I was made aware of this local play that is coming to KL performing arts center by Emily, a friend and a blogger who is involved in this thingy. As someone who was actually involved in similar type of stuff before (back in Penang, years ago, in Mandarin,) I naturally got interested and agreed to help in giving a little metion of the play here, for whatever it (this blog) is worth.

The play – Rojak (not to be confused by certain funny blogger.) Read the following “press release” material written by the producer, Rueben:

What is ROJAK!?
In short its a compilation of shorts and monologues originally written put together into one big performance. Genres ranging from comedy, to tragic comedy to drama and even to political issues, which we’ll leave it as the unmentionables for now… As our objective is to make theatre more accessible to youth, I personally believe that TOS is a great hub for young aspiring thespians to come forward to express themselves. Rather than having one big play where there will only be 1 to 3 main characters, having multiple shorts will create an opportunity for everybody. Even aspiring writers.

Now the play is run by the group that calls themselves the oral stage. From my understanding, they are a bunch of students with too much time and basically think that acting in theater is cool or something. (much like what I did, though was only ever casted in comedies.. &^@#&) I figure they soon find that these stuff is hard work, involves a great deal of dedication, devotion, and faith. Then again, being in their 2nd year, I believe the oral stage is not just all talk and no show. I wish them luck and will certainly attend the show for the support of home-brewed, grass-root shows.

You can also read more on their website at theoralstage.blogspot.com. Go watch it, bring your date, this will be something out of the ordinary hollywood movie and popcorn. Besides, you get to visit the marvellous Sentul park koi center.

Rojaks, the oral stage
the poster, with more details

Rojaks, the oral stage
got cute girl in the cast too.. o.O bonus!

to get to KL Pac at Sentul
and this is where KLPac is located

note: read the review

KY – Rojak (about the show, not the blogger)

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