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While having brunch at one of the outlets opposite the SS2 foodcourt last weekend, I spotted a couple local stunt men trying to put up a banner. Look at how the tactic they improvised…

stunt men at ss2
The two jokers

Apperantly an older dude pushed the younger lad in a herculean effort so that the latter can reach the summit of the electric pole to tie up that “Happy Mother’s Day” banner. I must say the display of strength and agility was pretty impressive.

stunt men at ss2
A closer look

However, this image reminds me of what I saw many years ago in Penang (incidentally, horny saw the same thing.) A monkey tried to scale the electric poles via the power lines, but unfortunately as the hands went for the neutral and legs the life bare lines, what was left was a roasted monkey. Lucky the stunt men at SS2 weren’t met with the same fate.

stunt men at ss2
roasted monkey


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  1. Roasted monkey smells nice or not? 😀

  2. you should have nominated them for OSH – they do practise SAFETY dont they…..chuckle!

  3. Seriously straight of the darwin awards.

  4. dreamstate

    Err… That’s not power line. Its phone lines and a lot less dangerous, though it may contribute to someone’s Streamyx problem…

    Of course it does not reduce the fact that they could fall and hurt themselves…

  5. Dabido (Teflon)

    Mother’s Day Banner:

    Mother day’s special: monkey burgers! 🙂

  6. Looks like a telephone pole to me.

  7. Now you know why SS2 occassionally blackout.

  8. babe_klKY

    gosh LOL

    btw i saw u alighting the lrt yday evening wearing blue shirt wid stripes 😀 i hv to tell u dat u r not photogenic :p looked more hansum in real

    KY: yah that was me, why never say hi?

  9. Adrian C

    Poor monkey. Idiotic humans. 🙂

  10. babe_kl

    i was still inside the lrt ler when i saw u walked towards the stairs and u were most prolly in the next coach. kinda “lucky” cos i hardly take lrt to dat way hahaha

  11. is a telephone pole la…

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