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Like a fairy tale, sad episode only lasts so long, it must be followed by good news, right? So Paul called me up on Saturday to inform me about a reader and fellow Koi lover Mr. Lee wishing to donate a couple kois to take the place of the departed Shiro Utsuri, I was ecstatic.

Koi Pond water parameter
water parameters looking good

On Sunday before going over to Mr. Lee’s residence, I checked the water parameters to make sure everything is fine and that the prior incident did not happen due to unhealthy water. I was not going to introduce any new fish if the water quality is not fit. Ammonia and Nitrit were at minimal levels, pH at a healthy 7.5 ~ 8.0 range, and Nitrate at around 10 mg/l. That was good.

Mr. Lee is an experienced Koi keeper and has a marvelous pond with dozens of very high quality Koi. I particulary like the setting with the computer area situated right behind the pond, making a relaxing work station. We had a brief tour of the house and then picked up the Kois Mr. Lee so generously gave us.

Koi Pond with new fish
soaking the plastic bags

It was a very beautiful Kohaku (red and white) and Showa (red, black, and white.) They were about 14 to 16 inches long and carries very attractive coloration and pattern, undoubtedly very high quality speciments. I soaked the plastic bags containing the kois in the pond water for a while to make sure there is no temperature shock when releasing the fish to their new environment.

Koi Pond with new fish
kohaku released

Water from the plastic bags is then thrown away and the fish released to the pond.

Koi Pond with new fish
showa released

There are six fishes in the pond now. 2 Kohakus, Showa, Yamabuki Ogon (yellow), Tancho (white with red mark on head), and an unidentified blueish gray koi, perhaps a Soragoi.

Koi Pond with new fish
all the 6 kois

To prevent the Shiro Utsuri incident from happening again. I erected a peremeter fence around the pond with some plastic netting, taking a page from Mr. Lee’s set up of his koi pond.

Koi Pond fence
fence construction

It’s a simple set up, hard plastic netting fixed with cable ties on wooden stick that are hammered into the ground. I even sprayed the outer side of the wood flat black in an attempt to improve the aesthetics, but I am definately choosing safety over looks for now.

Koi Pond fence
Pond still looking good isn’t it?

Finally, I want to thank Mr. Lee again for so generously donating the two excellent kois. I will make sure they are in good hands.

Koi Pond

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  1. ya it is so generous that Mr. Lee doneted 2 excellent kois to the pond. or else, the no. of fish in the pond will not be that nice to mention for CNY. hehe.

  2. woot! can intro mr lee to me anot ?

  3. I hope your kois don’t suddenly turn into world class high jumpers. :/

  4. I dunno man, suddenly the pond looks like alcatraz.

  5. u may want to consider putting up a sign on your fence:

    1000MegaVolt applied. Jump and you shall be barbecued.

  6. and the $10000 question is, can koi read?

  7. what if they jump over the fence? like terror right?

  8. What kind of friends/readers do you have here???

  9. steam koi for reunion dinner!

  10. nah, but KY can draw!

    now where’s my $10000? ;P

  11. foodcrazee

    Steamed koi ? yucky……………..good of u to erect the fence…now our cat will starve 🙁

  12. Reminds me of one pyscho episode of Full Metal Panic Fomoffu with the homicidal janitor. BEst! Ahahahahahahah! Torrent it now!

  13. bikerwannabe


    You may wanna consider making bamboo fencing to replace the wire mesh. Looks nice IMHO and not too difficult to make. Quite cheap too. RM20 will get you a 12 – 14′ bamboo with a diameter of about 2″. Thats about 2′ of fencing at 1′ height. Double if you split the bamboo.

    BTW, great pond dude!

  14. biker: that’s a good idea, will look into that in near future

  15. hmmmm just don’t drop into the pond when u r doing ya test.. i’m sure with all those mesh netting up it’s gonna b a hassle when u r to do those water testing etc…

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  17. Koi dead cannot be alive…take it easy ..
    I understand how you feels coz i also got this experience before..

    KY: yeah, life goes on, of course. hehe

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