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When one talks about satey, undoubtedly msot of you will think of Kajang. However, if you are like me, who thinks that Kajang is bit too far and you agree with the popular sentiment that Kajang satey has gotten abit overrated these days, there’s still hope. Right here at the heart of KL, you can find pretty awesome and very affordable satey.

Ampang Satey

I was originally introduced to this particular joint by the chow Ah Beng, Galvin Tan, a couple years ago. So when we were stuck at KL traffic on the way back from KLCC just the other day, I suggested that we settle for dinner there. We ordered some 20 Chicken sateys (from my past exprience the beef satey wasn’t very great) and a couple ketupats for the 3 of us.

Ampang Satey

The satey is very juicy and not overly done. The satey sauce (peanut based) is pretty much free flow, for the chili lovers, you can add sambal to the sauce, too. The ketupat, well, tastes like how ketupat should, soft and blunt, but goes well with the satey and sauce. With 3 drinks, the total came to be about RM 14 or so, less than RM 5 per person for light dinner. Pretty good deal, not to mention it’s rather tasty too.

Other than satey, the restaurant sells other cook to serve Malay food, such as various types of fried rice, nasi paprid, and so forth. However, satey is their main speciality and pretty much ordered by every customer. Give it a try, and save some money on toll and petrol by not having to go to Kajang.

Here’s how you get there, bla!
Map to Ampang Satey

The place is just opposite Menara Celcom. If you are using Lebuhraya Mahameru going towards Ampang direction, make sure you don’t go up to the elevated portion of the highway. Take the left turn instead.

note: it’s bulatan Pahang, instead of Kuantan. hehe

GPS: 3.167828, 101.713759

Discuss : KY eats – Ampang Satey

  1. 1st.

    look yummy

  2. Or you just eat proper Haji Kajang satay in Uptown like me, cos it’s nearer than both and just as good.

    Will blog about it later.

    KY: weell, cos we were in KL anyway

  3. Dude, bulatan Kuantan or Bulatan Pahang?

  4. LOL.
    KY is the new RoadWorks Minister.

    He just changed the Bulatan’s name.

  5. LOl check out the celcom noob logo! best!

  6. mmmmm… n00b logo… yum. A bit cacated… Perfect.

  7. Retroactively and additionally, if you attempted the Porsche logo of the Mahathir’s son’s Porsche showroom at the corner, that would be even more perfect. Viva la Stuttgart!

  8. Am glad you like the satay here too, I thought I was the only one who knew abt it.

  9. You can also try the satay at Taman TAR, Ampang. Along those stalls right b4 the RSPCA. In front of 7 – 11. Very very good.

  10. typo on Lebuhraya Mahameru dude.

    by the way, it’s more appropriate to put Jalan Tun Razak, instead of Mahameru..

  11. kimberlycun

    bulatan kuantan ???????? ROTFLOL

  12. hehehe, I can’t spell. =/

  13. KY reconsider the fuel hike la

  14. foodcrazee

    hmmm, beef not nice meh ?

  15. dude, it’s jalan tun razak and not lebuhraya mahameru!

  16. New Malaysian

    Dude, theres a Hj Samuri (something sounds like that, the Kajang origin) is just near the Platinum Victory Condo, nearby TAR College….

  17. try out the satay within the pasar dato’ keramat compound – parking is pretty much a stressful experience but it’s within walking distance from the datok keramat putra lrt station neways.

    last i tried it (circa 2003) it was good (kajang satay IS overrated)

    but i only eat those made by my relatives ever since. nuthin beats home cooked satay kehkeh – one of these days, if i ever host me own gathering, i’ll invite u to hv a taste.

  18. haji samuri is all over the place la…there is one at uptown…one at sg buluh rnr…

    there is even one at Sungai Besar…saw it when i was cycling to lumut in december…

  19. […] The tempura were pretty good, crispy and fresh. There’s your usual lady’s finger, yam, pumpkin, fish, and prawn. Teriyaki is served on a stick ala satey style. Do remember to try their beef teppanyaki, they are excellent, I almost died from stomach explosion trying to down the last few of those beef cubes, but it was all worth it. […]

  20. […] The portion of a single satay is not very big here, probably about half the size of those huge Ampang satay, but the taste is different. The pork goes well with their marinate tastes of turmeric and some other sauces that I obviously don’t know (probably their trade secret). The liver though, can be a little dry, but still pretty good. The chicken satay did not disappoint either. […]

  21. […] Another equally good satay place can be found at Ampang, but only offering chicken and beef satays. If you’re into some non-halal pork satay, try Kedai Satay Xiang Ji at Melaka. […]

  22. like ur info very much. how about rabbit? is it available there? tq

  23. liah,
    I think they don’t have rabbit satey in Ampang, only at Haji Samuri though. 🙂

  24. I dunno why this satay from Restoran Mulia is overrated.

    I am really not satisfy with the taste. Haji Samuri taste anytime better.

  25. Thanks for the map. That is the worst hand-edited map ever.

  26. restoran o mulia. discovered it in 2002. was featured in the star some years ago. i think it closed down last year to make way for some blasted mrt station.

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