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One of my favorite places for take-out, ready-to-eat food is the Isetan supermarket at KLCC. Some of you might have read about the sushi and the Hokkaido Fest bento. But if you are one of those who aren’t exactly into raw food just yet, there are other choices too, such as various types of rice bowls, onigiri, bbq meat, and so forth.

Unadon & Soft Shell Crab from Isetan
appetizing, no?

Now I love unagi (grilled eel) and soft shell crab, and Isetan supermarket has them on the shelve. At RM 16.90 for unadon (unagi, rice, egg) and around RM 5 for a big size soft shell crab, this isn’t exactly an economical solution for a take-out lunch, but the taste doesn’t dissapoint. Do know that you can ask the staff to microwave the rice bowls before paying. This way you can have it ready to eat even if your office doesn’t have a microwave, or that you want to eat in the car, by the fountain at the park, or in the LRT (don’t get caught).

Unadon & Soft Shell Crab from Isetan
crabs… yumm..

The unadon is made with proper Japanese rice cooked sticky, like how they’re supposed to. A layer of onion egg with light dark sauce, half a grilled eel on top, and a couple slices of pickled radish on the side to complete the bowl. The taste was pretty good, on par with most restaurant offerings, though you must be careful to not overheat or underheat them in the microwave. As for the soft shell crab, well, it tastes like how you would expect soft shell crabs to taste like.

Unadon & Soft Shell Crab from Isetan
not exactly cheap, but. .

If you are new to Japanese food and don’t want to humiliate yourself and (possibly) your wallet in a nice Japanese restaurant, give these take-outs a try.

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  1. i love bento..last time when i was in Japan i purposely go to the Jusco there…(yes no doubt is Jusco..hahahha~)there was tons of bento there and a microware(for selfservice reheat the bento lar~)and also some tempura…anyway the taste is quite nice just like excatly the food just cooked..hehe!!

  2. My fav pack home and eat stuff from Isetan are the lamb kebabs (huge and great value) and their hamburger dons. The hamburger is melt in the mouth quality.

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