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One of the restaurant that I frequent whenever feeling like eating something not particulary heavy or spicy is the fishball noodle soup by Atria, at Damansara Jaya. The shop is called “Kedai Makan Teow Chew”, which bears no hint on what they serve at all. However, the cooking station that is much like a hawker stall sits right at the entrance, so you can’t miss it.

Fishball noodle soup by Atria, Damansara Jaya

The restaurant is set up much like a one-stall kopitiam, the biggest difference is that it is air conditioned. Though without a door, the air conditioning mainly prevents hungry ghosts from dying of heat rather than creating a really cozy environment. No complaints there though.

Fishball noodle soup is actually the most basic dish they serve. Instead of fishball, you can always choose to have oyster, yong tou fu, pomphret, big prawns, and even abalone (not exactly sure if they really have it) as the main ingredient. They also serve mee hun, mee suah, and kuih teow other than noodle. You get to choose if you want your noodle (or mee hun, etc) to be served dry, or together with the main ingredient in the soup.

Fishball noodle soup by Atria, Damansara Jaya

Their fishball has a really nice and bouncy texture while tasting pretty good too. The other item that you must try is the fish cake. They fry it fresh and serves hot, I have seen people ordering quite alot of those raw for take-away to party and stuff. Tastes great. The restaurant is a couple ringgit pricier than similiar dish at a normal kopitiam, but the slightly better environment and tastes make up for it.

Fishball noodle soup by Atria, Damansara Jaya
did you want to ask about the location?

Jalan SS 22/21
Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.128320, 101.616910

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  1. aw..i miss this eating place. i used to live in DJ during my college years.

  2. hmm.. bouncy fishball.. reminds me of that Si-tai-fan-chow (Stephen Chow) movie.. 🙂

  3. foodcrazee

    pass by and didnt really stop to have a look. Thought it was another kopitiam ler.

  4. ShaolinTiger

    It’s ok, prefer the fishcake to the fishballs though. Nothing to shout about, as you say, nice if you want something pretty plain.

  5. That dude in blue shirt is my neighbour. Yes, they really do have abalones.

  6. That shop has been around for a long time. I remember going there when I was in elementary school. My uncle loved the food there. I thought the soup was sort of bland for my taste. I guess it’s healthier compared to the msg loaded noodle soups out there. Btw, their abalones are canned ones and come in a measly portions.

  7. Like fish cakes! Yum! Another fishball noodle soup (or dry) place that’s nice is at Tmn Taynton View, Cheras.

  8. can play pingpong with the fishballs? 😀

  9. […] This restaurant is not very different from the Fishball Noodle soup place in Damansara Jaya (next to Atria). Both serves fishball noodle soup, fish cake, a few different yong tau foo, and so on. However, one noted difference is that they also offer curry soup instead of just plain soup and dried version for the noodle (see picture below.) […]

  10. […] Ever since I moved to Klang Valley I have been wanting to find a decent kueh teow soup, one of my favorite dishes that you can find just about anywhere in Penang. Now there are many decent fish ball noodle soup around here such as the 60s Teow Chew fishball, and the other one in Damanasara Jaya, however, the ingredients are slightly different from a true kueh teow soup. A true Penang style kueh teow soup comes with fishball, sliced fish cake, chicken strips, sliced pork, and vege to go with the kueh teow (or your choice of noodle). […]

  11. […] Other places nearby Atria are the iThai restaurant, and the fishball noodle soup place. Have a good meal! Related Posts: […]

  12. KY.. Fully agree with you that PJ Old Town kway teow teng is the best in PJ. You may want to try Jalan MaharajaLela just a few lots before Chinese Assembky Hall (opp. Merdeka stadium). Just turn in at right junction and you can see the stall. This is not as Penang style as PJ Old Town,,,Peter

  13. peterpan,
    hey thanks for the tips! 😀

  14. […] The cuttle fish pancake, on the other hand, is easily one of my favorites for the day. Firm texture with a slightly crunchy skin and that savory taste of cuttle fish. It was very very nice, even better than those very good fish cakes from, for example, the fish ball soup place near Atria. […]

  15. Try fishball bee hoon soup at Medan Selera Kelana Jaya. Keep the shop houses (with 7-11,KFC,Giant,Baker’s Cottage…etc) on your left and keep going straight,after baker’s cottage on your left will be a entrance to the indoor parking(same lot as KFM).I prefer to go around and park along the sides though…The fishball noodle stall is at the back,near the projector.

    Very clean and home cooked taste…soothes the soul..mmm.I also tried the Mee jawa from same stall.Honestly not easy to find authentic mee jawa like that!For drink i ordered a big orange juice.Value for money..RM5 for super big glass (2 people can share) and the juice is thick ! Wifi also super fast! Food cost about RM4 a bowl.

  16. […] Hehe, stole this pic from KY eats (here). […]

  17. You should try the “cong yu porridge”! That is their signature!

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