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One of the hawker dishes I missed most from Penang was Jawa mee. It is something that is a little harder to find here in KL. So when horny told us about this great Jawa mee stall at Setapak, we just had to go.

Jawa Mee at Setapak
looks appetizing, no?

Jawa mee is basically blanched noodle served in tomato based gravy, usually comes with sliced tofu, bean sproud, vege, prawn cracker, potatoe, and sliced hard boiled egg. At this place, they give you two whole lime to squeeze onto the noodle to add some kicks. The word lime itself should already make your mouth watery.

The serving is quite big, and everything is just nicely done, including the presentation bit. The prawn cracker has just the right crispiness to it, and the sauce a has very nice tomato taste to it. Noodle (or meehun) is not overly done, overall taste is just superb with the lime adding to the overall freshness. For only RM 3 per plate, it’s a steal. Try it.

The Mee Jawa stall serves prawn mee as well, and is situated within SKY coffee shop (Kedai Makanan SKY), in Setapak. The place is easily recognised as the first floor houses a 100 Yen shop with very prominent sign boards.

Jawa Mee at Setapak
oh you will love it!

This map, man, is really awesome, isn’t it? just check out the KFC logo!
Map to Jawa Mee at Setapak

Note: from bulatan Pahang, the KFC is some distance away, a few kilometers. So, be patient.

GPS: 3.196140, 101.711361

Discuss : KY eats – Jawa Mee at Setapak

  1. I can see the Colonel! I can see the Colonel! (who looks like Pak Lah)

    highest level of uber n00b map artistry!!!

  2. KFC man looks… sad =P

  3. Shit looks teh good.

  4. There’s a good Mee Jawa stall in Taman Bukit Maluri, Kepong. Operated by some Penangites. It’s a stall in the middle road of the shops there, near where the coconut water lady operates. Damn good stuff but open afternoons only!

  5. foodcrazee

    u r good – go everywhere for makan……setapak very near to PJ meh ? or u think it is only a step….

  6. LoveReta

    Reta looks … HAWT

  7. That’s in the Prima Setapak area!! I should try the mee next time, very near my school nia!

  8. I miss my Taman Sentosa Jawa MEE!!!!


  10. I’m from Setapak and frequent Sky Restaurant.. but I didn’t know there’s a Java mee stall!

  11. frostier

    wtf? u come to setapak nvr find me?
    btw, SKY also got very nice Smooth Chicken Hor Fun

  12. wah…u mentioned satay and jawa mee..i hv been to all. yes i totally agree with what u blogged…

    some recommendation:
    bak kut teh…can consider of dynasty hote there (morning and evening diff ppl)

    dai chao – behind tawakal also nice, with the fried fish paste

    fried bei ge – last time old rediffussion (jln pahang) got quite nice one. some said ok only. i think worth makan la.

    KY: yah i will definately try the bak kut teh near dynasty hotel at jalan ipoh, housemate told me it’s nice too. Thanks for the pointers

  13. siape stalker niiiiiiiii

    KY: the price to pay for being cute, padan muka. πŸ˜›

  14. KY: it’s your map corrector again…this time you got the mahameru-tun razak thingy correct πŸ˜‰

    eh, sorry if i bugged you on that two comments πŸ˜‰

  15. doesn’t look tempting at all..

  16. jolene,
    The pictures were not particularly good, but do try the actual food. πŸ˜€

  17. If you are in Penang one day, must go to Sentosa Corner @BM for the Jawa Mee, really good!

    • are you from BM? lol I’m from Penang island.

      • Yes, I’m from BM and currently working in KL, staying in Seri Kembangan area. Most of the time I hunt for food over the weekends but wasted I’m not a food blogger but I do paste up some of the best foods over in my FB album. Heard your ‘famous’ name quite some time, nice meeting you though. πŸ™‚

  18. Went recently…the shop no more there😞

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