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Sheryl told me about the new Jogoya Japanese Buffet Restaurant that has recently just opened their latest branch in Starhill, KL. Since I was feeling really hungry that very day, I convinced her to dine there with me after reading several articles written about it from local newspaper sites such as this one from The Star.

Jogoya Japanese Buffet at StarHill KL
located at the posh Starhill Gallery

Jogoya is actually a Taiwan based company, having a number of branches in it’s country of origin, a very successful and recognisable name there. Stepping in their the newest establishment brought a sense of awe. The place is simply huge, with capacity of over 550 guests, and the buffet selection at least 4-5 times bigger than Avanti at Sunway Resorts.

Jogoya Japanese Buffet at StarHill KL
huge selection of choices

There are numerous buffet lines, the Japanese sushi and sashimi station, Chinese dishes, dim sum and seafood soup, western seafood, indian delicacies, tepanyakki and stir fry seafood, juice and drinks, and desserts. There is enough selection for every picky eater. If suan only try each item a spoonful, you can probably still feed her 5 times over before repeating with the first item, FA, maybe 10 times.

Jogoya Japanese Buffet at StarHill KL
start off with some japanese seafood, sashimi and tempura

I started out with some awesome sashimi including sake(salmon), amaebi (sweet shrimp), and surf clam, worked my way through some raw oysters and oyster soup, then came king crab soup, some fried clams, stuffed crab with shrimp and butter, and salmon roe handroll. Not to be outdone, tried some french style fried butter prawn, shrimp tempura, fried pomphret fish, and even tomyam soup. By the third hour or so, I was feeling pretty stuffed, ended the meal with some “gwai leng gou” as desserts and a cup of cappucino to wash away the taste of watermelon, guava, and honeydew juice that I had.

Jogoya Japanese Buffet at StarHill KL
fried seafood and some awesome soup

Overall it was a very good dining experience. While the price (from RM 68++ to RM 88++ depending on time) might be slightly towards the higher end. The selection and quality of food more than make up for it. In fact, I went there again with my mom and brother a week later when they were at KL.

Jogoya Japanese Buffet at StarHill KL
dessert and drinks

Jagoya is located at 3rd floor, StarHill Gallery. Business hour is from 11am to 2am, call them at 03-2142 1268 if you want to book a table or something.. You are also welcome to spend me a meal there, hehe.

GPS: 3.147790, 101.713588

Update 16/2/2006: A noted difference at Jogoya is the availability of freshly made to order dishes. You are given 3 clips with your table number to be dropped the little bowl labelling the dish offered at the buffet line. Few minutes later the server will return your clip with the freshly prepared dish you “ordered”. You never run out of clips.

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  1. I like how you use FA and Suan as measuring devices.

    Like for recipes maybe you could say “pour enough vinegar for a Suan”.

  2. kimberlycun


  3. I wonder..

    they should pay you for pimping their restaurant ler…

    and making them look good.

    Don’t u get a VIP Card or something?

  4. you can never pour enough vinegar for a suan

  5. why never bring me out makan THERE huh? bwahahaha 😛

  6. Wah lau eh, another japanese buffet restaurant? I’ll go try it if it is still open when I finally get back home. Anyhow, ever tried Shogan/Saisaki or Oishi (before it closed)?

  7. Jom Suan. We go.

  8. u didn’t try their Sake?

  9. you had me drooling . plentiful of choices ! must give a try . my regular jap buffet is at Xenri. ever heard of it ? its small but they have all my favorite jap delicacy there. most important is all raw food are damn fresh !

  10. wuah best food review i ever read!!!

  11. foodcrazee

    lau chui nuah liao !

  12. saisaki jap buffet also got.. if i manage to spell it right.. i think near equatorial hotel..

  13. I just went there yesterday for late lunch and it was FABULOUS!! Am going to arrange something – like a get together and makan time soon so we can sit in the private rooms. :)))))

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  16. Hey to those tried saisaki/oishi/shogan, this is defintely better. trust me, at least it is not like market st with ppl shouting here n there!

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  19. The smoking room is so relaxing.

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  23. […] They have alot of food stuff for sale. You can get the instant Ginseng Chicken soup with the whole chicken come in the pack (I think Jogoya serves this too), Korean instant noodle, fresh kimchi, Korean green tea, confectionaries, drinks, and so forth. As do most things from Isetan, the price isn’t cheap, but most of the items do look great. […]

  24. shita shita

  25. […] While not as big and lavish as Jogoya at Starhill, Nippah CoffeeHouse does pack an impressive array of buffet lines. There is a raw and salad bar, with oysters, clams, and other cold dishes. A grill bar with grilled fish, oyster mornay, satey, steak, and seafood thermidor. Then there’s the local dish area with various types of curry and other local cuisine such as beef rendang and crab with curry sauce (highly recommended). There are also a line offering raw food for steamboat, and also a dessert bar. […]

  26. Kudos!I am planning my love’s birthday dinner and your complete review on this restaurant has really save a lot of time for me as I can already see how good the food is and also how classy the place is. With this kind of selection, I think the price is fairly reasonable. I have paid up to RM300 for Japanese food at Kampachi Equatorial KL when had I gone to Sushi King, maybe it would cost nothing more than RM100! The food was fantastic of course, and no way Sushi King can come close to that kind of quality.

  27. I dunno man….
    I think I’m getting too old for buffets – stomach lining cannot stretch so much already.

    When I went ot Jogoya I felt like it wasn’t worth it because I couldn’t eat enough to make the RM88++ price worth it and the food isn’t THAT great as compared to a nice ala carte Japanese dinner at my favourite Jap restaurants.

    Of course, it’s very good as compared to other jap buffets.
    So, definately fantastic for gluttons.

  28. cuteCuTeBaBiE..

    i planing to go jogaya in my coming birthday end of this month….
    but i only can make it at lunch time..will lunch and dinner’ food is same??
    or dinner food might slightly more than lunch??
    hehe.. who can answer me??

  29. SUmMeRLifE

    i’m planning for my bf’s birthday dinner, he like japanese food and i’m still wondering where to bring him…shogun or Jogoya…shogun of course the price is cheaper but i like the jagoya environment….or any other great place? please help…the Birthday is coming….^O^

  30. I love the place and the foods are looking neat. Although some seafood serving in this restaurant are not so fresh. Especially those cater for VIP customers. Overall, I giving 7 out of 10 to this restaurant in their services and foods

  31. I went there 2 Saturdays ago. The setting of the place is good and it is huge but the quality of food and presentation of the food is average only, much to my dissappointment. The most horrible food that I have eaten are the dim sums and the rest are really average. Service is particularly not very good as half the time I could not understand what their staffs are saying and at one moment in time there was a group of staffs gathered together chatting and cursing with all the vulgarity that we normally encounter in places like Pudu market or a coffee shop. What made it worse was although it is located inside Starhill and it is suppose to be in the higher end, you find some of the patrons dressed in singlets, shorts and slippers. This really bring down the image of the place and the price is not cheap either. No I would not go back there again to patronise. Presentation of food is very important for buffet.

  32. To Summerlife,

    My suggestion ( if you can fork out the money ), try Kampachi at Equatorial KL. Good luck and bring lots of money.

  33. basically i love the foods and drink in Jogoya, but the charges for children are not very fair as the Japanese Restaurant doesn’t count the age…but the height of children. Imagine my little brother only at age 9 years old need to pay for the adult prices RM88++ due to his height. Is it fair? Is it worth it????

  34. cutiebade

    Nice place, food is good and fresh. didn’t tried the Dim Sum so…duno good or not. My advice is go there in a group of six so that you stomach has more space for other goodies since they serve a good portion for each dish ordered.

  35. Hai there,
    I love Japanese food just want to know whether all foods halal or no?
    If it is so i would love to be there also and try your meals.


  36. Wani,

    I believe Jogoya is Halal. You can call them up to verify too. The number is 03-2142 1268

  37. anyway, how much for one person in Jagoya for the buffet?





  40. Anyway Thanx June…that is so cheap…we can eat whatever we want…that is so unbelieveable… 🙂

  41. After hearing how good Jogoya was, my family and I decided to try it out. It was such a disappointment. The food SUCKS big time and it is way too PRICEY. It is not an authentic Japanese buffet. It sort of a mixture of Taiwanese, Chinese, Indian and Japanese. Though the ambience is good for couples and group gathering as they have special rooms. Will not be going there again. First time is enough for me.

  42. pls send the locatin map at starhill kl for mi tq~~

  43. Sabrina,

    You are probably the exception rather than the rule. Though it’s not exactly 100% authentic Japanese food, and didn’t raelly claim to be one, I feel that the food was of pretty good quality and the setting was very nice. As for the price, it was expensive, but I’d still say it’s worth the money.

  44. There’s not quality at all in their food. Their oysters, though they are fresh, but they are too big. The best oysters are the medium sizes. And who uses lime instead of lemon on oysters? I’m surprised they don’t have free flow of unagi like what they have at Saisaki. Though we’d have to order through the counter and I’ve tasted it and it’s not good at all. And KY have you tried the Buddha jump over the wall? Try it and let me know what you think? I forgot to mention, they keep sending the wrong food to the wrong table.

  45. bratwursts

    hey sabrina,

    Is the food real bad or you’re too demanding?
    i think’s alrite for the price, afterall, it’s year 2006 and you’re dining in starhill, look, a plate of mixed rice across the street with 2 vg and a meat cost aout 4 and a drink? let’s say 5….i would say is still worth paying per pax to dine.
    Most importantly, no matter how bad as what you’ve stated, they still manage to pay a rent in starhill and have outlets all over the taiwan..
    look! the benjamin’s matter end of the day. Take it easy, if you can’t afford, maybe sushi king’s good for you.
    By the way, it’s fusion the trend now and who’s to determine oysters cant eat with lime? Pizza hut has ‘kong pau’ pizza too! Let Loose YO!

  46. Nice food and nice environment!!!!!!!Must try!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Oh my god…awesome..oh wow!! totally freaked me out.. i mean right on.. i am gonna go to eat later.. thank for the mother earth to providing the delicious “oishi” foods like these… i can’t stand it.. sugoi…

  48. Oysters are too big…prefer smaller ones. Big does not necessary means fresh and good. They charge so expensive but they make you wait outside until you pay your meals first. Common, you should let your guest seat frist and then you get your waitress to the table to get the bills settled. Common sense to customer satisfaction….

    Another thing, the waiting time for the food to arrivve at your table is too long during the peak hours. Sometimes you have even forgot that you ordered. And they keep sending some wrong orders to the wrong table.

    Although the food is of high quality, the replenishment is too slow for some items. If you are new to the environment, you need some time to get used to which food is placed where.

    Anyway, I would rate the place above average….but they sure got lots to learn to retain their customers as they frist impression for me outside was bad.

  49. try this Okuchi Japanese Restaurant @ Dataran Sunway

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  51. Sabrina and Bernard are on to something. Big in size does not always equate to big in taste. The oysters Jogoya serves may be fresh, but they don’t really rate highly in terms of taste. I had the oyster there when I first went to Jogoya in Feb 06, and never had it since. Rock oysters taste much better, and with lemon and never lime.

    The dim sum/soupy broth area = terrible. The crab porridge is abysmally tasteless. In fact, anything from that section pretty much is drowned in a thin, tasteless broth.

    The sashimi’s not too bad, but then again, they only have to worry about freshness. Sizes have gone remarkably small. And the sushi rice is terribly hard these days. I do like it when they have butterfish though.

    The only real yummy things these days would be the grilled cod, some cold appetisers and most of the dessert section, especially those almond biscuits. Also, the other day, the VIP card allowed for the 4 type sushi roll, which was quite nice.

    Service was better the first couple of times last year, but recently it’s all downhill. And who goes to a buffet with a pricing like this to eat bacon sandwiches?!?

  52. though it’s pricey…but i bet it’s better than shogun(worst ever buffet restaurant)

  53. adakah semua makanan di situ dijamin halal?

  54. chin lee foon

    I hear this rest. from my friend. I how per personel & businees hours

  55. yea,went for a couple of times,damn nice..quite class no doubt and perfect finger-licking food~worth it,rated for 5 stars!!

    going there tonight again..haha,juz drop by for the number to make reservation,missed out the number.

  56. YEah! im coming soon…… with my lovely gal fren 🙂

  57. erm…im going wv my gf in 2 days…for dinner…how much do i need 2 prepare…n if possible…can i pre-book a couple’s room and is there a couple room?

  58. Yhan,

    Don’t think that should be a problem, you can just call them up.

  59. erm KY…how about da pricing?

  60. Yhan,

    It’s close to RM 100 for dinner after the ++ , lunch is RM 10 cheaper if I remember correctly. 🙂

  61. erm KY
    sry for disturbing
    but which floor is jogoya located?
    is it hard 2 search for?

  62. 3rd or 4th I think, pretty easy to find anyway. good luck!

  63. ky,
    may i noe wat is their operation hours?

  64. pink,

    from early morning till late at night I believe. 🙂

  65. naomi wong

    Jogoya is a nice place,food,drinks or services is nice..I went there with boyfren during my birthday this year.We had a sweet memory in that restaurant.Next month is my mum’s birthday and our families tend to go there for dinner.But is it possible to get a private room without any charges?

  66. naomi,

    I think you can just call them up to book the room. There’s no extra charges if I remember correctly. 🙂

  67. Is there any difference in food choices offered during (i) lunch, (ii) late lunch, (iii) dinner, and (iv) supper?

  68. Alice,

    I think the dinner menu is slightly more lavished while the lunch and late lunch aren’t. However, the difference is minute anyway. There is a price difference between different time period though.

  69. I received a lot of good comments about Jogoya, saying that the food server there is nice and good. So i decided to go there for dinner with my bf during my birthday. Both of us like Jap food very much. But to our surprise, the food served there actually not as we expected. Can u imagine a having Jap food without tuna as sashimi? To us, this is the 1st NO. Then lets talk about the butter fish, it’s watery. The second thing is, where is the california roll, tempura? Not to mention that black pepper used as ingredient for tepanyaki dish. The oyster is just OK. It was such a dissapointment plus it it PRICEY. I would rate it below average. I went to Shogun last night, and I personally think that Shogun serves better than Jogoya. Although the food variety not as much as Jogoya, but at least the food quality is OK and not so pricey.

  70. MC,

    I kinda agree with you. It was very good the first time I went there when they just opened. Recently the quality has been lacking, been months since I last went there.

  71. […] Even after the 50% discount, the bill came to around RM 200. However, it was really a dining experience that is worth every cent. They serve buffet lunch on Sunday for around the same price as Jogoya I believe. I must bring the hot chick there one of these days. […]

  72. better goto there n try it oh… rite

  73. disapointed gals

    we r so disapointed coz we unable to book tis 2th yrs anniversary promotion….!:(

    we’re call to make the booking for 3days, but everytime the phone is engaged o nobody answer the phone althought we cal from morning to nite

    we hope tht jagayo wil having the 2nd promotion again……!

    we r too sad…!

  74. Good. I like to search for good place.. so far i find this is a good place, good environment.. i like the food too..

  75. Good. I like to search for good place.. so far i find this is a good place, good environment.. i like the food too..
    Im going there again next week and it was my bf birthday…. : )
    But the dissapointment is I cant manage to get a place for dinner so I book for late lunch.. oh well, its still okay..

  76. i love sashimi so much….will go jogoya tomorrow…duno whether the food really not as good as shogun?or sushi king?
    erm….nvm..juz wait n c…

  77. JY Lim,

    Definitely better than Sushi King, I haven’t had Shogun though

  78. erm….sashimi from shogun n sushi king also better than jogoya…i curious y dun hv the white meat tuna as sashimi…the salmon also not as well as i expect..tat’s wat i feel disappointed…sigh..very disappionted..
    but the cod fish, tiramishu, ice-cream n the baked oyster still ok…the most satify me is the cod fish n ice cream only..jogoya hv variety if compare wif shogun…but i still prefer to go shogun n sushi king..
    btw..y the oyster wif lime?

  79. JY Lim,

    I guess there are people who like to squeeze lime or maybe they ran out of lemon? To me Jogoya’s standard has dropped a bit since they first opened 2 years ago

  80. I went to Jagoya with my friends on 11 Dec 2007. It was a real disppointment which we have to que up at 1:40pm until 2pm for payment.
    The food was disppointing. There were no salmon, unagi which is such a normal Japanese food.
    Although, there’s 50% discount, the food became 50% gone.
    The food that we ordered came cold all the time when it was served. The refill of food was rather slow until we need to check on it several times.

    Not recommendable at all!
    From my opinion, if Jagoya could not serve good food, it’s best they do not offer 50% discount for their anniversary.

    I’ve tried Shin Nichi and Shogun which was much better. Shin Nichi served baked cheese oyster, generous serving of salmon, mini Buddha jump over the wall was served as well.

  81. I been there last weekend…
    Their food serving are quite nice, delicious.BUT we notice that their shrimps are not fresh enough!There have bad smell.By the way, it still costed expensive.Anywhere i felt that satisfied to the other food.May be the duration can be extend till 4hours, bcoz sumtimes v hav to wait for food and clips, it waste my time.Apart from that, Jogoya hav a quite enviroment there since v like the feeling playing with Japanese songs…

  82. little cutie

    I had tried Jagoya , a bit disapointed, expensive and the food not so nice..
    I went to another Japanese buffet at Subang Taipan USJ, Agefuku Restaurant, Affordable and delicious!!
    Saturday buffet dinner
    RM45++ (6.30pm – 10pm)

    Sunday buffet lunch
    RM40++ (11.30am-2.30pm)

    RM25++ (Age between 5 to 11 years old)

    Agefuku Japanese Restaurant
    59, Jln USJ 10/1,
    Taipan Triangle,
    47620 UEP Subang Jaya

  83. little cutie,
    Unfortunately I have to agree with you that the standard of jogoya has came down quite a bit since they were first opened.

  84. My family and I ate at Jagoya last Saturday.

    Unfortunately, 4 of us (out of a party of 10) came down with food poisoning.

    No doubt that variety offered was good, but sadly, the quality of food is poor. 🙁

  85. John,
    Wow, looks like the quality really came down that much?

  86. sherlyn

    As comment by John on 5th June 2008, we facing the same problem. We total have 16 ppls went on 31st May (Saturday) and 12 of us having food poisoning.

    Be aware, the food poisoning is not immediately or after 4 hours can detect, but 12 of us detect it after 24 hours, we all vomiting and diarrhea.

    Few of my relative went to Phuket after the Jogoya dinner, and they can’t enjoy the trip because of the food at Jogoya.

    I would like to bring this attention to the retaurant management, please keep your food clean and fresh!

  87. sherlyn,
    That’s horrible, did you complain?

  88. i didn’t send complaint letter but i wrote commetns on their website.

    i think i should write an official complaint letter to them….

  89. sherlyn,
    I think that might be helpful. You’re not the only one to leave a negative comment on this post with regards to food poisoning problem. 😉

  90. Hi, my family and I went on the afternoon of 29th of June 2008, and on the 30th, 3 of the 5 of us showed symptoms of diarrhea or serious vomiting. I had to take MC today because I was vomiting nonstop the day after Jogoya.

  91. Lisa,
    I think you should take up the complain to Jogoya, it seems like you are not alone in this case.

  92. sherlyn

    I have post my complaint to the management and they request me to give doctor’s report, because the management want to see the proof and not only complaint via letter.

    i haven’t give my report, probably will settle this week.

    they shd pay more attention on this case which lots of ppl start complaint on the food quality.

  93. sherlyn,
    I agree, I haven’t been there for quite a long time already. It seems like the quality has gone down a bit isn’t it.

  94. donguri

    Jogoya’s kitchen is out of control!!
    Our 5 employees went there 30th June and 4 people become food poisoning after 24 hours!!

    So now our company is out of control.

    We suspect this food poisoning comes from Oyster
    and virus name is SRSV(Small Round Structured Virus)…this virus become active after 24-48 hours.

    Take care of raw oyster…

  95. donguri,
    Ooo, thanks for sharing this to the readers.

  96. Well, Jogoya & Shogun, which one nicer? Which shall i choose since i din’t visit both before and im planning to hv the very 1st nice buffet with my dear? Jus hope not to get diarrhea/vomit for my first date….

  97. Fishie,
    I haven’t heard very good things about Shogun. Anyway you could also try Momo or RakuZen at Chulan Square. 🙂

  98. I went to Jogoya last Saturday, since my friend would like to surprise me with a place she called a heaven for food and enjoyable. True to her words, OMG there were so many varieties that even I have yet to taste all of it. The oysters were fresh. Actually, I was so afraid to eat raw oyster since I couldn’t handle it the last time that I had an unlucky experience with a bad small & taste of it. Surprisingly, the taste is good and I didn’t have a problem eating it even though it’s quite big from the normal oyster I’ve seen. Overall, I’m satisfied and Jogoya had given me a good and lingering 1st time impression. I’ve planned to go there again with my niece and friend and try to have all the varieties that I haven’t tried yet. Woohoo…can’t wait to go there again!!! 🙂

  99. MtehLi,
    I guess your experience is a bit different from the other commenters recently. Good thing, good thing. 😀

  100. another japanese restaurant b open at mount kiara…..

  101. sushi,
    Plenty of jap restaurant there already too. 😀

  102. This is the best buffet i’ve never tried.I love buffet especialy japanese food..Eemmm…is worth to have a try

  103. wht time start the buffer dinner n i person who much ar? bcos 11/11 is my 1st anniversay manyb i b go eat! hehee~

  104. what the fucking shit service!
    last monday i called to make a reservation for supper buffet, but the person told me that can just walk in, but saturday night we went to the place, they said all buffet are fully booked!! what the hell!!
    and the receptionist ask us come back at 10pm to queue, what the fuck!! they attitude are bad! no apologize at all!!

    • i know this is a year late, but dude..saturday and sunday NEED to be booked. i have no probs going there before with the service or the call reservation. you just need to be clear of your request(s).

  105. i wan to ask…when got discount and now is wat price?

  106. kent,
    I am not aware of any current discounts.

  107. Has anybody been to Jogoya recently coz i will be going soon this sunday. Hope they still maintain the standard of their food quality and freshness coz this is the 1st time i will be going with my family. It seems no promotion at the moment. So they charge 88 ++ per person for dinner. cheers

  108. went to the restaurant with 2 of my girl friend on 4th march..very disapointed.all of us become food poisoning after few hours.The food is not fresh , all the steam food is cold when it get to the table.
    Pls take note of these.

  109. Fendy Ahmad

    i received a spam on my HP saying jogoya is giving away 50% discount on standard chartered credit card.

    been try to call them, but engaged..

  110. well, i was planing to there this few days…but after I read all this comment.I think I better not to go there.I don’t want to end up in the hospital…..

  111. anonymous

    I can say Jogoya food has no problem.
    There’s no unclean food there.

    The food poisoning cause by unclean food will never happen inside Jogoya.

  112. seksek


    Sorry to say, Jogoya has a problem with the safety of food handling!

    1. Place is not clean.
    2. All food handlers and workers are mostly NOT local. You sure they are trained and understand Safe Food Handling?
    3. Raw food (meant for customers to cook) are left on food counters for a long time, which will lead to higher risks of bacterial growth.
    4. Cooked food is left out too long and the right Food Storage temperature is not kept.
    5. There is at least one rat in the restaurant, coz I saw only ONE last night.
    …need more?

    Scroll down at for the comments.

  113. […] is often compared with Jogoya, the first premium Japanese buffet restaurant not in a hotel to hit KL in early 2006. Personally I […]

  114. We, a party of thirty people and had buffet lunch in Jogoya Japanese Restaurant and twelve people fell seriously ill of food poisoning and one had to be hospitalized. I strongly believe that this restaurant needs a thorough hyginene inspection by the authorities. We launched a complaint and our case was handled by a few unprofessional staff of the restaurant. We did not have any motive of compensation but to issue us a good explanation of food posioning. They even gave use silly reasons like SHOULD NOT TAKE ICE-CREAM AFTER RAW SEA FOOD! Why do they serve ice-cream then? Finally a lady staff called up to say sorry verbally! This is so called a 5-star Japanese Buffet Restaurant! Spit on them! We gave zero-star and never again go to this restaurant!

  115. hmm…

    i have booked sits for two tomorrow nite at JOGOYA… hopefully the food is good and worth it…

  116. Went to jogoya at the 22nd dec and i got to say it is very dissapointing .
    These are the reason
    1) Replenishment : i think that they are very stingy with their food replenishment example Salmon sashimi , Tempura prawns , Oyster

    2)The clips system is slow like shit , 1 handroll took like around 20 minutes and some foods are only for the vips also the serving are patheticly small example : oyster egg and unagi .

    3) they should change the whole dessert and ice cream to self service instead of asking them to take for us .

    I was actually shock of the number of people , its a weekday and it was like 70% full of people . I duno if its the promotion or its the “tong zhi ” festival on that day .

    I definately would not recomend people to go there

  117. Ah Hon,
    Yah i think their quality has taken a dip these days, I haven’t been there for a long time now.

  118. I been there before, food so so only! Nothing much special compare with others buffet style…

  119. I have go dec09 to feb10(around 4 time), but 4 time foods 90% is the same, NOTHING SPECIAL. And, when having the dinner, childen so noisy at front door, like “PASAR MALAM”….. So Bad, is this is 5 star japanese buffet????

  120. Ho,
    oh well..

    yah it’s been pretty average these days.

  121. Buffet girl

    Hi KY, I’m a regular reader of your blog and had tried out several restaurants based on your recommendation. Unfortunately, I did not read the Jogoya comments on your blog before trying out the place yesterday. I heard rave reviews about Jogoya several years back. Please excuse my rather long comment below.

    I’ve toyed with the idea of writing reviews of places I’ve been to every time I travelled; however there was nothing as compelling as this that drove me to write my very first review today.

    I just went to Jogoya for the 50% off promotion for ladies, and it is the worst restaurant I’ve been to. Note, worst restaurant, not just worst buffet. For the first time, I did not pig out at a buffet. I felt embarrassed to have so much food left on my table. My dining partner and I was in fact trying to find something edible, in the end we gave up and settled for a few scoops of Haagen Daz ice cream (which was more melted than usual) and some salmon sashimi (not the freshest) after sampling the food.

    This is why. Almost everything else, especially the meats tasted like it was cooked several days ago, refrigerated and then reheated, or just simply not fresh meats used (detected from the smell, taste and texture), be it the chicken wings, scallops or bamboo clams. You know the dry texture caused by refrigerating rice? That was how the sushi rice was. Deep fried soft shell crab which had to be ordered, twice we ordered and both times the crab was not even warm when served. It was as though it was pre-cooked hours before and served without even reheating.

    The dimsum with seafood mostly smelled so bad that I could not bring myself to eat it. The grilled oysters looked too mushy to be safe for human consumption. There was a sign that claimed “eating milky food with oysters can cause food poisoning due to chemical reaction”. That is was unbelievable as food poisoning is caused by types of bacteria/toxins of bacteria in food that has gone bad or that has been contaminated. What about the common way of cooking oysters, grilled with cheese and cream? Those are milky stuff. I have eaten that in many restaurants and have yet to suffer “food poisoning” or stomach flu. That sign sounds more like a disclaimer should anyone get sick. I cook often and I know when meats are either not fresh or raw meat that have been left unrefrigerated for too long till it has gone bad then cooked.

    Selection wise, Jogoya was sorely lacking authentic Japanese food.

    50% off promo doesn’t mean 50% off good quality, I’ve been to Shogun’s 1Utama 50% off promo, it was as excellent as ever, and Tenji’s Solaris 50% off promo, again the meats and etc were fresh, also Tenji’s Haagen Daz ice cream was not as melted.

    Hygiene wise, some parts of Jogoya smelled, I had to pass the dirty dishes area to my place, it had a strong unpleasant smell (like the area was not washed frequently) which a nice restaurant like this shouldn’t have.

    I’ve eaten buffets at many places in Malaysia and around the region, there was no buffet any worst than my Jogoya’s experience yesterday.

    On an unrelated matter to the food, I believe Jogoya had overcharged me on the 5% Government service tax as well as the 10% service charge (which is not required by law). I came home and scoured through my recent Business Taxation lecture notes on Service Tax. It said service tax is charged based on payment receive, i.e. the actual charge, not the normal price. Apart from that, there was a rule that said if it was on credit on usual trade terms then any settlement discount given based on early payment is disregarded, i.e. then the tax is based on the invoice price. However, this rule does not apply to my situation, as my transaction basis was cash and the discount given is not considered as a settlement discount. Therefore, the tax should have been based on the value I was charged, which was 50% off the normal price. However, my service tax was based on normal / full price and so was the 10% service charge.

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