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We’ve been hearing about this porridge based steamboat (粥底火锅) for a while now. We decided to give it a try after having always had the more traditional type of steamboat or shabu shabu, usually either with clear or tomyam soup, just to see what the craze is about. The place we ransacked was Restaurant Farmland Steamboat at Jalan Pudu.

Porridge Steamboat (粥底火锅)  at Jalan Pudu, Restaurant Farmland
a pretty busy place

It was a weekend and the restaurant was very busy. After securing our table, we ordered the 3 “set dinner”, some sliced beef, spam, and an extra order of vege. The set came with a prawn, an egg, various types of fishball look-alike and taste-alike stuff, and some veges.

The porridge that made the base can hardly be categorised as porridge. The viscosity is very very low for obvious reason, you wouldn’t want it to stick on the pot. Besides, it wouldn’t be a very good medium to cook anything if the porridge was too thick.

Porridge Steamboat (粥底火锅)  at Jalan Pudu, Restaurant Farmland
sliced beef, yummm

The major difference in porridge based steamboat and the other types was the distinct lack of taste in the plain porridge base. This, however, is excellent if you have very good raw ingredients, like pomphret fish, crabs, or fresh prawns; the plain base would not obscure the natural taste and sweetness of the ingredients like how a tomyam soup would. However, since we were ordered cheapskate food, the porridge steamboat wasn’t something to shout about, though it wasn’t bad at all.

Porridge Steamboat (粥底火锅)  at Jalan Pudu, Restaurant Farmland
add some sesame oil and soya sauce, best.

The meal costs us about RM 15-20 a per person. Give it a try if you want to have something different. I suggest you stay away from the “set dinner” if you are not really into eating half a dozen types of fishball taste-alike items.

Map to Porridge Steamboat (粥底火锅)  at Jalan Pudu, Restaurant Farmland
loving the map?

The restaurant is situated by the busy Jalan Pudu. If you drive on Jalan Pudu towards Cheras area from the Jalan Imbi junction, the restaurant is just before the first gas station on your left. Beware that the parking situation isn’t very great..

362 366, Jalan Pudu
55100 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.138293, 101.710079
Tel: 03-2141 9297

Discuss : KY eats – Porridge Steamboat (粥底火锅) at Jalan Pudu

  1. Cool Map! I love the man in jail pix.

  2. LOL Love the dude in jail, best map evarrr

  3. Bonnie

    I was there last Saturday. 😛

    Try the sliced mutton next time. Tastes better than the beef.

    And if you add in enough amount of raw meat, liver or kidney, the porridge will change colour to a light brown and it tastes orgasmic! We scrapped the whole claypot to its last spoonful! 🙂

  4. babe_kl

    wooohooo i HEART yr map!!! *kowtow*

  5. i tried the branch in tmn tun aminah, jb. the food is really not bad at all. a fresh alternative to the traditional steamboat.

  6. i heard about this porridge steamboat also, it;s nice or not? but it’s definately different rite??

  7. nice map….kns…….can teach this noob ?

  8. There is this shop with great curry fish head. Just before the kereta-terpakai. Same road.

  9. meekiee

    u know i was quite surprised to know we both shared similar taste for food. Most of your recommendations are my frequent go. This is also one of my favourites, went there last Monday. Tin Yuin originated the porridge steamboat, so you went to the right one. Their service is good too.

    You can park behind the shops, turn left on traffic junction and take a first turn to left.

    mmm…if you don’t mind the place crowded & messy, can drive further down the street. Try the backlane called “Wai Sek Kai” – the Stew egg as dessert is SUPERB! But be there earlier, they finish very fast.

    Or if you like to have something different for lunch, there is this shop selling Hakka noodle in front of “Wai Sek Kai”. TRY! 🙂

  10. Bushido

    Poor ingredients gave poor satisfaction.
    Since all the goodness & taste goes into the porridge & that gets consumed, the ingredients must be fresh & without added preservatives.Yong tau foos & tong oh will give altered tastes.
    Here in Ipoh, Farmhome gives only fresh stuff : scallops,jelly fish, fish maw,Garuoper or Dory fish slices,clams,fish balls, fish skin wantan,Japanese tofu,fresh ground meat paste for you to make your own pork balls.
    Abalone mushrooms combined with fresh mushrooms & Golden needle mushrooms give a most enjoyable combination of aroma
    There is also the usual pork balls & pork tendon balls to give bulk, slices of chicken or pork or the heavenly imported beef slices.

    Fresh greens & Yau Char Koay will round up but make sure you boil the whole pot down & finish all the porridge 🙂

  11. Shireen K

    love the map……..

  12. Nicole

    Is it available for lunch?

  13. Nicole,

    I’m not too sure, but I suspect that they do.

  14. is other flavour like tomyam available there? the contact numbers ther?

  15. WinniE,

    I think they might not have tomyam, everyone goes there for the porridge base soup. There are plenty of other places with tomyam soup, such as Yuen in Sunway

  16. Is this a buffet style ?

  17. Janice,
    Nope, you order by set or ala carte. 😀

  18. Hi KY, do you know if this restaurant is still there? Looking for a steamboat porridge place somewhere in town or PJ. Any other recommendations?

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