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I am not the biggest rave fan nor do I really listen to techno all that much, suan was the one who told me about this Tiesto dude. So I went with the gang that includes ST, Kenneth, Paul, Fox, FA, Janice, Suan & Sheryl. Met a Jack and Edward there too.

I reached the scene at half past nine. Suan & some of the noobs got there earlier and said there was some awesome drumming prior to the then not-too-great DJ noname. Everyone was getting rather impatient waiting for DJ Tiesto who was supposed to be appearing at 10 “sharp” by 10:10pm. I guess the DJ took up the Malaysian timing rather fast.

DJ Tiesto Renault Pit Party KLIA 2006
fireworks too!

Then there was this ridiculous and forgettable lion dance sequence followed by the Malay gong thingy for a good 10-15 minutes before DJ Tiesto finally burst into the scene. It was fireworks and some awesome display on the big screens. Like the bestest real life winamp visual plugin, with some awesome music, I must add.

DJ Tiesto Renault Pit Party KLIA 2006
laser show, like omg

A couple hours into his routine, just as the beats start to sound a little monotonous. The show climbed to a new high, with more fireworks and the laser show. The crowd went wild with arms raised trying to “cut” the laser, it was a beautiful sight. The two laser source is like the hands of god, radiating the green lights on the tip of the fingers… or something like that. It was surreal, it made Tiesto god like, in a warcraft pwning sense.

DJ Tiesto Renault Pit Party KLIA 2006
this “kebab” was actually awesome!

I was hungry and actually had a “kebab” at the food tent on the side of the show, and to my greatest surprise, it was actually pretty good! Had a beer and a bottle of mineral water, I made the getaway by 2am to avoid the massive traffic at the end of the show. 17,000 tickets were sold and I guess at least a few thousands more at the gate.. plenty of people.

It was a good show, I only wish the temperature was like Genting, and I now know the lack of sleep and playing intense badminton wasn’t exactly good ideas before going to a party like this.


Discuss : KY parties – DJ Tiesto @ Renault Pit Party 06

  1. The grand finale was Traffic? Too bad not many people stayed back for it 🙂

  2. Where is the n00b map to the party..? Where was it held?

  3. yeah, if u check out Joyce a.k.a Fairy photo of Tiesto that night, we’ll know how it feels to be a God.

    simply awesome.

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  5. DJ Tiesto – Live at Sepang Malaysia!

    Well Malaysia Boleh for once..
    They got DJ Tiesto (Tijs Verwest) to come here, just knocked off number 1 in the world…labelled the ‘Pit Party’ (it was in a car park NEAR the F1 circuit).

    DJ Tiesto is arguably the world’s top DJ over the past fou…

  6. play singles la wtf! luckily Uncle get back energy. With my smuggled whiskey!!!

  7. Dabido (Teflon)

    For the Man,
    Kabab in a can. 🙂

    Looks like a great night. 🙂

  8. no rave for moi !

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  10. Tiesto rocks!!!
    Btw ST u got any idea what song he played at that night?

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  13. i love tiesto
    sun rise searching 6
    i am iranian

  14. pris n vibes

    party jammer…..

  15. I was there too! I’m still study in uni…feels so old

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