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I went to NAZA’s showroom last weekend to take a look at the rebranded Peugeot 206 (as Naza 206 Bestari) as one of my friends is in the market to get a car. I checked out the interior of this ride and took a few pictures.

Naza Peugeot 206 Bestari rear shot
The four door hatch rear shot

The european hatch, as you would expect from a hatch, is not very spacious. However, it will accomodate four adults comfortably. I would say the rear seats are slightly more spacious than that of a Proton Satria, with the extra advantage of having 4 doors.

Naza Peugeot 206 Bestari interior dashboard
The 206 dashboard and center console

The dashboard and center console of the 206 is pretty stylish and yet simple. Essentials like the techometer, speedometer, fuel meter, and temperature gauge are right in front of the steering wheel, unlike some of the new designs that put it in the center (eg. Kancil’s interior.)

The built in CD player has a seperated display mounted on the top of the center console, just right above the hazard light button, this is a good configuration as the driver does not have to adjust the eye lever too much while fiddling with the radio.

The climate control is pretty simple, though you can see the heater setting on the temperature knob, Naza has already taken out the heater core, adjusting the knob to red will merely switch off the aircond compressor.

Naza Peugeot 206 Bestari interior glovebox
glove compartment

The door for the glove compartment also serves as a cup holder. It also has a place for you to place sunglasses securely. The actual glove compartment itself though isn’t very big. I would actually rather they have dedicated cup holders and not needing to keep the glove compartment opened whenever I have a can of drinks in the car.

Naza Peugeot 206 Bestari interior mirror
the make-up mirrors

Female drivers rejoice, the 206 comes with not just one, but two make-up mirrors. I think this is the only car that I have come across that has a make-up mirror on the driver side. Lets hope we don’t see any girls using this while driving.

Naza Peugeot 206 Bestari interior rear boot
the rear boot space

For a hatch, the rear boot is surprisingly large. The rear seat is collapsible to create a larger boot space. Spare tyre is mounted under the car and not accessible from the rear boot.

Naza Peugeot 206 Bestari interior rear seat
rear seats

While not very spacious, the rear seats can easily accomodate 2 average sized adults. The power window buttons are mounted in the center of the car for the rear passenger, a little counter intuitive but probably a good safety feature when you have little kids on board.

Naza Peugeot 206 Bestari interior gear shift
triptonic gearbox

The tiptronic gearbox offers ease of driving just as an automatic transmission while offering the manual override that until recently never heard of in cars of this price range. This could come very handy, for example, being able to downshift to increase braking power while going downhill from Genting, if only the engine is more powerful..

Note the cigarette lighter, power window, and side mirror adjustment controls are all mounted right below the shifter.

Naza Peugeot 206 Bestari engine bay
the 206 engine bay

The engine bay packed the 1.4 liter engine (TU3). The airscoop on the top left of the bay serves as a cool air intake for the engine, a pretty innovative touch that is both cosmetic and practical. I wonder if this configuration can still allow installation of struct bars.
The listed price is RM 68,888 on the road. A pretty good buy if you’re in the market.

My previous post on the 206.

Discuss : Naza (Peugeot) 206 Bestari Interior and Engine

  1. Thanks for the great review. I am recommending this car to a lot of people. I would have loved to buy one for myself but I am leaving Malaysia soon.

  2. oi, even my old Nissan Sunny has make-up mirrors on the driver’s side lar lol

    KY: no wonder your internet disease is so good!

  3. my Wira has no mirrors on both visor.

  4. KY good jobs!

    Looking forward to buy one?
    SRM forget about it lah!


  5. The only thing that I hate is the LOGO on this model, If I bought it the first I will do is to rebadge it back to PEUGEOT!!!


  6. Try the doors of a real 206 and a Naza 206. They drop the level of Peugeot quality tremendously. Just try out the door openers on the outside and you will know what I’m saying.

  7. Strutbar does fit but must cut away some rubber of the scoop.

  8. hello everyone, i’m thinking of buying the “very well reviewed” bes..ri..what.. 206 or i would rather call it “THE Peugeot 206”. and thinking of joining any owner’s club. where can i find one? or maybe we can start one here??


    I am considering of either getting the optra 5 or peugot 206 naza version. can anyone give me any feed back on which would be better? thanks

  10. BESTARI owner

    I’ve been driving Bestari 206 for almost 8 months now and have clocked nearly 15,000km already. I’m happy with the car, especially for long distances travelling. The seats are well padded. Handling is superb. Brakes are excellent.

    I’ve no problem with this ‘little’ lion. I’m sure will use it for a very long time. Never regret buying this car.

  11. hi all…just wanna know the service centre for this car in kajang or bangi or mybe putrajaya area…quite far to go to federal highway or puchong…

  12. Hi,

    i have a 206 LX design it has the same cd player to the one shown in your pictures? The symbol that has what looks like loads of cds on it. what does this symbol do? i thought it was so you can put 5 cds in the player like a disc changer

  13. my new honda city has make-up mirror on the driver’s side too. my wife was thinking of getting a honda jazz but i’m trying to influence her to get the 206 instead… cheaper by rm30k!

    anyone knows what’s the fuel comsumption like for the 206?

  14. ok i donno much about cars..but i was it wise that i get this car? coz i only recently finished college..i definitely don wanna get a other choice would be a myvi which wouldnt be so painful on my pocket..can anyone advice me on this please ?

  15. I just bought Bestari 206 last 3 months and I’m sure I made the right choice!!!!


    Mine is 206 Bestari Sportivo.
    All i wanna say is- It’s the perfect car for me.
    Cute & cool & powerful. Handling is good. Fuel consumption is decent.
    The little LION in town. Yeah!

  17. Why does it need a cool air intake in the engine, making an ugly vent on the hood?

  18. Tomorrow i will be getting my new 206.Booked it before raya at discounted price (basic model) at almost RM8K . Really can’t wait to wind a few corners with this little lion. Need to know where to get and how much the LION badge will cost.

  19. I am considering buying a 206 (and changing the logos for an extra RM650). My concern is that I will be buying a 2006 model in late 2008. Can anyone shed any light on this?

  20. Mohd Roslan

    Today,I went to peugeot service centre at semabok to purchase the left side mirror for my daughter’s 206 Bestari and get shock for the price RM1,850.

  21. Ritz Ariff

    Roslan, try to get it from any kedai potong, itu pun if available…… but surprise, ada emas ke dalam mirror tu….

  22. the badge costs rm250 only la…

  23. The “lion” badge costs rm250 only la…
    i change it in Ipoh service center.

  24. my friend working as A&P Executive @ NAZA PJ said they only charge RM150 for replacing the badge. cheap la compared to RM250 and RM650 tuh… hoho 😛

  25. Is it true now this car promotion now 0 interest and 0 d/p??!!!
    wif RM390 for 12y???
    if true is decide to buy this car.But i afraid if RM390 just only for 1y or 6m and forward i need to pay more..

  26. Roslan said.
    Today,I went to peugeot service centre at semabok to purchase the left side mirror for my daughter’s 206 Bestari and get shock for the price RM1,850.

    Any comments about the higher cost to maintain?

  27. i just buy the 206. is great for driving and the price is attractive. only the spare part are expensive. i will take care of it to reduce the maintainace cost. using manual very save petrol oh.

  28. pesona: 55000+19500=74500 malaysia
    vios : 88000+21000=109000 japan
    206 : 68000+0 = 68000 france

  29. rm 390 for 12 years with 0% interest. peugeot was 150 years in the world… can you said is not good. if 407 got this kind of promotion i will buy as soon as possible.

  30. Just seek for the promotion price, now is RM435 per month for 12 years (AT transmission). Manual one cost around RM350 per month & also 12years repayment plus no interest. I think quite competitive price. Cheaper than proton cars like persona & waja (you need to pay interest also). Hmmm… I love this car. Gonna buy it soon.

  31. Im just paid RM 425 monthly…but will pay extra every month.

  32. Eric, I am plannig to get one for my wife for the RM425 monthly plan. Can you please elaborate what extra you paid every month? Please reply to my email.


  33. No extra pay but just to pay more installment montly. So no need to wait until 12 years.

  34. Calvin, do you already make a booking for 206?

  35. Varius Strato

    yes eric..agree with you. don’t have to wait until 12 yrs to settle off the debt. just pay more, even though there is no interest charged. just can’t wait until next week to get my little lion.

    actually the promotion offer only for bestari and spectra. why dont brabus, maserati or pagani lol..

    lastly, who cares about the naza badge.. the most important is – 0% interest for the whole tenure. cheaper than my company staff loan ma. economy is not so good. don’t take any risk.

  36. Varius Strato

    oh forgot one thing…KY, you should better buy a new camera with high resolution..seems that you just using your handphone camera..the pic angle also poor especially the tiptronic pic..

  37. Varius Strato

    already got the little lion but how to take out the spare tyre?? is there any ways to cover the spare tyre from mud?

    in rushing that time.. just sign the docs.. inspect the car only for few minutes.. forgot to asked jack simpan mana pun tak tau..bengong betul..

  38. hi guys..true emma, just checked with juta ideal, kajang.
    rm390 for manual and rm425 for auto model and it applies for 12 years..bestari..i think quite nice

  39. Varius Strato

    as zulims’ said; true 0% for the whole hidden cost..just pay rm100 for booking.. loan from naza itself.. but the process take so long.. i heard so many complaints on that.. but i get my car within 1 mth..

    hmmm they claimed the car manufactured on 2008 for the promo, but how come they equipped my car with 2006 tyres..

  40. hi varios..the car already asemble within 2006-2008…because on early 2008 i go to Petronas Fertilizer in gurun. naza factory is there nearby only..i look so many naza 206 on their parking in front the factory..but after i go there anator round, some of the car is not there..maybe there distribute to their warehouse…

  41. Don’t worry, stocks of 206 will be increased to 10,000 units from 3,000 of available stocks. Further information, can contact nasim sdn bhd.Tq.

  42. The badge price for front and rear 206 is between RM 150-RM 160. I just bought it at RM 160 plus four wheel cap RM 200 but you can get the offer price at RM 188 only. Depends where you bought the car. I get it at French Marque, Peugeout Service Centre Senawang Seremban.

  43. hi, im from Lahad Datu of Sabah.
    im driving my 206 reaching 3 years this coming June..well, just want to let u all know..its the 1st edition, i mean that i dont have to replace it to that Lion badge..its already there when i got it. huhuuu..
    its an excellent driving experience i got with it..but i was wondering why does the engine noisy..could anybody tell me, tips to solve it..

  44. hi all…eric, wat a good way to rationalise d price for bestari..agrees tat RM68K for d total cost was reasonable enuf for a 1.4 machine…was informed tat d latest promo for 206 bestari is 61,888..anybody can confirm it..thanks guys

  45. hi all..i m driving a naza 206 and also a smart for4..actualy this car is not that’s under power and the top speed is very slow..but for that price it’s ok lo..

  46. is tat so aaron..aiyaa..just considering to upgrade my abt d NVH..was it commensurate to its price n class segment bro..
    btw..maner dorang ni p eric..test power kt d new blog ke:)

  47. Varius Strato

    zulims: rm 61200 for AMT (rm425pm), rm56160 for MT (rm390pm)..

    aaron: what do you expect from 1.4 liter Peugeot TU3 engine, 75 hp and 120Nm of torque mated to a 4-speed Porsche Tiptronic gearbox? Do you think the car can beat R34 ka? Have to think to beat Wira 1.3 factory spec

    actually, it depends on how you break in the engine for the first 1000km. do not maintain at one speed during the break in..bla,bla,bla.. varying speed and acceleration style during that period, may add to the performance, economy and life of your engine at 0 cost. same model car will have differs performance among them based on driver’s method to break in the engine.

  48. hi all…varius..oso believe tat, any data or facts to support this?..wonder if it applicable on girls hehe..

  49. Varius Strato

    written on the bestari manual lorr.. hohoho seek to apply on girls too..

  50. hehe varius…just tease our ladies here:)..azumir, can i get the badge straight away at naza PJ

  51. Varius Strato

    nope..won’t do that.. my real girl is my bestari 206.. i think i want to rebadge the year 1948 pug logo:

    don’t know kedai half cut still got or

    letak badge proton pun takpe..modal rm15 je..semua org dah tau tu 1.4 bestari..

  52. hey guys..wa bz this week’s everybody varius…seems quite here la..hmm..hv a pleasant weekend


  53. hi guys! I’ve been thinking to get one of this babe.. and the saleswoman told me bout the fuel consumption really cheap. full tank rm70 = 700KM. (To 206 users.. you guys agree wif that?)

  54. Varius Strato

    me? good..hv a nice weekend too zulims.. nyza, how come 50 liter tank, cost you around rm70? masuk diesel ke? 50 liter x rm1.80 = rm90.. fuel consumption – depend on the situations.. 2 weeks, pegi balik keje, spend near rm160 — aircond + gile² punya traffic santai punya 4 1/2 hours journey from kl – batu pahat, only half tank.. mau betul² jimat, bole beli honda hybrid, nti hanya singgah ketuk umah org tumpang cas bateri..

  55. can’t get RM70 = 700km.. more like 500km for RM75 for mixed driving..

  56. Agreed. Maybe when the engine has been broken in, then the figures will be better.

  57. Varius Strato

    yup.. tri and yoyo were right..but don’t blame the saleswoman..kena tipu², baru bole mkn nasi ayam..mana tahan mkn nasi kosong je.. the fact is: 206 come with 50 liter tank. It is impossibble if full tank = rm70. Oil price is not rm1.40/liter. rm70 < 3 quarter can go around 500km-600km ok la..

  58. Varius Strato

    nak share; aku last week kena halau dgn mekanik..dia suruh aku balik, dia cakap “baru 1000km dah nak service ke?”..rupanya 10,000km baru boleh first service..ahh mana aku tau, aku first time pakai local-conti..

  59. Varius, ko amek pakej 0% dp jugak ke? My SA told me to go fo the first check @ 2500km.

  60. Varius Strato

    ha’ah aku amik pakej 0%.. takde immobilliser & some small accesories.. SA aku ckp 1000km gi service.. the peugeot mechanic just check the engine oil level, and said “baru 1000km dah nak service ke? lenjan dulu, nti 10 thou km dtg balik..” tp aku suruh dia check jugak yg lain², they just connect the car to their laptop and make general inspection.. tak de tukar apa² pun.. it’s ok, you just go for the first inspection as suggested by the SA.. nanti bole claim la apa² barang..

  61. memang, memang, aku dapat keta ni hon tak bunyik sebelah…ampess!! Lain dari tuh semua ok jer. Alhamdulillah…

  62. hi guys…hehe varius..buh diesel ehh:)..damn bz today hv to log all

  63. Varius Strato

    aik? hon tak bunyik? nti ko first inspection, soh dia tukar brg baru terus.. takpe under warranty.. takyah bawak duit.. haha aku punya central lock kondem..driver’s door kena lock another 3 doors bole pakai remote..kena tgu brg 2 mgu sampai.. tp syukur overall mmg best.. aku tgh gian tiptronic..mcm main game pulak..

  64. haha, bagus bagus aku pun main gear tu jugak, takut lak bila abis warranty dia kong…pada aku, kalau dia nak kong, baik sementara dalam warranty nih ahaha. Cuma aku tak syok sket je la keta ni, dalam brochure ade kata automatic wiper, tapi aku tgk kat stalk takde pon. ampess…maybe dalam brochure tu utk yang batch sebelum ni kot. Pastu intermittent wiper kata variable, pon sama gak takde. But as a whole, I’m really enjoying the car lah.

  65. Varius Strato

    hahaha betul..betul..this car created for fun.. seat pun ok takyah pikir nak tukar.. haha bapak aku pun berkenan, terus sambar sebijik gak.. kete dia tak kuar lagi masa tu, so dia balik batu pahat, bwk kete aku dulu.. dia isi penuh, sampai sana minyak tinggal half tank.. yg aku cakap pakai half tank aritu, dia la sebenarnya yg bawak.. pastu bila kete dia kuar, aku hantar kete dia, amik kete aku semula.. so dua² trip (speed 120-130) pegi balik bwk kete lain² hanya pakai suku tank je per trip.. suku tank = 12.5liter x 1.80 = rm22.50.. biasa balik kalo aku bawak kia suria = rm30, kelisa = rm35 per trip.. so mmg jimat la bestari nih.. tp aku pelik camne bapak aku pakai sampai half tank..dia henjut sampai cecah dinding ke tu wallahua’ tua tu bukan bole caya sgt..

  66. hehe varius..just coming back fr melaka really tiring me…so how’s ur bestari, dah test power ke..can hit 160km/h for a 1.4 engine kira ok dah tu…gtg cu buddy, tk care

  67. haha outmeter tu…..orang lama aka otai. Aku lenjan gak masa br kuar, tapi setakat 130km/hr je. pastu dia mula gegar. Rasa mcm boleh pegi lagi, tapi hujan tak mengizinkan. Masa dulu br kuar, less than 1000km, minyak bestari jatuh dalam 0.16 sen sekilometer. Ok la jugak compare dgn kancil aku yg dulu cecah 0.23sen sekilometer. Turbo?? tak…kancil lama tahun ’95 daa…kena overhaul dah tu. Nak jual baik tak payah….

  68. Salam…halo…nak tanyer krete nih OK ker?? hmm baru booking hari sabtu dulu…rase macam best jer…nampak sporty..tapi minyak die OK tak????

  69. Varius Strato

    zulim: hahaha tak sempat nak test top speed..aritu pegi balik johor ujan lebat gile..tak nampak jln lgsg..
    yoyo: tgu lepas 2500km tukar je minyak enjin, konpem tak gegar.. kancil lama, kasi jaga baik², jgn jual..ada duit lebih, tukar enjin baru je..sentimental value tu..
    nazrin: so far kete tu mmg puas ati la..tak rugi.. minyak sama je mana².. kalo kuat berjalan, byk la pakai minyak.. tp tank dia besar sgt, isi 30 rasa cam meter tu rosak je tak lebih kilometer aa compare dgn kete lain.. serius jimat.. tp tgk gak ko bwk camne.. kalo hari² lenjan guna auto sport mode, botak gak kepala..

  70. satu la yang aku perasan pasal keta ni. kalo isik penuh, dia nak sampai kat separuh meter tu cepat je. Pastu lagi separuh lambat nak mampus. Maybe sebab shape of the tank la kot. Aku rasa tanki tu dari jam 12 ke jam 9, 100 kilometer je, pastu jam 9 ke jam 3 dalam 350 kilo la…takat ni enjin ni bari 1500km, so minyak dia 16 sen sekilo. Aku expect dia kurang lagi pas engine dah full running in. kalo cecah 12 sen sekilo lepas ni aku kasi tau wahaha

  71. Varius Strato

    hahaha baru arini, cecah 12 sen..meter dah 2113km..isi rm60 dapat pegi 508km..itu pun ada belen skek lagi.. ok aa tu.. itu dah termasuk – jln jem gile, jln tak jem, hi-way, jln dlm kl, turun naik bukit, sekali sekala pakai aircond, gear 1 ke 2 – 2800rpm, 2 ke 3 – 3800rpm, 3 ke 4 – 4200rpm still jimat..lg satu, aku perasan temperature meter tu kalo kat tempat cam berbukit sikit je dia mesti naik 100 wpun ko berenti..kalo jalan rata dia normal balik kat 90..

  72. sevice at 2,500km kena tukar minyak ke? Volcare didn’t change it for me.. inspection with Peugeot Planet 2000 only…

  73. hi guys…wassup here:) hows everybody varius,… bring girls along to cherish this room la, maybe we can hv better idea abt the break in theory, more power maa (i mean the engine k hehe)…wknd x balik bt pahat ke..wa balik muar leh konvoi bro..k guys tk care, isnin cuti…hv a pleasant holiday

  74. Varius Strato

    hello everyone..hi 442: depends. volcare cek je minyak tu.. kalo tak cukup, dia tambah..dia tak tukar pun..volcare pakai minyak Total.. tp aku nak tergolek bile diorg cakap kalo tukar minyak gear auto Total, seliter pakai 4 liter..kali aa sendiri..tu kalo tak buat flushing..

    zulims: just fine. tq.. hohoh takde cuti, ph pun kena keje la.. konvoi? cara tu bro..akan diusahakan.. kat muar pusat svc katne ek? bapak aku nak hantar kat muar..bp pny tempat kecik..

  75. Hi everyone, sy dah booking keta ni 27/01/09 tapi sampai sekarang tak dpt2 lagi sbb warna S.Grey yg sy mintak production x jln lagi……so salesman advise tukar change to Quartz Blue..hopefully will get it within this 2 weeks.. kalau x dpt juga mmg I bom showroom tuh!

    I beli sbb nk tukar ..x larat nk pakai Kancil saya…yg kecik tapi pakai duit byk nk maintain…(pengalaman dgn kancil selama 8 tahun) x larat nk repair..beli lain lah..let go that kancil.

    Apa pun lady driver mcm I ni bukan tau byk pasal kereta..hopefully it’s worth for buy..wish me luck with this car 🙂 beli keta ni pon kdg nasib gak..dpt yg elok untung ..kena nasib x baik..keta mahal pon bg problem gak..

  76. Varius Strato

    Ms.Aza – biasa aa tu.. amik loan bank ke dgn ncl? promo ada s.grey meh? kalo ada stok, bole dapat aa quartz blue tu mgu ni..silap² this friday/saturday bole kuar kete kalo takde apa² pending.. bole la ajak si zulims tu gi pekena teh tarik cete psl kete baru..

    kete aku kuar seminggu jugak aa lepas loan approved.. bayar booking fee masa kete kuar.. hahaha salesman tu bayarkan dulu utk aku rupanya..

    memula nak amik kaler itam, tp takde stok masa tu, malas tgu lama, so aku amik je mana yg ada -quartz blue jugak.. tp takpe senang jaga.. tak cuci 3 mgu pun still tak nampak kotor lagi..lalalalala.. kalo kaler gelap kena rajin polish supaya kaler tak mati..hahaha..

  77. weh korang sume pon kaler quartz blue jugak??? sama lah kita ahaha. Tu ari aku balik dari Ipoh, lari dalam 170km/hr…no hal kete ni, terkejut jugak…cuma kalau lepas minyak nak naik balik tu sakit sket…..

  78. Hmmm baru jer hari Sabtu hari tu NAZA call…baru interview… agak2 bile leh kuar 206 nih??? Hm jangan tak approved plak eh…..

    Tgh angau ngan 206 nih…..

  79. Varius Strato

    yoyo: kaler la kita..memula serius mmg tak suka.. nak masuk sport rim 15 kaler itam tp tak tau nak cari mana.. kalo kete jepun senang je cari..huhuhu
    nazrin: huhu aku aritu tgu approval, amik masa seminggu lagi..ncl lambat.. tp atas s.a gak..kalo dia ari² gegar ncl, cepat setlle, cepat aa kuar..kalo tak pilih kaler, lg cepat la..hope approved la..bertambah geng..

  80. Hi..Baru kelmarin diaorg telefon i cam org malas je bunyinyer..sengal tul! Huh..tak taulah..awal2 dulu salah salesman tak suruh i sign satu borang..dkt sebulan baru bgtau ada form tercicir x sign lagi..dok g showroom sign dan tggu lagi..tunggu..tunggu…smpai hari ini..gasakler..malas nk pikir dah 🙁

  81. Varius Strato

    huiyoh dah dekat 2 bulan tuh? rilek le cik aza..nti kete dah kuar, mmg berbaloi la tgu lama.. lg pun mana nak cari kete baru yg monthly bawah rm500.. takkan nak amik Saga BLM? kite ni negara pengeluar kete le kononnya, tp mahal nak mampus.. honda kat thailand pun lagi murah.. sabar ye sabar..ko gegar je salesman tu ari².. kasi dia goyang..

  82. Ha..ha…lawak la lu brader… tu lah mengenangkan monthly dia x mbebankan sgt la yg masih dok tunggu nih… taknak lah Saga “Kotak” tuh.. eee tak baik kutuk kan…betul la ckp u.. keta m’sia bukan murah sgt pon..nk kuarkn Viva pon pakai duit byk gak kalau nk monthly murah skit… tapi keta ni betul2 ok ke? Takut gak sebenarnya amik keta nih..kira redah jer nih…harap2 ok lah..tu yg dok follow thread nih, dpt la tips2 p’jaga’n keta nih dr korang sume.. jgn loan x approved plak..lambat sgt i amik vios nanti…

  83. Varius Strato

    asalkan monthly tanggungan tak byk n takde rekod ccris/ctos, mmg line clear aa..bole approve tu.. ncl mmg so far kete ni mmg ok.. design tak outdated.. myk takde prob.. nak jaga pun senang, asalkan ikut schedule..lg pun peugeot dah 150 tahun bertapak lama dlm industry ni, dlm masa 7 tahun, dah jual 5 juta unit 206.. kalo kualiti cikai, bole jual sampai tahap tu ke? vios – tu dh cam kete family bapak², sanggup ke..kuikuikui

  84. Allo…hmm baru last week depa (Naza) call interview aku….huhuhuh harap2 approved la….dah tak sabar sebenanyer nak pakai keter nih…hheheheh…tadi Naza call pun nak confirm color jer….huhuhhu….ntah2 keter aku kuar sama ngan Aza kot…hm….

  85. Agaknya la En. Nazrin…sama2 lah tunggu yer…I dah siap beli nombor lagi.. BKG XXX ..tggu keta je x nmpk2 lagih…bukan apa gi kerja skrg pakai keta adik ipar..nasib baik dia x kisah…keta I yg lama dah x berani nk bawak..takut makin teruk plak “sakit” dia nnt..karang nk jual payah…yg lama pon bikin pusing kepala..nk repair atau nk jual gitu je? Kesian plak sapa yg beli keta tu nnt..aduh..

  86. Varius Strato

    nazrin..setau aku, kalo diorg dah call tny nak color apa, tu maksudnya dh approved la kan..kalo loan tak approve buat pe diorg nak tny color.. congrates bro.. waa ganas seh si aza nih.. BKG tu bukan ke stands for Budak Kongsi Gelap? takut aa aku..gigil nih gigil..

  87. aku teringin ga bistari 206 ni,tp cam na ngan spare part pl.

  88. Varius Strato

    spare part masuk barang peugeot aa.. kalo under warranty, ok la..kalo takde stok, kena tgu brg dari france..mmg lambat aa.. ni central lock aku kong pun tak tukar lagi..2 bln tgu brg..

    aku tak dapat bayangkan kalo gearbox rosak.. tu yg kena jaga leklok.. aku pegang “kalo nak lenjan tak hengat dunia, jaga pun kena tak hengat dunia aa..” bukan setakat 206, kete apa pun ok kalo buat camtu.. betul tak?

  89. “Budak Kongsi Gelap”? Ada berani?

  90. Hmm harap2 dis week jugak la diorang bagi jawapan..mase diorang call aku tanyer color, aku ade gak tanyer dier, dah approved ker…pastu die jawab approval masih dalam process….tadi aku call lagi, camaner status, pastu die kater, try call dalam 2 3 hari lagi..hmm OK…leh bersabar lagi….harap2 ade berita baik la dalam minggu nih…jgn nak buat lawak april fool sudah la…hehheeheh…..oooo Aza dah siap booking number lagi…aku tak tau la aper number…janji keter kuar…huhuhuh…….

    Budak Kongsi Gelap??? wooo…..geng ganaz nih…heheheheh…..

  91. Aza tu kire ok la bawak keter adik…aku ni hari2 naik skuter adik ulang alik pegi keje….lagi la jenuh…sejam perjalanan tau….hheheeh….

  92. x naik motor pon berejam gak nk sampi opis tuh..jem x hengat punya…sama je..naik motor ngan keta skunk..paling bengang smpi kt dpn trafik lite ada tangan warna putih tahan soh benti…x rock punya polis trafik…huh… eh nk tanya la 206 ni bila masa/waktu yg paling sesuai utk kita guna gear tiptronic tu? x bape paham la bab gear ni, aritu salesman tunjuk cepat sgt..da la lembap pale..dok angguk2 je masa tu..pastu lupa apa dia??? kwang3x…sesiapa bole xplain..tq 🙂

  93. Varius Strato

    nazrin: sabar bro sabar.. nti dah ada kete, ko akan rasa nak naik motor semula psl jln jem gile hahaha..aku dulu gi keje naik 2 lrt sejam jugak..dah la penuh..sekor² bau tak hengatt punya..

  94. Varius Strato

    aza: aku takut la nak jawab soklan Budak Kongsi Gelap ni.. nti aku kena tikam, sia² je..hehe peace sis!
    time nak guna tiptronic tu bebila masa je.. tp time berenti la baru tukar masuk tiptronic..jgn time kete tgh gerak dari D ko masuk tiptronic.. sama cam manual.. cuma takyah masuk clutch.. ada 4 gear n main tunjal² je.. bole nak pakai memana pun.. tp rugi aa kalo guna auto je..alang² dah ada tiptronic, pakai je dua².. tp the best time nak guna – time tgh bulan..kenapa? psl duit tgh kering, so kena jimat guna manual je..kuikuikui

  95. Oooo..main tunjal2 je ke? Abis kalau turun gear pon same ke tunjal kebwh je nk turun satu2..4-3-2-1… tp masa test drive aritu salesman tu selamba je dia tolak gear tukar tiptronic, rasa masa tu I letak kt D. Byk tak beza minyak guna tiptronic ni? Kalau camtu time jln jem/byk bhenti2 elok pakai la ye?

  96. Varius Strato

    ooo ye ke bole tolak terus gi tiptronic.. aku try sekali masuk terus tiptronic tp dia drop terus gear satu..pastu tak tukar dah time gerak..haha takpe nti aku cobe lg.. yup, nak drop gear, tunjal ke bawah je..tak tunjal bawah pun takpe, nti dia drop sendiri..minyak beza skek ok la.. skang kete aku long distance isi rm50 kalo pakai tiptronic dapat pegi 510km..kalo auto, setakat 470km lebih kurang camtu.. tp kalo town, rm50 tiptronic dapat aa 270km, auto setakat 250km je.. aku jarang pakai aircond psl aku smoking..

  97. baru try masuk loan last week. so far blom ade reply lg… betul ke org kate spare part susah carik… pakcik kat pontian ckp member die punye peugout tersadai 2 bulan tk repair2 lg…dorang mcm tk recommand jek..

  98. Ptg ni nk sign agreement 🙂

  99. Varius Strato

    ita, spare part paling dekat kat jb atau muar.. kalo ko perasan, kat pontian, batu pahat dgn muar tu, berapa kerat je yg pakai 206.. sbb tu spare part tak byk.. tokei kedai pun tak nak rugi simpan bende yg org tak beli..

    aza: wow! congrates! bole gi lepak bwk kete baru..

  100. Allo…hehheheh…semalam NAZA dah bagi gud news dah…dier suruh datang sign agreement…tapi aku bole datang hari sabtu ni jer…..then dier kater kaler yang aku nak tu takde stock, diorang recomend warna hitam…leh kuar minggu depan die kater….so aku ambik je la,,,hitam pun OK jugakk…hehehhehe…kan betul keter aku kuar sama ngan Aza….kan Aza kan??? Aza nyer wana aper????

  101. 🙂 ya..sama week Tue/Wed kuar keta kot…i punya maybe Quatrz Blue loh…colour S.Grey yg i nk takde kalau nk tggu gak silap2 dpt raya nnt katanya..kalau ada pon salesman kata display car kt mana2 showroom dia leh tolong carikan..tak nak lah display car..terpaksalah amik Quartz Blue tu..colour lain yg ada silver..x nk silver sama ngan keta yg lama..bosan dah…dpt pulak u warna hitam..kt tmpt i tu salesman kata hitam pon mcm goreng pisang panas..xdo stock..

  102. Varius Strato

    wohh bagus aa korang..congrates! congrates! huhu aku memula nak kaler itam tp dapat quartz blue.. bapak aku nak quartz blue tp dapat kaler itam.. leceh la pulak nak tukar geran.. tp kaler itam 206 cepat sgt kotor..nak kena rajin lap..haha.. tp make sure masa amik kete tu, korang cek semua bende..

  103. Sama la…i pun mintak S.grey…..tapi dah die kate takde stock…warna hitam jer ader…so taram je laa…..hmmm u dah sign agreement ker???

  104. Aslm, kete baru kuar miggu lepas. So far OK lee, puas ati. Cuma bila brek berenti, bila nak lepas brek ada bunyi sikit kat sume 4 tayar. Tayar belakang kuat bunyi sikit. Pegi kat Bluebox tanya, mekanik dia cakap normal, sume kete baru cam tu. Betul ke?

  105. To Strato: Tiptronic tu blh change mase tgh kat D mode.. xde prob bkn mase berhenti je.. i always change it manually i.e. using tiptronic when going from 2nd to 3rd gear.. rev is always high mase tu.. around 3500rpm..
    To Nik: Bunyi brek tu mmg normal for 206 car, but not ALL new cars.. SC cakap camtu mase i went for 1st inspection @ 2500km.. honda xde camtu pun.. my 206 pun bunyi mase brek..

  106. thanx foe reply..
    kt area jb ni mane ade jual spare part die ek? tk sabar nak dapat ni.anyway naza haven’t call me yet…

  107. Varius Strato

    nik: ha’ah brek dia mmg bunyi le.. further info utk kete baru punya style brek, ko refer balik manual 206 tu

    tri: thanks..aku try ptg far ok.. prob aku skang, tak sempat nak gi cari transparent sticker yg gelap skek nak buat cover gear tu..silau sgt..gear knob punya silau tu bole tahan lagi..

    Eurofrance Autolab Sdn Bhd,
    Johor Bharu, Johor
    07 – 334 5678

    Ang Leng Motor Trading Sdn Bhd, (Bestari 206 only)
    Muar, Johor
    07 – 952 1537

    Platinum Super Auto (M) Sdn Bhd, (Bestari 206 only)
    Segamat, Johor
    07 – 931 5555

    takpun ko tepon je 1-800-88-NAZA(6292) pastu ko soh dia cek kan address svc centre..tanya sekali kalo ada kat pontian..

  108. hi hi..lama x masuk forum ni saja update:)..varius, dok maner klang ke..nak perasap sama pekena teh tarik jauh gak tu wa kat bangi bro…chow guys

  109. Varius Strato

    aku kat ampang.. bole no hal stakat lepak berasap layan teh kalo memasing free aa.. ko hantar email kat aku, nti aku fwd no kontek aku:

  110. eurofine mcm penah dengar.. kt mane ek kedai rim pun susah nak carik…camne ne

  111. hi varius..da emel kat u my no..adios

  112. nak tanye skng nie duk tgh survey kete…konon2 nak beli kete la…sy de bace komen2 yang kat atas nie…ade kebaikan dan keburukan…sy mmg berkenan ngn model kete ni…tp tu la sy risau klu kete rosak..sbb spare part nyer ssh nak dpt kan..kene tunggu lame bru leh beki…

  113. Varius Strato

    eurofrance la ita..eurofine tu cam kedai sticker je masa aku sekolah dedulu..
    hi azna..kete mana la yg tak penah rosak agaknya tu..kena disiplin jaga bebetul.. time svc tu kena gi svc la.. spare part tu tgk stock n tempat jugak aa.. kalo pegi tempat svc kecik, diorg tak simpan stock byk, kalo dah takde sgt baru diorg order..

  114. Sabtu hari tu dah sign agreement…hehehh…tak lama lagi kuar la kater….hehhehhehe…….

  115. to azna: if risau psl spare parts, beli je proton or perodua.. sng nak dpt.. but if u’re interested to be different from others, beli la 206..

  116. Varius Strato

    be different & be unique. the most important – your budget. which one do you prefer?

    1. pay monthly rm600 – rm900. myvi, persona, neo, gen2, vios + high cost major maintenance on the 5th yrs. tipu la kalo ckp spare part myvi murah. hantar kat w/shop bwh pokok masuk brg cap ayam pun mahal..hahaha..


    2. pay rm350-rm450 – 206, viva, suria, saga BLM.. + major maintenance on the 5th years. spend less for monthly, so u got extra money for maintenance. mmg loan tenor quite long for 206, but it is a good buy actually. if you really have big budget, why don’t you pay extra to settle off the debt or just buy a new honda city..tepuk dada tanya selera..

  117. mmm… kebimbangan biasa pembeli kenderaan..isu spare part mahal & susah nk dpt ni..tak salahkan sesiapa..mmg biasa la tu..setuju dgn V.Strato..MyVi/Viva semua org ckp murah, mcm Kancil mungkin harga keta lebih murah..tapi maintenance & spare part dia pon sama naik lah.. i sendiri dah experience with my old Kancil..compressor aircond i jammed..habis rosak semua aircond tu tukar semua mcm baru..and it cost me 1000++ (murah ker?) itu kancil je tuh belum keta lain lagi…itupon compressor kedai potong! bukan original..& mcm2 lagi tak tersebut di sini..

    Kereta mmg ada yg lebih murah dan lebih baik..lebih mahal pon ada..but back to maintenance & spare part lebih kurang sama je..mana2 keta pon..for me..kalau sudah berniat & berhajat nak berkereta..kenalah bersedia dgn monthly paymentnya, expected & unexpected cost yg akan timbul kemudian hari…kalau mmg budjet byk then go for better one.. & yg spare part pun byk & blambak2 di pasaran.. mana2 kereta pon dah beli, pakai kenalah maintain..itu wajib!

    Can’t wait for next collet my 206 🙂 daa…

  118. Varius Strato

    sebenarnya leceh pakai kete.. pening nak ngadap roadtax + insurance + maintenance + mthly kalo rasa perlukan transport better amik satu yg berbaloi.. kalo rasa bole jg leklok kete, amik 206, viva or saga BLM pun ok..monthly murah.. insya’allah akan ada duit extra nak spend kat spare part + maintenance.. tp kalo nak different, better amik 206 la..jgn paksa diri..

    sebenarnya tak kisah pakai kete apa pun, tp tgk aa kemampuan budget n komitment.. kalo duit byk, tp malas nak pegi bayar pun tak guna jugak pakai kete.. kalo duit tak byk, tp berangan nak pakai bmw, merce, jaguar baik toksah..takkan bwk merce, tp mkn megi? malu ah..

    hahaha sabar aza, tinggal beberapa ari je. dh bole polish siap² no plat hahaha. cek bebetul masa amik kete tu. nti ada masa bole lepak² reramai..

  119. Hi, at last dah bw balik my far semua ok..cuma lampu depan..sebelah dah kuning sgt yg sebelah lagi bukan main kilat putih bersinar2..apa daa..leh lain2 lak…nnt nk g claim baru punya..maybe direct sunlight kat lampu yg sebelah tu..

    Nk tanya lah..kenapa I ada bau “hangit” getah tbakar kt tayar’s normal 4 this car? SA cakap maybe sbb semua masih baru lagi..tgok seminggu camane..lain2 tayar tak cukop angin..dah gi pam tayar..ok bye…

    Nazrin??? How’s yours?? Senyap jer.. 🙂

  120. Varius Strato

    Yeezzzaa Budak Kongsi Gelap unleashed!! congrates aza! drum brake gaknya yg hangit tu.. cuba ulur idung kat tayar belakang tu lps bwk kete..haha.. quartz blue kan? so bole bukak geng baru – “quartz blue on the road”.. kete aku skang ni enjin bau hangit semacam je..tak tau pesal..ntah² ada tikus mati dlm tu..

  121. Geng!

    Bleh join ka? Aku pun drive 206, baru 3 minggu kuar, S.Grey… so far ok lah cuma driveshaft depan belah penumpang masa baru2 kuar dia bunyi “gedek,gedek,gedek”… skrg nie x der plak… pelik tul… minyak? Balik Bee Pee minyak dlm RM30 for 250km… tak tau nak cakap kete tue telan minyak ke tak sebab tue jer lah kete yg aku ada… hahahaaa. Lain2 semuanya OK. Skrg baru running 1200km… ada lagi 1300 untuk buat inspection. Hmmm, cuma bila jln atas batu kerikil dan berlubang2 agak menjengkelkan bila bergegar… tah apa barang yg bunyi “ketek,ketek,ketek” datang dari seat belakang. Hmmm….

  122. Aza…depa tak call aku lagi…ntah bile agaknyer kuar kete aku….tadi ade call NAZA, dier kate nanti die nak check balik n will call aku balik…tapi takde pun…..nanti la lepas lunch aku call balik…..huh tak tahan aku asyik berhujan jer……aku dok Sepang tapi keje kat Subang….hari2 ulang alik…..takper….leh sabar lagii…jgn sampai hilang sabar..hehhhhehe…

  123. Alhamdulillah…..keter dah bole ambik…esok aku nak pi ambik keter…..ari ni tak dapat…..BZ giler……hehhehe…leh join the 206 club…hhuhuu….

  124. Varius Strato

    Nazrin: ko dah sign agreement kan? SA tak ckp apa² ke bile kuar? gile jauh ko keje..kalo ada duit extra, try usha superbike aa bro..pantas n cepat..bwk kete jem aa..
    Hal: tempat public.. mmg lingkungan camtu aa minyak.. tp dlm town, tak dapat aa isi 50 dpt 250km-300km.. bunyi ketek ketek tu, ko try tgk socket seat belakang, kekadang tak masuk kalo bukan socket tu, nti soh dia cek masa 1st inspection.. ko area mana, bole lepak gi minum² sirap..

  125. Nazrin: Hi..sabar sikit je lagi..keje Subang ker.. I keje USJ lah..x jauh le tu..kalau nmpk keta 206 plat BKG 494 I la tu, HQ mmg lambat..lps sign agreement pon amik 3-4 hari nk release keta tuh..push SA sgt pon tak guna gak..dah mmg lembap 🙂

    Hal: Cuba try baca KY Full Review forum utk keta 206 ni..ada gak beberapa org owner 206 yg same problem with u..kalau x silap I diaorg ckp cangkuk tak match dgn seat belakang dia..tu yg kuar bunyi tu..

    V.Strato: Boleh ada tikus mati plak.. 🙂 tapi I pon hairan enjin dia mmg panas sgt lah…sampai my mom yg surirumah sepenuh masa x tau apa pasal keta pon boleh tegur napa panas sgt kt depan nak2 bila dia pegang kt dpn tu.. hai tak taulah yg hangit lah..mcm beli microvave plak..:P tapi nk tanya SA ckp kalau dah benti takyah tutup radio & aircond sbb dia aotomatik akan on & off kalau kita mati/hidupkn enjin..mmg camtu ke? Keta teknologi Jepun mmg kena off dulu radio & aircond kan.. bukan apa I risau sbb I rasa my SA bukan tahu byk sgt pasal 206 ni..I rasa dia buat2 tahu..masa ambil smlm ada SA lain kat situ gak dia pon ada ikut masuk explain apa2 yg patut..tapi cam dah bercanggah plak explanation diaorg..ada yg my SA tak beritahu..ada yg dia ckp tapi x tepat..udah mana satu nk dengor???

  126. hi ,

    got my 206 on 29-01-2009 after 2 months wait. Today after abt 2 months and milage of 11800, the car is running good except for a few hiccup.

    Send for the 1st service which cost me RM157.00

    accessories added

    2 JBL speaker at the rear door
    upgrade the head lamp bulb to OSRAM nightbreaker for better vision at night and rain

    average distance per full tank – 550 km
    best km per liter achieve – 16km – drive at rpm between 2500 to 3000

    highest speed attained – 180 km/h – NSEW – s’ban to mcca

    like – comfort , lighting, stability,
    dislike – auto gearbox character – nedd to play with the tiptronic for
    relax and slow cruising.

    the best – no booking fee and interest free.

    others- dont care what other say.

    dont race with the car but love it. if you need to drive fast ,drive at your own pace .
    if someone ajak race ignore them(tapi kalau tak boleh tahan up to you)
    be alert on strange sound from yr car.
    wash yr car always.

    believe me yr car will last longer than you. hahahahah


  127. last but not leaset……..

    change naza logo to peugeot and added the front bonnet insulator last week.


  128. Varius: Hmmm memang jauh aku berulang…hari2 aku tibai skuter adik aku pegi keje….tapi takde la aku nak bawak hari2 keter aku tu pegi keje…maybe dalam seminggu 2 3 kali kot….lagipun aku dah jarang kuar dari opis dahh…..cume maybe on weekend aku lanyak gegile kot…..cari side income beb…hhehehe…Superbike???hmmm in future kot….wahahahaha…
    Aza:U kat USJ ker??? aku kat SS19……nanti leh la lepak2 nanti…….yang lelain tu leh lepak2 jugakk….nanti leh konvoi pi memaner…..huhhhuhu…….

  129. Nazrin: SS19 area mane? I keje kt USJ 7, my home in between Shah Alam & Klang..dkt ngan JPJ Ngri Selangor.. I jarang gi KL, tak suka.. padat! Kalau masuk KL mesti sesat barat… I bab jln raya mmg failed sikit 😛 tau gi keje balik keje je ada keta tp langkah x pjg..ahaakss.. selamat melepak la guys….baik2 mlepak..jgn x hengat nk balik lak..daa…

  130. Varius Strato

    aza: ntah tp mmg enjin dia lmbat sejuk n lambat panas..aku pasang hood insulator supaya tak panas sgt bonnet dpn tu..kalo tak, mmg susah nak bukak bonnet..panas gile.. lg satu, mmg bole terus mati enjin kalo tak tutup radio n better off dulu semua bende sebelum matikan enjin.. bukan pe, cuma berjaga² aa..kan nak pakai tu mmg bole on 30 minutes kalo tak start enjin.. try aa psg radio masa enjin mati..mmg idup..pastu dia off sendrik..
    nazrin: huhuhu kesian skuter adik ko ari² jln jauh..haha weekend ko keje hantar brg cam cete ‘transporter’ tu ke? cam best je..
    ahmad: kete aku kuar hari sama dgn ko, mileage aku baru +-3800km.. tp kuat nya kete ko telan minyak? skang ni kete aku, full tank = rm90 boleh pegi 915km long distance.. 750km town.. main rpm max 3500.. kete lelain tak tau aa..takde sorg bg feedback psl bende ni..hope sesapa bole share figure ni..

  131. nazrin / aza
    i’m at sunway….kurnia insuran

    distance 915km utk full tank memang saya salute tapi betul ke figure tu, melainkan u drive smpai kering tangki . rm90 devide 1.8 = 50liter.
    915 devide 50liter = 18.3 km/liter

    saya selalu top up apabila reach 550km dalam rm60. tak pernah lagi tunggu minyak tu reserved atau sampai habis tangki. rm60 devide 1.8 = 33.33 liter. 550km devide 33.33 liter = 16.2km/liter so makna nya kalau saya guna petrol rm90 my milage will be 810km…

    apa2 pun bergantung pada jenis gearbox and cara pemanduan. kalau auta memang kuat guna petrol.

    saya mengikuti forum 206club and rata2 milage mereka sekitar 11 ke 14km/liter

    anyway nice to know you all.

  132. Varius Strato

    nice to meet u too ahmad..

    my loc: ampang – rhb.

    bro, tu rough figure je. aku tak tgu minyak sampai abis/reserved. masa try long distance tu aku topup rm25 lg time tank meter kat jam 8.

    petrol: shell biasa je – gerak n isi time mlm. (ada beza isi myk n jln time mlm dgn siang.. lgpun kena amik kira petrol tank 206 takde second cover, cuma ade layer kecik tutup lubang tank tu je..takkan nak bubuh air cam tank station myk?)
    aircond: no – manjang smoking dlm kete.
    passenger : no – only driver.
    audio : volume 14. cd Stratovarius – Element part l & ll (apa kena mengena?)
    driving style :
    – variable range speed 70kmh – 120kmh.
    – average speed: 80kmh – slow² suda..ikut ckp pak lah..haha.. skang ni dah tak ikut la..haha. aku tak try lg max speed.
    – manual tiptronic, change gear @ 2200-3500rpm
    – aku tak paksa kete pegi time starting n naik bukit. (tekan slow² pedal. bila tekan kuat, nti ada rasa kosong kat pedal, time tu kete tak pegi, minyak je pakai lebih. nk kena tau belenkan tekan myk dgn actual speed..aahh dh lama² nti korang tau aa bende ni..)
    – jarang main brake hanya budget² jarak utk lps myk n biar dia drop gear sendiri.
    – figure tu pun aku tak tolak dgn yg aku selalu main lps² myk amik momentum lajak.
    – sentiasa cucuk bas.

    jgn cucuk kete or lori.. bahaya cucuk kete – bebila masa dia bole emergency brake, cucuk lori – slow sgt.. cucuk bas, wpun dia emergency brake, dia lambat berenti so ada masa yg cukup nak brake or ngelak.. lg rajin cucuk bas lg lebih km bole dpt haha.

    tp figure full tank dlm town tu, aku isik rm50, meter jam 8 then abis aku topup lg rm40 kat meter jam 8 jugak. one day ada masa long distance, ko try bosan aa bwk slow.

    aku hope sgt kat sini, ramai yg lelain bole share info driving style/long distance experience utk jimat myk..

  133. +-*/ byknya figure…i matematik failed..kui..kui..kui..baru sgt pakai keta x tau nk bajet minyak bape…he..he..belom bole share 🙂

  134. Varius Strato

    haha nti dah dapat budget, post ek..

  135. ALlo…hy all….semalam dah ambik kete guer dah kat Kg Baru….huhhhu…boleh tahan bestnyer…..tapi aku kasi ayah aku pakai dulu keter aku hari nih…..maybe esok aku bawak pi keje kot…..heheheh….sungguh teruja tapi takde la sampai dok tertido dalam kerete…hehhehe…..nanti aku nak upload kat Facebook aku….so bulan ni dah dapat Kerete and Kamera, so leh jalan kan bisnes…hehehe…

    Aza:SS19 kat area nak pegi KL….satu jalan ngan Subang Parade n Carfour….kalau dari Carfour nak ke KL or Shah Alam, u akan lalu kat depan SS19….kalau u perasan, ofis aku ade logo Helang Biru kat laur…dari hghway dah leh nampak…Gapima Sdn. Bhd…u biase tak jalan kat area Carfour n Subang Parade??

    AHmad: oooo lu kat area sunway ker…leh la nanti kiter lepak2…ajak si Aza sekali….yang lelain nak join pun leh……uhuhu….aku selalu gak keadang pegi Pyramid tu….saje jalan2 kat dalam tu……

    Varius: Lu dok ampang ker???

  136. Hi guys..Just like to add smth here…

    SA told me that new 2009 Bestari 206 is without the door knob but with the release button at dashboard..I don’t know how true is that statement… car is with 4 sticks/door knob but w/o release button at the dashboard..kwang3x..

    hmmm..managed to do some research in internet & found out that it came in 3 specs.

    1. With 4 sticks but w/o release button
    2. W/o 4 sticks & /wo release button
    3. W/o 4 sticks with release button.

    hmmm…not standardize… baik punya cilok!

  137. Hi Nazrin…update Facebook jgn x update..he..he..kalau area Subang Parade/Carrefour mmg tempat I lah..x pe nnt I usha2 tgok ofis u..ngeh..ngeh..ngeh..Sunway Pyramid..mmm..tempat habiskan duit shopping

  138. Aza…….bestari with door knob is old production…. latest production semua with button kat dashboard to lock/unlock. anyway dont think too much of it….. fill up the tank and enjoy the drive…

    nazrin…..maybe one of this days we meet and talk abt our car….

    strato…. thanks for the info but i still doubt yr figure…. pagi ni i top tangki lagi….. 603 km = 43 liter….. 14km/liter…. ape pun like i said to aza…. isi munyak and enjoy the drive…… kalau nak kurang minyak pakai viva je …ye tak… but we will be missing the excitement of the lion

  139. Huh..geram jerk..ini kes tipah tertipu…x patot la diaorang nih..bagi unit ikut suka dia je..kita tanya dok ckp semua baru! Dah agak dah…Ahmad u x tgok knob tu..tebuk lubang pon x kemas tau tak..knob pon cam murah..mencacatkan i nye 206 jerk!

  140. aza…i dah tgk and that is why i requested from the salesman a model with the button at the dashboard….. bcos os this i had to wait 2 months for delivery….. apa pun kita kena give and take ….. the knob look untidy tapi u dont have any other problem…… my 206 dari tu kena tow sebab alternator failure…lagi sedih baru 2 bulan dah rosak… but i live with it…… and got it replace under warranty….. nanti lah bila ade time utk gathering kita boleh discuss and change of idea and experience…… perhaps go for a short drive to enjoy our lion….

    cheer up.

  141. hi, i’m quite interested on tis car.
    how much for the installment per month?
    i heard my friend said, can get full loan, and max for 12yrs? izit true?

  142. stephen….. normal selling price is RM68888 but naza is selling at discounted price of MR61200 for auto version. Loan is arrangeable with Naza Credit…………. and if u r a govt servant u hv the option to take a coop loan arrange by Naza as well…… it is interest free 12 years repayment period for rm425 p/mnth…. suggest u go for test drive first…. feel the car and decide……. peugeot is in a class of it’s own and if you really like continental car…. this is a good car……… fro the record my family have at one time 6 peugeot model ranging from 204, 205, 304, 305, 504 and 505 and now i’m the proud owner of 206.. Lion of the dessert….


  143. Ahmad: I bukan tak bersyukur dgn keta nih..syukur sgt , i enjoy it very much.. just upset.. sbb kbykn SA yg jual kete ni spec pon diaorg bukan tau sgt..buat2 tau..tu yg gerammm…benda kecik mcm knob, lampu dpn i dah kuning sebelah.. ni ok lah i leh tutup mata wat2 x major concern is the engine performance itself…itu i risau..but so far everything seem ok..just nk tanya mmg klau drive kita akan dgr bunyi ..mcm mana nk cakap yek..mcm kapal terbang nk blepas ke all da x kuat sgt..bunyi pon halus je mcm ada noise skit mmg camtu?

    Stephen: yes 12 yrs..for auto monthly is RM425, 0% interest..manual x sure lak around RM300++ something like with Naza Credit & Leasing..but u have to be veryyyyyyy patient coz the process is toooooo slowwww…

  144. Varius Strato

    ahmad : ntah aku yg silap tgk meter. tp kalo nk kata silap, mmg figure tu lebih kurang dgn yg aku dgn bapak aku dapat time jln jauh itu ari -> kl – batu pahat – kuantan – batu pahat – kl. bwk 2 kete yg sama. tp jauh aku kena tinggal dgn dia. tp kalo betul, mmg untung aa. tu la aku igt, aku pny tu std figure sama korang. sbb tu aku nk feedback dari lelain..

    aku tak test drive pun. tgk² camtu je n besok terus submit doc – psl dlm kepala otak aku tu dh set, kete tu murah n mmg lg bagus dari neo, persona, saga, takyah nak test drive. tp kalo kena letak d/pmt, mmg aku nk cek satu² n test drive kat kedai lain² haha.. masa tu redha je sebarang kemungkinan..and berbaloi mmg best n kete aku takde prob selain dari central lock je.. kete pun kuar cepat..

    nazrin : ye aku dok ampang..dtg aa lepak sini kalo free.. ko add aku cam kat atas tu.. bole aku tgk kete baru plat jgn lupa padam..aku pun tak upload lagik..

    aza : dia mmg byk version.. aku punya ada door lock takde release button.. bapak aku pny takde door lock n takde release button.. ada satu lagi version, aku penah tgk ada door lock n ada release button.

  145. aza…… i think you can get replacement for the head lamp yg kuning tu. Ttg engine tu ken test drive or at least dengar baru boleh bagi opinion… atau pun maybe di punya aircon fan masa fully activate memang kuat dan berdesing sikit…….. my advise…. ape saja yg you rasa tak selesa jot down….. with date time and description ….. then lodge a complaint with the service center. ask them to look into the problem and rectify it. Selagi dlm warranty ni kita gunakan hak kita sebagai pengguna.

    strato.. tak kisah lah macamana pun…. mungkin bila ade masa utk jumpa for kita boleh tukar fikiran dan pengalaman…

  146. Varius Strato

    bab² bunyik ni mmg aku tak tau..psl aku masuk kete je dah tak dgr apa dah. hanya bunyi speaker je hahaha.. aza, cuba u try cari polisher yg khas utk head lamp..ada byk jenis.. gosok je..tak kuar peluh pun.. aku gosok head lamp kelisa awek aku, dah nampak cam tukar baru.. beli kat carrefour yg rm7 je sudah..
    ahmad, pelik aku..kete ko sebaya aku, mana ko pegi sampai 12k mileage..ko part time jd ‘transporter’ ke apa?

  147. insyaallah. klu tak de hal next tuesday boleh ambik kete.. (harap2 la boleh).. tak sabar2 dah ni.. sampai termimpi2 lagi..

    tak sabar nak feel the lion tu.. kengkawan.. need your recommendation.. apa petrol yang sesuai utk the small lion ni??

    apa yg patut i buat 1st sekali bila dpt kete ni… ??

  148. starto…. i travel alot……. penang dah 2 kali and this sunday pergi lagi…. melaka 3 kali….. daily i travel abt 200km …. even my old 9 years old car have touch 400k in milage as still in good running condition

    norm….. tahniah to be part of the lion family……. perkara pertam sekali dibuat sebelum drive masuk dlm kereta tu dan berdoa……. that is wht i do…. as for petrol petrol semua sama kecuali detergent.nya….. tapi kalau ikut recommendation ….. esso . and semua motor sport yg peugeot involve mesti ade esso as partne…… happy driving

  149. Hye all…sory la bz skit hari nih….hmm varius, nanti aku add ko kat face book ehh…kat opis aku takleh bukak…Facebook kene blocked…hahhaahah…….hmm yang lelain tu, takde facebook ker??? leh kenal2 ngan sume2 owner keter nih…leh tukar2 pendapat….hehheheh…kalau ade, add la aku…

    Aza, ade ke u nampak opis aku???Ahmad, ko selalu lunch kat maner??

  150. Thanks Ahmad.

    apa yang perlu i check kete tu.. coz based on comments yg i tengok mcm2.. aircond lah, hon lah etc.. so risau gak. i ni bkn paham sangat. kete2 sebelum ni i tak peduli pun.. my kelisa i dah pakai 5 thn. keje i memang travel tapi alhamdulillah kete tu bagus.. alwez travel (Lumut – Ipoh, Lumut – Penang)

    Tapi yg kali ni, i risau sikit.. mcm terlebih concern.. tambah2 bila sebut peugeot, org punye 1st comment high mantenance, klu dia sakit.. kita lagi sakit.. hu hu hu..

    tapi sebab suka bentuk dia pastu good offer pulak (0% interest) tu yg redah jugak tu.. anyhow.. tak sabaq nak tunggu tuesday… 🙂

  151. Hi All, i’ve moved to chat daa…

  152. Varius Strato

    aku masuk shell je..psl shell tu yg paling hampir dgn tempat amik kete aritu..

    aku dah add ko nazrin..

  153. hi,

    Fuel comsuption update

    I went to Nibong Tebal yesterday morning and came back last nite. Fill up the tank with 44 liters of petrol. Began my journey at 8.30 in the morning from Puncak Alam taking the trunk road heading to Sg Buloh before entering the GEC towards Rawang and then into NSEW. Weather is fine. 2 person on board. Tyre inflated to all round 220psi. Fully aircond with temp at 1/4 mark. Dave Koz accompanied through out the journey. Driving speed ranging from 90km/h to 145km/h Stop by Tapah R&r for b/fast at 9.45am. At 10.30am cont with my journey and reach Nibong Tebal at 12.25pm Whole journey was abt 4hrs inclusive of 45min stop fro b/fast. Came back at abt 5 pm and reach home abt 10 with 2 stop for praying and dinner. The whole journey was 648km and i only fill up my petrol this morning. Pump in 45 liter at the same station and the same pump.

    average distance per liter 648km/45liter = 14.4 km/l
    average liter per 100 km 45liter/648km x 100 = 6.9 ltr per 100km
    average cost per km 648km/45liter/rm1.80 = 8 cents per km
    average speed = 2750 rpm or abt 100km/h
    transmission used – combination of auto and tiptronic.
    Gear change at 3000rpm.


  154. Varius Strato

    haha ahmad, aku pun dh konpius dh..

    psl kalo ko kira – average cost per km 648km/45liter/rm1.80 = 8 cents per km.. kalo 45litre/rm1.80 dah jadi 25litre setiap RM1.. RM2 = 50litre..jd nti 1litre = RM0.04

    patut, average cost per km, ko guna formula = 648km/45litre x rm1.80

    RM1.80 x 45liter = RM81

    648km = RM81

    average cost per 1 km:
    648km = RM81
    1 km = 81 / 648 = RM0.125 @ RM0.13
    1km = RM0.13

    average km per RM1:
    648km = RM81
    RM1 = 648 / 81 = 8km
    RM1 = 8km

    ikut logik:
    full tank = RM1.80 x 50litre = RM90
    RM90 = 800km
    maka, 1km = 90/800 = RM0.11
    1km = RM0.11

    aduu aku pun pening dh.. aku tak sure aku kira betul ke tak..

  155. hi all..
    i’m interested with dis 206,tapi kurang much for the installment per month? bole dapat full loan ke for max 12 yrs?

  156. Varius Strato

    izwani, please check the previous comment first.. tq

  157. ooow…thank you VS

  158. strato….. aku pun dah kompius tengok kamu punya calculation…

    aku kira per liter ..kamu punya per RM… so ade sikit perbezaan………..

    lagi penggunaan figure tak sama …kamu ambil 50 liter aku punya 45 liter…. distance kamu 800 aku punya 648km….sure result nya tak sama.. ha aku dah tak nak kira lagi dah …fenin……. yg pasti as long as aku dapat 550 to 600 per tankful … dah bersyukur dah….

    to izwani……… pegi test drive cepat……..

  159. hi all…pehh hisab tambahan la kau tulis, kwn bab ni yg lemah sket bro..hisab lain tau le hehe..chow

  160. salam semua…

    aku baru amik keta 206 aku semalam… pueh ati.. tapi korang tau ke… kaedah “break in” yg betul utk keta ni.. ikut manual katanya jgn full throttle… pas tu kena vary rpm… jgn statik je rpm tu… otai2 ..sila reply..

  161. mista_deedee

    hi guys..
    da 2 bln aku dok kehulur hilir keliling umah pk nk beli kete ape… rite now after all the research i’ve been doing, 206 is da best for mixed-style driving..
    yesss…pas dpt payslip bln4 ni aku nk trus menuju ke naza showroom..huhuhu…dah meleleh air liur aku nih…sluuurrrpppp….
    anyway, looking forward to have u guys as my private consultant on 206….lol…
    lagi satu la hamba nak bertanya…tiadakah review or comment on da manual version???

  162. Varius Strato

    wsm : aku budak baru, aku try jwb le.. ikut je manual tu.. jgn statik sgt.. apa yg SA aku bgtau dulu, dia suggest range 60-100kmh.. sekali sekala henjut la 130 ke.. tp jgn lelama.. cecah je 130 terus lepas pedal.. jgn pakai dulu sport mode.. tu dia yg ckp la.. aku nyampaikan je..huhuhu..
    mista_deedee: private consultant? hehehe cam ada gaji tu nampaknya..ko post je apa² soklan, nti ada la yg menjawabnya tu.. majority amik tiptronic.. aku pun – nak beli porsche tak mampu.. dpt feel ‘tiputronic’ porsche pun dh ok.. kalo manual, sama je kot dgn kete² lain..

  163. mista_deedee

    “tiputronic” porsche?? wakakakaka… btol gak ape yg vs ckp tu… tiptronic = 4 speed..
    manual = 5 speed..
    btol ke?

  164. Varius Strato

    ye betol mista deedee..tiptronic cuma 4 spd.. ikut keselesaan ko la.. kalo hari² ngadap jem, kalo larat pakai manual, amik je manual, murah pun murah.. tp tipronic pun ada manual gak.. monthly pmt beza 35 hengget je..

    kalo service:
    auto = myk gear 4 liter.. tu kalo tak buat flushing..
    manual = 1 liter pun dah cukup.. so ko dh bole agak svc maintenance gear box camne kan..?

    ala tak kisah ko beli gear memana pun, nti ko tetap dpt satu free gear..

  165. mista_deedee

    orite mista varius.. tengkiu for da info.. im thinking on goin to naza showroom today.. nk cube try test drive 206 laaa…

  166. Varius Strato

    ko pegi tu, usha keliling dulu, jgn terus tgk kete, tgk dulu SA² yg ada.. cari le SA yg cam tua skek/senior SA.. kalo yg muda² ni leceh..byk kencing..dia pny janji cam gunung kalimanjaro..

  167. mista_deedee

    alooo guys..
    i had a good experience during the test drive with 206 today.. i must say i’m quite impressed by that little lion…
    ish, makin berkobar aku nk memiliki sejibik kete tu..enjin performance is good…the power is very responsive & handling is very good..aku paling minat interior die..very sporty & neat..
    awek aku pon teringin gak nak amek satu.. huhu..
    end of dis month will apply for the loan.. :>

  168. amik cepat..tak rugi…..i dah pakai about 20 days….no problem at all…dah langgar sekor anjing…body kereta tetap maintain…..takde calar cume anjing terpelanting entah sorryyyy… friends sume sibuk nak try test drive…..cibuk jek../.

  169. Varius Strato

    DD takyah test drive pun takpe, semua kete utk test drive mmg best.. yg penting kena test drive kete yg kuar nti.. ko akan rasa seronok to the max.. mmg best oo kete ni. tak rugi. based on my experience, kalo area ko tu mmg tak de org pakai kete ni, mmg kembang lobang idung – org tegur kete ko cun wpun std hahaha.. series beb.. tp jgn le pastu ko riak n takbur lak..jgn..
    aku suka dgr bunyi kipas stop time switch off engine.. frroooooowww..

  170. varius…. bunyi kipas tu memang best…… cam ade turbo lak kete tu……..

  171. Varius Strato

    haa tu la DD, aku dah ckp.. bang mad pun ckp best.. ko nak feel bunyi tu, ko kena beli aa satu.. kitorang support..err moral support jek aa..

  172. Aslm, ada sesape tau mana nak cari 206 punye rear speaker?

  173. mista_deedee

    alop guys…
    waaaaa….. u all ni mkn membuatkan molot aku kuar waterfall laaa…
    mmg 206 ade bunyi kipas time engine stop ke? wau.. sounds cool..
    aleanza – da samak ke keter u tu?? ganaznye u drive.. anjing langgar u ke u langgar anjing?? huhuhu..
    VS – FYI area JB ni x rmi pki 206…so….mmg aku akan riak & takbur…wakakakaka…just jokin..hikhik..

  174. helo…

    just have test drive this morning, survey for my wife’s car. good! i like the engine start sound! better than my honda city 09 sound.

    kepada pemilik2 206 ni, nak tnya beberapa soklan

    1. after sales, xde free service ke?klu ada brp?
    2. average maintainace/service? pakai full synthetic kan?
    3. hantar service centre Peugeot ke?kat seremban d mana?
    4. at 110km/h, brp rpm?
    5. resale value ok dak?

    Tq. hope can give me info

  175. hye.. i’m new in dis forum.. just now, i’ve S.A to ask bout naza bestari which loan with NCL and he says that loan take it 45 days to 90 days to process.. is that rite? does anybody know any S.A that can proceed the car fast.. my location in K.L..

  176. Varius Strato

    1. free svc 2x.
    2. 1st svc @ 10,000km; advisable inspection @ 2500km. kete baru takyah pakai full syn..semi syn je..engine oil brand bergantung pd svc ctr..
    3. Public Star Motors Sdn Bhd, (Bestari 206 only), Seremban, N.Sembilan, 06 – 767 9333 atau bole refer kat Naza Call Ctr nti.
    4. may differs – sport mode rpm 4k @ 90kmh, normal mode around rpm 3.6k @ 100kmh (bkn exact figure, tak sempat jeling, tau² je dah 150kmh huhuhu)..
    5. resale – buat research price dlm motor trader. ramai prefer amik new car 206 psl mthly commitment lebih murah dpd kete demand for 2nd hand for 206 slightly down currently. so bole agak kan harga dia berapa kalo jual semula?

    DD: haha kat BP pun tak byk 206, bapak aku pakai 206 jugak, org dah tgk pelik je. mcm la pakai buggati veyron..haha..

    izean: aku punya kete kuar tak sampai sebulan. 3 mgu loan processed. psl masa tu byk sgt public holiday. 5 hari public holiday kot time tu. refer kat shah FS ampang point..knowledge psl kete dia tak tau sgt, tp buat keje cepat aa.

  177. aloo…kengkawan.
    aku baru kat forum ni..rancak siot korang borak2
    aku dh pki sebulan keter ni,..sume best
    cume bunyik apa ntah kat tempat ddh belakang,
    minyak ok…aku dh lenjan keter tu spi 130km/h jer setakat ni
    balik seremban,ha3
    apa2 pon…seronok ada topik ni..leh ar kongsi ilmu 206 kat sini
    aku ni pemandu amatur je..sblm ni x pki keter

  178. thanx varius.. i pon amik kat ctu jugak just saleman i osman.. i tanye die then die kate pon mayb xsampai 1 month tp tgk rezki i la kan.. no plate u juat amik je ke or booked?.. coz i igt nk booked but i dunno how the easiest n cheapest way.. anybody?..

  179. madnor

    i drive bestari dah setahun lebih.. a few month ago.. aku punya power steering cable ada leaking.. then claim warranty.. tapi sampai sekarang tak dapat2 lagi warranty tu.. last month datang problem baru.. bunyi engine bising gila.. everytime press pedal minyak.. semua org boleh dengar.. menyesal pun ada beli naza ni..

  180. Varius Strato

    izean, diorg ada tight target..sbb tu diorg push ncl cecepat.. no plate, time tu busy sgt so terlupa nak instruct kat redha je aa dapat no apa..then…ces! ces! ces! no tak lawa lgsg..6531..

    madnor, biasa aa tu lambat..last 2 days aku baru tukar central lock setelah menunggu dari bulan 2.. diorg order brg dari france, last² brg tak sampai² so diorg amik dari bluebox..

    pdhal aku dah bgtau soh cek dulu brg ada tak kat SC lelain, tp mangkuk ayun tu nak order gak dari france.. kalo bulan 2 tu ari dia cek terus dgn SC lelain kan senang.. susah berurusan dgn org yg pandai sgt n terlebih rajin nih..

  181. will submit my application end of this month. waiting for 3 month pay slip.just joint gov that’s why i’ve to wait…
    do i make the right choice?
    really2 want this car

  182. thanks various strato.. hopefully benda yang woksop order tu akan datang jugak.. aku dah tak drive bestari sekarang.. aku simpan kat umah jer.. tak tahan dengan bunyi bising tu.. .

  183. Varius Strato

    bunyi bising camne tu madnor? risau gak aku..kete aku skang ni pun bunyi kasar jek..

  184. bennazis

    alo guys…excited giler r baca forum korg pasal 206 ni..actually saya ni baru je keje setahun…lepas grad terus keje…harap2 tahun ni dapat r pakai kete b4 raya…minat gak ngan 206 ni..its either nka amek 206 or myvi mcm mahal skit..yer r..ekonomi x stabil lagi…im actually working in taiping…tp hari tun tanya kt naza taiping..ckp dorg xde wat 206 nyer promo kt sini..ade sape2 yg tau x tempat lain yg paling dekat dengan taiping utk deal pasal 206 ni?help me out plzz?ape2 emel sy kat or bole je call me 0173001679..below MYR400 for manual kan?just byr MYR100 for booking…no dwnpayment?free insurance n roadtax rite?wat a great deal…yg ni applicable tok yg sportivo gak ke?ehmmm

  185. shanadia

    hi varius strato & madnor. i baru ingat nak submit application & byr booking dis saturday for 206. dah lama i envy sbnarnye,tapi sbb ramai yg komen kete tu not that good,i tahan diri dr beli. skrang ni i dont care dah,org nak ckp ape ckp la..tapi psal engine u all tu,betul ke bising? ni yg watkan semangat i menurun ni huhuhuhuh

  186. Varius Strato

    shanadia..engine aku ok jek..dah cek dgn sc..diorg ckp bunyi normal kete conti..aku igt diorg tipu.. tp bila aku compare dgn 206 zaki, mmg bunyi sama.. bunyi std.. kasar skek.. tak mcm bunyi kete asia.. so far pakai dah 4 bulan okey jek.. takde gegar.. takde bunyik.. takde major prob.. kena rajin jaga aa..tu je..

  187. Naza Peugeot 206 Bestari Interior and Engine KY drives | Shed Kits

    […] Naza Peugeot 206 Bestari Interior and Engine KY drives Posted by root 1 day 9 minutes ago ( Can anyone shed any light on this mohd roslan says aza tu kire ok la bawak keter adik aku ni hari2 naik skuter adik ulang alik pegi keje lagi la lagi satu la hamba nak bertanya tiadakah review or comment on da manual version ky drives is powered by wordpr Discuss  |  Bury |  News | naza peugeot 206 bestari interior and engine ky drives […]

  188. hello do you know where i can find naza 206/kia sportivo’s rim? its the second time i need to change the rim and i cant seem to know where to start looking. i only need one.

  189. shanadia

    varius strato..thanks 4 d explanation.ari tu ingat nak manual sbb tak penah bwk auto & tak reti! tapi ari tu test drive takde manual.SA tu suh test drive pakai auto,tu la first time bwk.alang2 test drive biar smp lenjan auto tu hahaha…mmg best la teptronic tu,mmg mcm main daytona! terus book auto heheheh…sbb dah kesedapan 🙂

  190. hi varius strato..
    bunyi bising keta aku dah ok dah.. itu pun mamat selepas dari philipine yang keja kat woksop tu check.. roller bearing dalam engine tu yang rosak.. so.. aku claim la warranty.. tapi malangnya dia org cakap benda tu unwarratable.. so aku minta mamat tu do something.. dia spray ngan minyak cikit pas tu bunyi tu hilang.. satu lagi problem 206 ni power steering cable very sensitive… mine dah leaking leaking n dah dapat yg baru(claim warranty).. kalo ko cuci engine jgn suruh dia org spray kat cable tu..

  191. bengang btul la. semalam isi minyak 30 hinggit tapi meter x gerak pon. aku ingat pam minyak tu rosak, tapi meter aku yg rosak daa. hanta kat nasim plentong itu bangla & india x leh buat. kena tinggal keta lah pulak. minggu depan kener pegi balik.. baru pakai 3 bulan. keco btul laaa.

  192. hi rocky..
    aku rsa keta aku pun dh nk jd cm keta ko la.. taruk myk full smpai myk dh xblh msk,tp meter x naik smpai takuk full,kra lg suku nk smpai ke F…haduhh

  193. e-one….. sila baca manual……..
    jgn isi terlalu penuh…….. cukup setakat 2 clik saja selepas penuh…. ia boleh merosak kan meter float kat dalam tangki tu…. so bacaan meter tak tepat nanti……….

  194. hi guys…em, i bru kt cni…actLy i nk tnye k0mpom ke 206 ni bez???
    b’kenan la ngn keta ni…sp0rty…i x ske keta bsr2…tp lame 2 ikat 12 ta0n. tp yg bez m0nthly murah..he3. tp my br0 cm ssh jew nk lpskn i bLi keta ni cz dye tak0t brg ssh nk dpt + mahaL..caNe ek…

  195. geng, sape2 ley share psL keta 206 ni emaiL i k…

  196. thank’s ahmad…
    sib baik dh ok dh meter dia,tidak jenuh nk p tukarq plak….

  197. Hi!.. Leh join?.. Saya baru je nak apply.. Kepada sesiapa yang sudah berpengalaman dengan naza bestari 206ni, please let me know about the benefits for this car.. Juga keburukannya.. IM saya di Saya kalau boleh nak tahu pasal spare part, minyak (kuat atau tak), dll lah..

  198. klzodiac

    Hi … my wife have the Bestari since June 2006 – it just turn 3 years recently. Generally the car handling and confort level is good. The tiptronic is responsive (but not as responsive as the 407) … but it is extremely under power, especially if the car fully loaded .. if driving solo, then it’s not so bad.

    I also noticed the battery will koyak exactly one year … it happened to my wife car without fail, everytime in June, we have to get a new battery … wonder why???

    Recently my wife want to buy the new 308, but the resale value of 206 is soooo low … that’s probably true for all conti car … i do not recommend anyone to buy new conti car ….. unless you intend to use it for a long period of time.

    “from passenger of Naza Bestari … i’m only drive my own car ( Accord Type R) … Bestari toooo underpower to me, not worth driving …so i become a passenger only while my wife drive.”

  199. hi…saya baru kat sini…sbb bru je pakai 206 for 2 weeks.under NCR…so far bwk utk pgi keje n pgi round dlm town…pakai dah lebih 1000km..nk kena anta servis.ade sesape ke tau bpe hage servis nya?
    thank you..

  200. hi nur…
    klu just first inspection free (2500km)…tp klu nk first servis 10k,kos nyer dlm rm150 lbh jer…

  201. hi, just want to ask. is there any 206 club for owner? last time i saw a group of 206 fan had their ‘teh tarik’ at PJ, mamak restaurant. Pls inform me if you all know any 206 club. adios.

  202. nak tanya naza ada buat lagi promosi naza 206 untuk raya tahun nie

  203. varius stratov

    # syntax Says:

    July 21st, 2009 at 3:32 pm

    hi, just want to ask. is there any 206 club for owner? last time i saw a group of 206 fan had their ‘teh tarik’ at PJ, mamak restaurant. Pls inform me if you all know any 206 club. adios.

    try masuk

  204. leh sape2 inform x ok ke x kete nie…senang x nak servis n spare part senng x ade..harge cne…mail at


  206. nak tahu 206 ok tak? tolong bagi keburukan @ kebaikan,TQ

  207. pundek la ko beastkot

    oi mangkuk beastkot, kalo ko dah biase pakai tiptronic, jgn la tunjuk lorat kat sini mcm anak haram, pegi la mampus kalo ko punye stream ade titptronic dari 2002 sekalipun, so what?

    ko mangkuk ayun, honda stream buruk 2002 tuh jadi pilihan ko. lagi bodo, keta overpriced, silap silap keta buruk yg di recon. P la mampus dgn stream baghal ko tu…..

  208. weh…rilek2..jgn gaduh2 kat forum ni…kat sini skadar nk bg pendapat je…beastkot klu nk bg pndapat psl tiptronic kat honda ko,p la forum honda…jangan nak mengutuk org dlm forum ni..kat sini utk 206 je…aku pon lum ada 206 ni tp mmg minat mintak pendapat..jgn gaduh2 k…peace as 1 malaysia beb..

  209. lindaliscious

    alamak chill la beaskot. betul cakap nai hang citer stream kat stream la apa nyampuk kat sini:p anyways, aku pakai stream gak(weekend car for family) baru jual ambik caldina;) takda la nak kutuk org2 206 ni;). anyways, thinking of getting a 2nd car for everyday work. ingat nak ambik myvi but lepas baca chat korang ni aku tak teragak2 nak ambik 206. walaupun keta ni takda resale value bagi aku yg penting FC & the comfort of driving a continental car walau kecik.

    nite all esok kita chat lagi..yeay 😉

  210. Moon Wesche

    I enjoyed this very much! Just gratifying! Your composing manner is charming and the way you addressed the subject with grace is notable. I am intrigued, I make bold you are an master on this issue. I am signing up for your upcoming updates from now on.

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  212. for me..small but luxurious look

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