Xaviera, one of our badminton partners msg me last weekend and mentioned the opening ceremony at the much talked about Sentul Park Koi Center, having read from wantan production that it is a place I would probably love to go, we decided to give it a try on the rainy and lazy Sunday afternoon.

Sentul Park Koi Center
look at em lovely jumbo kois!

Compare to other Koi farms around Klang Valley and Penang, the Sentul Park Koi Center is a completely different concept altogether, and a rather good one at that. The place is located in the quiet Sentul West, a high class residential development by the YTL group. Other than the Koi Farm, the center boosts a restaurant by 2 huge koi ponds of basketball court size, a learning center, and beautiful zen garden. The entrace is a very nicely done bamboo forest set up, much like scenery in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Sentul Park Koi Center
prime minister Pak Lah spotted!

As the center is still quite new, there aren’t many fish in the main pond yet, perhaps only around 2 dozens jumbo (over 2 feet) kois. The farm has a few dozen cement tanks with kois of various sizes. However, since it was an opening and everyone was rather busy, there was no opportunity to get information on the pricing of their fish.

Sentul Park Koi Center
there was a koi competition too

We didn’t have the chance to try out the Yuritei Japanese Restaurant by the huge koi pond due to the ceremony. However, the menu looks pretty tempting, and very reasonably priced at 15-20+ for a set entry. Sentul Park Koi Center is definately a place to visit even for the non enthusiasts, for a Koi keeper, it’s a definate must.

Map to Sentul Park Koi Center
as always, my excellent map

Their official site is at www.sentulpark-koi.com

KY – Sentul Park Koi Center

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