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Suanie said that I’ll hate her for passing me this stupid school meme, but how do you hate a suan? A display of her mightly prowess in feeding would leave you in awe and admiration, like an echantment… anyway, lets get this on.

How many schools did I go to?

SRJK (C) Hun Bin (not Huai Bin) for primary education, Chung Ling High School till form 5, then a combination of Inti, KDU, Bemidji State, and lastly, St. Cloud State Unviersity in Minnnesota. That’s not counting the 2 kindergardens I went to, I can’t recall their names to save my life. So the answer is 8.

Was I the studious nerd, or the last minute hero?

I was pretty decent in primary school, a bit of a defiant adolescent in high school. Study wasn’t exactly my top priority. I did become something in between a study nerd and a last minute hero in during tertiary education, study only a day or two before exams, but sitting in the front row and never miss any class.

Was I the class ‘taiko’ or the teacher’s pet?

A bit of a mix, dependent on the teacher. However, I was almost always a part of the group who entertains the class, for whatever that’s worth.

What was the biggest rule I broke in school?

I took a dump in the teacher’s toilet, my god, it was clean!

Three subjects I enjoyed.

At St. Cloud, it was Genetic Algorithm & Genetic Programming. Using the concept of evolution to attain a near optimal solution to difficult programming problems, that’s basically the gist of it. It was taught by 2 excellent professors covering the 2 related subjects.

Socialogy at Inti College. I didn’t expect this seemingly boring class to turn out to be rather interesting. Group think, the Harvard Stanford Prison experiment, those were some interesting things to learn.

Technical Drawing at Inti. You get dismissed as soon as you finish the drawing. I am always the first one to get done, getting out of the 2 hour class in less than half an hour. Man, I was good in it. A bummer I didn’t get to go for Architecture or Civil Engineering.

Three teachers that inspired me.

Dr. Annette Schoenberger at St. Cloud State, one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I was lucky to be in two of her classes, she even baked us pizzas and always put little stickers on top scoring papers. Always friendly, in control, and know her stuff very well.

Winona LaDuke at Bemidji State. She was one of the professors and lecturers that was in the environmental study class. An environmental activist, once a running mate of Ralf Nader of the Green Party, author of several books, and a teacher that inspired everyone of us. The wikipedia link will tell you more about her. It was an experience of a life time to be one of her students.

Lastly, that South Asian professor I had in St. Cloud. One who drove a beat up, hail damaged, yellow 1 seater (the other seat was filled with junks) RX7 FD and can’t teach worth of nuts. He inspired me to not be like him at all.

And I’m tagging…

Everyone on my link who’s interested in this. blah.


Discuss : KY – the school meme

  1. i think im more of a last minute hero who acts like a studious nerd.
    right now, im more of a teachers pet since all the teachers who taught in my class knows me as the girl who always finishes her homework and never failed to hand them in time.
    hahaha. memes. i have this strong aversion against memes.
    thank god, im not in ur links. hehe.

  2. eNchantment.
    I suggest Microsoft Word.

    KY: thanks kenneth, my spelling nazi

  3. hehe.. now i know Inti’s Technical Drawing sucks.

    KY: it’s cos i never use a ruler on my screen you noob. hehe.

  4. Diu…..that is a great example for dont judge the book by its cover…chuckle

  5. WTF ! We were in the same schools from primary to college, not 1, not 2, but 3 !

    KY: no wonder we’re all teh cool =P

  6. The worse rule you ever broke was that? My goodness, you were a good kid 😛

    KY: i’m not gonna incriminate myself on my blog, noob. hehe

  7. echolalia

    eh, sorry to be anal, but i think you mean the stanford prison experiment =)
    either way, nice blog! i really enjoy the food articles, makes a malaysian abroad wonderfully homesick

    KY: yah u’re right, Stanford, thanks.

  8. What’s a class taiko? I thought taiko was a Japanese drum or something.

  9. Yeay! CLHS rocks! 😀

  10. chungling? no wonder u know chinese…but u don’t seem like the other cl guys that i know though.

  11. Oh, so you are from penang as well? Hun Bin is actually an international school sort of now. I didn’t know about this school until 3 years ago. My friends’ sis studies there with expatriates.Another friend is currently in St. Cloud fr Clhs, coincidences? =)

  12. Came across your blog as I was looking for some old friends from SCSU. Found it amusing what you wrote about who inspired you in St Cloud. I graduated in Spring 99. The thing I remember most are the winters and the time I spend staying in the dorms. Other than that, it was watching countless movies in film class.

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