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So nobody tagged me. I was discussing some toilet stuff with Kim and she said it’s a good idea to turn this into a meme, which I am doing now. Here goes..

What is your favorite activities while conducting business in the toilet?
Reading, mostly the Sun, or some novel, sometimes ebook. I have friends who like to call when shitting, but I dont’ really do that.

Your favorite toilet?
The hardcore futuristic toilet at Jogoya must be the best, with automatic water jet cleaning me ass and heated seat too.. you almost wish you have a diarrhea there..

Worst toilet
High school, I routinely sneaked into the teacher’s toilet. They are alot cleaner

Most interesting toilets you’ve used
At my late grandma’s place we used to have the wooden tub, was horrible. I’ve also used the direct drop into the ocean type at a relative’s place, and another direct drop into the earth type

Any no toilet experience?
Once I had to settle in a jungle and use giant leaves as toilet paper. It was an emergency but I didn’t have to sacrify my undie.

Do you prefer the old school (squat) or the modern (sit) toilet?
Old school, definately. Though that cuts down the reading time due to legs giving way to muscle cramps after an hour..

Wash or wipe?
Wash, then wipe dry..

I’m passing this to
and you, yes, you the reader who also blogs


Discuss : KY – the Toilet meme

  1. tigerjoe

    bro, this me-me is kinda gross.

    KY: well, to an innocent boy like me, your writing can be more fitting to the above description. 😛

  2. hehe now we know cl toilets suck.

  3. cipet ! show us ur toilet picture. Better if u r in it doing ur biz…chuckle

  4. kimberlycun

    ever made to dispose the content of the wooden tub?

    KY: thank god no!


    Toilet meme.

    Was discussing the philosophical aspects of toilets with KY. Suggested to him to start a meme, which he did and then tagged me.
    What is your favorite activities while conducting business in the toilet?
    Reading definitely. Sometimes I stay in the toile…

  6. Questioning Voices

    The Toilet meme

    KY tagged me. What a coincidence that I am having diarhoea. Been spending lots of time in the toilet. So here goes..
    What is your favorite activities while conducting business in the toilet? Reading, definitely. I guess it’s just common. But i…

  7. tigerjoe

    aboden, you want me to start a shagging me-me izit? 😛

  8. toilet meme is the gross

    KY: do it reta! 😛

  9. u should have add another one:

    “What are the other things that you do, besides doing business & reading in toilet?”

    that will be so interesting.

  10. WTF!!! I’m going out for lunch soon!!! *No mood to eat already*

  11. Dabido (Teflon)

    I’m so glad I was able to read this while eating my lunch… excuse me BLEEEEUUHHHHHHH!

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  13. I once ate nasi kandar while taking the dump.

    So far nobody could top that high level of gross.

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