Our next door finally had a party of their own after seeing that we had too many over the last one and a half year since we moved in. It was their 12th grand kid’s full moon party, and we were invited.

As we already had our meal after badminton last saturday, we didn’t join the neighbours when it got started in the evening, and partly we were abit, you know, shy, too. But after the old timer walked right into my house and practically commanded us to be there, we had no choice but to oblige.

neighbourhood party
look at the alcohol

It was a mistake, just as horny, kerol, margie, faggot, and I took the food and sat down. The old dude shoved us a can of beer each, and opened them for us too. We were pretty much forced to drink while eating, and he would check our cans to see our progress.

There was free flow of beer, half a dozen bottle of whiskey, lotsa spirits, and even some cigar available. I wonder what would the baby think about the party when the fella grows up. The only think lacking was the disco ball and some hardcore music, but I guess dancing isn’t something wise to do when you are retired and drunk.

neighbourhood party
kerol’s butt, right next to horny

After finishing our meal and having a couple more drinks, we quickly made an escape. I heard the old dude was out, and another old timer puked, got himself a small cut, and went on an ambulance due to difficulty in stopping the bleeding. I guess they still have it in them after all these years.

KY parties – Neighbours and Old Timers

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