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Got my visa ready, ticket in hand, luggage packed. I’m heading off to an interesting place for a week. Hopefully I’ll be able to post, with some interesting pictures for the coming week. Stay tuned.

my Visa
can you guess where I am heading?


Discuss : KY travels – taking off

  1. Tokyo lar! So obvious. Yamateh! Yamateh! LOL!

    Btw, what sort of passport issit? Why no colour photo one?

    KY: that’s the visa laa.

  2. have fun, beeyatch

  3. Kenny Lee

    veli rich arh? no need to work meh?

    KY: as illegal worker

  4. really japan arh? nice foods and leng luis lei..

  5. from the visa which uses a black & white picture…japan….

  6. KY, eat more food there…….dont forget to ta pau for SUANIE

    KY: there’s a limit on luggage u know..

  7. FireAngel

    Have a safe flight! Remember to get me my STUFFFFffffffffffff! Ahem.

  8. yeah… don’t forget mine’s too….

    you know the “STUFF” that i want!!!!! 😀

  9. China?

    Have a safe and wonderful trip!

    KY: no no, not china

  10. y everyone goin to japan wannnnnn peter aso =P

  11. u shud be landing in narita airport anytime soon now

  12. Dabido (Teflon)

    Rememer to send me a Japanese girl. The ones from Akita are supposed to be the most beautiful. [And they also live in the COLDEST place in Japan, whcih gets the DEEPEST snowfall … not sure if there is a connection!]

    And DON’T ask a Yakuza:
    anata no chinpoko ha watashi no yori chiisai desu ka?

    It might get you into trouble. 🙂

    KY: keep waiting dabido, keep waiting. hehe

  13. it’s naruto airport

  14. the ticket is tokyo but the visa look like china…

    have fun wherever you are…..
    btw if you at tokyo don’t forget to buy hentai anime
    hi hi hi hi

  15. Shireen K

    Tokyo, Narita it is…… have fun!!

  16. narita narita :p
    nippon nippon…. :p
    have fun there! 😀
    u surely can get access …!

    KY: ya, I do I do.

  17. kimberlycun

    canned soiled panties for souvenier pls!

    KY: how aobut I get you a can, you supply own panties?

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