movie called WOLVERINE based on the X-Man character, but NO, the haven’t announced an X-MEN IV yet … with YET being the oerative word. 🙂

  6. dragoncity

    7.5? u sure? will go buy ticket if like that. ^_^

  7. Twice mentioned in the movie, I’m weaker than mutants. :p

  8. Xavier lives, sort of… you should’ve stayed til the end.

  9. i felt the movie was merely so so. the one reason why X1 and X2 rocked was cause bryan singer paid homage to the x-men, and didnt take too many liberties with the characters.

    in x3, the dumbass director/scriptwriter nicely screwed up plenty of characters.

    cyclops – tiu, didnt know he was a whiny emo bitch
    beast – wow, so he’s a politician now. the dude is a SCIENTIST LAH, not a bleeding suit and tie.
    juggernaut – he gets his powers from the stone of cytorrak, but in the movie he’s a mutant. wtf
    angel – just a pretty face and some smidgen of wow early on. he proceeds to disappear for most of the movie
    jean – her phoenix powers are supposed to be COSMIC, not somehting mental.
    charles – mcb. fucker had to die. probably an easy excuse to use a different actor in place of patrick stewart.
    jamie madrox – uh his ‘clones’ pop out when he receives impact, like a bump or a punch, not by simply walking out of his original body

    wtf la. want to dramaticise, go ahead, but when you simply meddle with the basic definitions of each character, yuo do injustice to the x-men legacy.

    screw you, fox. im somewhat happy the movie was for free.

  10. according to official report / release, x3 is the last installment of the x-men motion picture trilogy (hence, the name: “the last stand”). however, there should be spin-off movies like a movie about the origin of wolverine or jean (for example) …

  11. OMFG. Your spelling is horrifying!!!

    If the past tense for split is splitTED, then the past tense for cut must be cutTED laa. ;pPppPPpp


  12. FU KY….not reading this post. Just gonna go straight to the comment part!

    I wanna watch X3!!!

  13. yeah, there was a short thingy after all the credits that sort of hinted that there might be a 4…. so yeh, if anyone else is planning to watch it, stay till the credits end….

  14. i was dissapointed =[

  15. Juggernaut is not supposed to be a mutant, yo.

    KY: true that, true that

  16. mixmasta

    i thought the director suka hati only kill off all the main x-men characters..i started collecting x-men comics before i hit puberty and it hurts when i see the comic i love distorted like this. i can still accept some minor changes but that is too much la wei.. there better be an x-men 4 to bring back these characters or i’m gonna get a shot gun and shoot someone in fox… i know ur office is in damansara u bastards..

  17. Shireen K

    is teh good huh? lurrvvee science fiction movies.

     KY: I wouldn’t exactly count the X-Men as science fiction, not much science in there. hehe

  18. prof. X resurrected if u have watched the scene after the credits

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