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I’m sure some of you, like me, read non-work related books while commuting to and from work. Now reading is a good habit and all, but sometimes it gets in the way of looking professional carrying your favorite story book with you walking in and out of the office (especially you tend to read on morally questionable topics.) Worry not, there is a solution in few simple steps.

fakeplan book cover
just 4 simple-to-follow steps

1. locate a hardcover personal planner that looks professional
2. take out the original content
3. slide in your favorite non-work related book
4. pwn!

fakeplan book cover
perfect disguise!

So you see, now you can carry your favorite book everywhere and still perfectly blend in to the office environment.

Extra bonus – when you “snake” home earlier, you look like you’re going to a meeting.
Extra extra bonus – when the meeting is boring, you can read your story book while appear to look extra productive!

Have a nice week!

p/s: does not work if your colleagues read this blog.


Discuss : KY – how to fakeplan a story book

  1. FireAngel

    wah BEST!

  2. sooo creative =P

  3. this is so productive..

  4. old trick lar..

    KY: only because you’re not young! 😛

  5. Crap. I didn’t bring home Snow Crash…

  6. Dabido (Teflon)

    Good to see the book author has a similar surname to my own! 😉

  7. tigerjoe

    I’m telling your supervisor too. 😛

  8. P/S: you are in deep shit if your boss reads this blog 😛

  9. Hahhaa… this is a good one 😀

  10. great tip…i’ll use it when i start working haha.

  11. nice !!!

  12. Sure work or not? The moment the book’s opened, doesn’t it resemble a novel anyway? Doens’t work in meetings when the boss scrutinises. 🙂

    KY: all depends on your own skillz

  13. *LOL* Never tot of such devious plan. ~wicked to the core~

  14. The trick works best with this. 😀

  15. waaa… i’m telling!

    KY: shhhh 😛

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