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Unlike in the States where you can have a customised number plate, here in Malaysia our car number plate system is pretty restrictive. Apart from the handful of commemorative special issued plates such as “putrajaya”, “proton”, “perodua” and so forth, most of us have the standard (up to) 3 alphabat and (up to) 4 digit plates.

Over the years I have seen several interesting plates, such as PEN 15 and PAR 15 from Penang. There’s also a guy with CA 511 that has a bolt connecting the 11 to make them look like a H. Anyone waiting for PUK 1?

These photos were snapped with my camera phone while driving at Subang Jaya a while back. Pretty nice WAJ4 for a black waja. How appropriate.

nice proton waja number plate waj4
Black waja with WAJ 4

nice proton waja number plate waj4

Discuss : Spotted – Nice Proton Waja Number Plate

  1. Seen a BAB 1 on a putra..:P

  2. cool.

  3. I’ve seen PEN 15 on a white perdana, but the best one I found was Z 7, sure it doesn’t look good now but when placed like so:

    looks sorta like lightning doesn’ it?

  4. gee, have u been stalking this car? i saw in the paper today, NST or Sun, i dont remember – a car had the number K155. haha. nice one!

  5. In KB, Kelantan there’s a Ver8 STI carrying NAM4, a white Jag with the plate DAP 1.
    Malays here are willing to spend on plate just to get 2-3 digits no.
    there’s one DAU 6 on a Getz. I wonder how much she paid for that.

  6. the PEN15 perdana used to be black. i saw this black WAJ4 at mid valley jockey parking a few times.

  7. I saw the very limited Proton Wira (LONG) Executive, in somewhere around Damansara, which also carry a nice number WAC12 ( Haha..( We Are Champion 1 , 2 )

  8. this WAJ4 owner is from shah alam…

  9. the waj4 is mine from shah alam lol

  10. i seen 1 nice plate PUK1

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