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I was woke up by Huey Fang this morning for a bad news.. laying on the grass next to the pond was a dead koi. Appearantly jumped out after pondering the thoughts of how it would be like to live out of water, perhaps inspired by some old school Chinese stories like the Monkey God, thinking that it too, can become a god. blargh.

Dead Koi Shiro Utsuri
omgwtfbbq.. sien

The koi was a shiro utsuri, we like to call it the cow, since it’s got the New Zealand cow’s spots, but not a dalmation’s, mind you. White background and black pattern. I got this koi from the farm at Kelana Jaya near the small Giant. Right opposite of the excellent steamed rice place. The final price too, was haggled with the help of FA‘s mom, how cool was that?

Dead Koi Shiro Utsuri
14″ already you know!

From some 10″ this fella grew up to 14″, a decent size for a beautiful koi.. now dead. A very sad day indeed. I lowered the water level by 2″ and might set up some form of barrier, perhaps sacrify some asthetics to safety.. We’ll see. This is the 2nd occasion, few months ago a black and orange koi simply dissapeared. I am guessing it’s the same thing but the cat took it.

Anyone wanna sponsor me some nice Japanese Kois?

Koi Pond

KLCC GRA Autocross Round 2, Jan 15 2006, Julian Pang Proton Wira

Video from Round two of GRA Autocross on 15th January, 2006 held at KLCC. This is Julian Pang with Proton Wira 1.6 doing a pretty good run and scored 3rd place with the best time of 42.47s. Just a tad slower than the no. 13 Honda CRX, and no. 39, a Civic EG6. It is a no brainer that those cars have superior powertrain as compared to the 1.6 wira.

After posting about the seafood porridge at PJ state, there were a few people, including Saygore and Pam who left comments saying that I should check out the Lou Ngap Fan (卤鸭饭), or “loh” duck rice. So we did just that on a Saturday evening.

PJ duck rice, Lou Ngap Fan 卤鸭饭
even got paranomic shot, stim or not?

Now as opposed to the more common roasted duck rice, this place serves the Lou Ngap (that’s in Cantonese). Instead of roasted, the duck is cooked in a thick gravy with lotsa flour, much like Loh Mee style.

We ordered a whole duck for the 6 of us, add sides dishes of salted vegetable, Chinese mushroom, boiled egg, and pork with vinegar. The duck was pretty awesome, with just the right texture, not too hard nor overly oily. The sauce/soup was in just the right viscosity, though I’d imagine it won’t be terribly good if it gets cold, but with 6 hungry souls, we never had that problem.

PJ duck rice, Lou Ngap Fan 卤鸭饭
are you hungry now?

The pork was commendable, the mushroom goes well as a side dish, the eggs were alright. However, the salted vegetable is something rather interesting, it is served as is, with nothing accompanying. It wasn’t really very salty at all and does serve as a very good compliment to the duck. Much like how those marinated ginger goes well with sashimi in way of washing off the prior taste so that your taste bud is leave afresh for another bite. Highly recommended.

PJ duck rice, Lou Ngap Fan 卤鸭饭 map
don’t you love those bank logos?

The stall starts serving at around 5pm and ends whenever they run out of duck, usually around 9pm or so. Give it a try if you’re around the area. You got the map anyway, right? 😉

Also, check out spymy, a digg clone but concentrate more on regional blogs. A good compliment to pps & blogsmalaysia I’d say, give it a go.

8 Jalan Tengah
Off Jalan Yong Shook Lin
Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.099378, 101.644478

GRA KLCC Autocross january 15, 2006
white MR2 attacking the corner

After the success of the first GRA Autocross at KLCC on last November, the organiser followed up with the highly anticipated second installment of the same event. This time with more participants and slightly altered course. I was there again as a spectator snapping pictures, perhaps I might take the dive and participate in the next round, we’ll have to see about that.

GRA KLCC Autocross january 15, 2006
MC announcing as the red MR2 is getting ready

The results are posted here. Due to slightly longer straights and less turnings, the results are somewhat different from the previous event. For example, Julian Pang was not able to dominate with his Proton Wira 1.6 that is only equipped with the original engine.

Here are some photos I took at the event. I will be posting more photos in the gallery and some videos of the event in these few days. Enjoy!

Updated: Pictures are up at

GRA KLCC Autocross january 15, 2006
Mickey doing his run, notice the taxi sign on top of his car

GRA KLCC Autocross january 15, 2006
red MR2

GRA KLCC Autocross january 15, 2006
Lotus Elise

GRA KLCC Autocross january 15, 2006
BF Goodrich sponsored car, Subaru Impreza

It was probably more than year since we went to Nong and Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood place the last time. A place we usually refer to as “that Cheras tomyam place”, though it is actually located in Taman Cahaya and geographically not even really in Cheras, but Ampang instead. Last friday 5 of us decided to do treat ourselves some good ol’ favorites.

Nong and Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood Tomyam
we ordered up a feast

ST, faggot, margie, kerol and I got to the restaurant and luckily was able to find a table without much hassle though it was a busy friday night. (I called suan but she didn’t manage to pick up.. ) The restaurant is more like a roof with some light fixtures and fan over concrete surface where they put lots of cheap tables and chairs. Do not expect air conditioning or comfortable chairs, they concentrate on food, not comfort nor the whole dining experience thingy.

Nong and Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood Tomyam
ST, faggot, margie, & kerol

We ordered a basket of BBQ cockles, a claypot tomyam, BBQ prawns, BBQ stingray fish, fried squid, and kailan vegetables to go with some fried rice that includes big juicy prawns in it. The claypot tomyam and the BBQ prawn is a must, tomyam is served with prawn and squid as the main ingredients. The tomyam here tastes a little different from those that you get from mamak restaurants or Malay outlets, it is a little closer to authentic Thai flavour, we like it.

Nong and Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood Tomyam
cockles, prawns, special chili sauce with peanuts, BBQ fish

Not everyone eats cockles, but if you do, do not pass it up. The chili sauce with peanuts goes very, very well with the BBQ cockles, and basically other BBQ dishes like BBQ prawns and fish. The fried curry squid was pretty good too and provided a nice departure from having too many BBQ dishes. You can order white rice to go with the dishes, but to really get some serious prawn overdose, go for the fried rice instead.

Nong and Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood Tomyam
claypot tomyam, fried rice, squid, vege

Needless to say, we gobbled up everything and had happy stomachs to kick start the weekend. You can too, check out the patented map!

Nong and Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood map
oh such lovely map

Lot 27363, Jalan Cahaya 1,
Taman Cahaya,
Ampang, Selangor

GPS: 3.142669, 101.754727
Tel: 03 4251 1807