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This is the first time I appear in the newspaper (with my name on it and spelled correctly, too.) If you happen to have a copy of Kosmo dated 23/2/2006, turn to Rencana Utama page 19, now!

Koi Pond - KY Interviewed by Kosmo Newspaper
cool or not?

The article talks about Koi and I was one of the keepers interviewed. One of the reasons yours truely was chosen is the fact that most Koi keepers are not exactly young. I guess I gave them a fresher face, as I quote this gem

“Kecantikan ikan koi membuatkan ramai insan yang terpesona dan ingin memeliharanya sebagai hobi. Salah seorangnya ialah anak muda, Teoh Kar Yeong.”


“The beauty of Koi fish captures the heart of many and makes them want to keep koi as hobby. One of them is the young man, T### K## Y####.”

Interesting isn’t it? There was no link to this blog, however, my best guess is that some of the entries posted might not be very halal for the target audience of Kosmo, a Malay newspaper. Now if only we had started the whole rowing thing before the reporters left..

Discuss : Koi Pond – Look ma I’m in the Newspaper!

  1. “anak mudah” means easy boy you know. 😛


  2. kimberlycun

    walaneh, celeb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kekekkeke anak muda? OMG perasan lah u

  3. “anak muda”


    Pi tengok cermin sikit lar, adik oi!

  4. Hello Teoh Kar Yeong,
    femes already dont forget us, k?

  5. Congrats dude.

  6. anak muda .. woooooo .. anyway grats xD

  7. the newspapers are reading our blogsssssss

    *hides all the sex/men/drugs scandals*


    but looks like fun the paper.. have you framed it up? har har

  8. kay yeong? -_-”



  9. foodcrazee

    hehehehehe! beh sai hau lian ar

  10. bravvooo bravooooo…

    can i have your autograph … puh puh puhllezzz

  11. dude. but did you tell them koi is best over slow fire

    KY: .I.

  12. dragoncity

    not bad man…summore the pic got zoom in one…hehe

  13. KY femes! KY femes!

  14. looks like they spell your name wrong under the picture…

    KY: Name in article’s correct, but not caption under the pic, great editorial work.. hehe

  15. Haha. I saw that articles..

    Steady dude.

  16. kay yeong…still still better than Horny…
    u made us proud…i’m gonna rush down to the stall and buy that paper….mom’s gonna be proud….
    tabik to me bro….

  17. “gay young”

  18. Dabido (Teflon)

    Congrats KY. Well done.

    For those who can’t read Malayu the story says something like this (there may be a slight inaccuracy here and there due to my limited Malayu experience – ie I know about ten words) Anyway, here it is:

    Man turns into Koi.

    After being bitten by a biologically enhanced spider, and bombarded with gamma rays, Kay Yeong turned huge muscular and green, climbed a wall like a spider then fell into a koi pond.

    Upon kitting the water, eye witnesses said he immediately turned into a Koi. They fished him out with a net with the intent of frying him up, when he suddenly turned into a geek.

    Inset – picture of Kay Yeong BEFORE turnin into Koi.
    Large Pic – Kay Yeong AFTER turning into a Koi.

    Pictures & News at Eleven.

    [As I said, there may be one or two slight inaccuracies. KY can correct them for me] 🙂

  19. mel,
    wat to do with horny pula?????

  20. aiyooo got u on the paper but u never thank me also 🙁 sianz

    by the way, nice pic!!

    KY: cos your online identity is like, so secrative!

  21. horny,
    cos ur’s is the ultimate ‘wrong spelling of a person’s name’
    as u can see…horny means…horny…
    kay is just…kay…its not even a word…
    kay yeong or kar yeong…still sound good…as long as its not gay yeong…

  22. mel,
    horny is something to thanks to Kay Yeong/kar yeong/gay yeong/ky jelly.
    he who introduce other to this name…
    if the name is wrong, then he is the one who make it wrong :p

  23. but your fish is like teh fat omg

  24. LoL, hello Mr. T### K## Y####….sounds like Gay Yeong to me …LOL

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  26. Horny,
    Well….my bro is doing some free promo for you…
    See…how famous u r now…? Horny…

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