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Asakusa (浅草) is one of those must-go places in Tokyo, it has one of the oldest shopping area (Nakamesise (仲見世)), definately a place to go if you are into buying lotsa souvenirs or local traditional tidbits. Besides, it is also where you can find the oldest temple in Tokyo, Senso-ji (金龍山浅草寺)

Tokyo Asakusa, Sensoji
gate of the temple houses a HUGE lantern.

One of the major difference in Asakusa from the rest of Tokyo is the buildings. There are more old buildings around the area in a city where most everything are built less than half a century ago due to the great war. It gives you a glimpse of what Tokyo used to be.

Tokyo Asakusa, Sensoji
very tourist centered shopping area

Between the main gate of the temple and the temple itself is the Nakamise shopping area. It is believed to be the oldest shopping area, established since the late 17th century. Here you can find all sorts of tourist souvenirs from traditional Japanese fan to fancy fridge magnets. Local cookies, mochi, and all sorts of other tidbits were on the offering too.

Tokyo Asakusa, Sensoji
that top left balls in the machine thingy was all I can afford, 100 yen each. hehe

Tokyo Asakusa, Sensoji
this is supposed to bring me good luck!

The Senso-ji itself is a set of a few magnificient buildings, including a small tower. Here is the place where the biggest Shinto festival (matsuri) is held every spring. As with most temples and shrines, there are sake offerings in huge barrels.

Tokyo Asakusa, Sensoji
the temple itself, with sake offerings on the sides

There was also a very lovely garden, with cherry tree in full blossom and a pond, with some lazy kois swimming in it.. tranquility in a busy city.

Tokyo Asakusa, Sensoji
sakura tree over hanging a nice pond

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Discuss : KY at Tokyo – Asakusa and Senso-ji

  1. Nice pond?! It looks blardy muddy to me. But the Sakura tree is nice.

  2. Not very good pics marn, in a rush?

    KY: was in a hurry, and there was way too many people

  3. Dabido (Teflon)

    ‘It gives you a glimpse of what Tokyo used to be.’

    Short and fat?
    [As opposed to the modern thin highrise] 🙂

    ‘… and all sorts of other tidbits were on the offering too.’

    Did you remember to buy me a Japanese GF ???? 🙂

    ‘… there are sake offerings in huge barrels.’

    Couldn’t drink another drop!
    *pats tummy*

    And they still haven’t taught the Koi to leap out of the water and do backflips!

  4. supposed to bring you luck ? In what sense dude……..more girls to pimp ??


  5. apple_pie

    i thot u said photoshpped 1

    KY: now that was a very good april’s fool tick, no? 😛

  6. how to go this place??? near by which train station? how i get to thiz place?

  7. kelly,
    Unfortunately I don’t know. :/

  8. la religion budistas esta muy ligada en muchos aspecto, y es imposible que no haya un templo…

  9. Hi KY,
    Nice pix and you seemed to have great time with sakura season. I was there last month and really glad for an authentic (in Tokyo ma!) ramen near Sensoji :))

    Hi Kelly,
    If you wish to go to Sensoji, check out here:

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