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So there was this kid in the neighbourhood back in Peanng whose nickname was James Bond, I never did find out his real name even to this day. We were probably around 8-10 when this happened, hence the awesome gray scale nostalgic animation you are about to see.

This happened one day while we were enjoying a game of noob badminton on the road outside my house. As I hit a high shot over to James Bond, he tried to execute a pro smashing move aka Thomas Cup action on me. However, he missed the shuttlecock completely, the momentum of his attempt carried the racquet in an arc, came full circle and hit the it at the opposite end, behind his ass.

The shuttlecock landed on the roof of the house behind James Bond. Without realising that he had done it himself, he started blaming me that I had hit the shuttlecock up on the roof. He demanded that I buy him a new one. I, of course, told him what happened, but that boy just didn’t believe it.

I ended up ignoring him and went home, James Bond, however, cried.

Anyway, if anyone knows him, please show him this website. With my drawing & animation prowess I am now trying my best to explain it. Don’t cry now James Bond.

Badminton with James Bond

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  1. I think you rushed this one dude.



    KY:hehehe, let me correct those shit..

  2. kimberlycun

    didnt even bother to colour

    KY: nostalgic!

  3. FireAngel


  4. Dabido (Teflon)

    Ah! The good old streeet Badminton in Penang. Many a shuttlecock going down a moni drain. The memories.

    It reminds me of a story (once at bandcamp) where my Father somehow got hold of an illegal firework (which he bought off the grocer … the grocer used to drive these three wheeled vans up and down the road selling stuff. Don’t know if they still that in Penang … this was the early seventies).

    Anyway, come Guy Falks night (or whatever the English call it … Bonfire Night), my father gathered us all outside and lit the fuse. It flew across the road and landed RIGHT on the roof top of an Officer and went -BANG- abought as loud as anything.

    Anyway, a few people came out to see what had happened … but not the officer. Apparently, they never heard a thing (I know as we asked his kids … because all the kids on our street knew each other … officers, enlisted men etc etc).

    But … your story reminded me of that incident (probably because the firework looked a bit like a shuttle cock too).

    I wonder if somewhere in Penang there is a house with a load of shuttle cocks, illegal fireworks and goodness knows whatelse on the roof.

  5. Mossie`Ol Chin

    mmm… since squash is likely to take over badminton as the 2nd national sport (first being sexercise), i think we should be seeing broken glass news pretty soon, no? 😛

    anyway, that was nostalgic

  6. bah… you just told me the story last night… nothing special

    no surprise 😛

  7. After that…nobody played badminton in the streets of Pepper Est anymore…sob sob…The neighbours just keep on buying more and more cars…no place for us to play anymore…
    Now…we sort of became stangers to our neighbours d…

  8. frostier

    u should have told him eons ago.

  9. You bastard, you made James Bond cry! 🙂

  10. Your ‘James Bond’ probably playing in Melbourne now.

    KY: last I saw him, he was still in the neighbourhood. 3x bigger than when he was playing that game

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