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I was doing some grocery shopping at Giant Kelana Jaya and Kerol spotted this fakeplan door. Images of Master Q (老夫子) comics rushed up in my brain..

fakeplan door at giant kelana jaya
i would hate to open the door from that room..

Closer look revealed no alternate way of getting up or down that room. I’m not sure about you, but I would hate to be the person opening the door from within that room after a nice afternoon nap and walk straight out on pure air.

fakeplan door at giant kelana jaya
a closer inspection

Ah.. the wonder of modern architecture.


Discuss : KY saw – fakeplan door at KJ Giant

  1. I m a regular visitor of KJ Giant, but never notice wor.
    There’s a house in SS2 housing area (the bomba side) with a similar door, on the 1st floor. Facing the junction, i think it’s for fung sui.

  2. Dabido (Teflon)

    Yesterday upon the stair,
    I meet a man who wasn’t there,
    He wasn’t there again today,
    Oh wait, neither are the stairs … arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!


  3. dreamstate

    It’s either a highly secure room where break-ins are not possible without bringing along a ladder or a door left behind when they tear down the upper floor to make room for more shelves…

    Wait, this is Malaysia right! It must be the later… LOL

    KY: considering they sell ladders just right at the next aisle, the first explanation isn’t very plausible. hehe

  4. A great Mahaguru resides within.

    He levitates up and down to get in and out.

    Now, don’t ask me why a Mahaguru would reside in a Giant Hypermarket.

  5. Doesn’t look fake to me. There might be a ladder somewhere??? Press a hidden button or something? Did you ask?

  6. dude…

    they just use a forklift and lift the person up la…

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