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After posting about the seafood porridge at PJ state, there were a few people, including Saygore and Pam who left comments saying that I should check out the Lou Ngap Fan (卤鸭饭), or “loh” duck rice. So we did just that on a Saturday evening.

PJ duck rice, Lou Ngap Fan 卤鸭饭
even got paranomic shot, stim or not?

Now as opposed to the more common roasted duck rice, this place serves the Lou Ngap (that’s in Cantonese). Instead of roasted, the duck is cooked in a thick gravy with lotsa flour, much like Loh Mee style.

We ordered a whole duck for the 6 of us, add sides dishes of salted vegetable, Chinese mushroom, boiled egg, and pork with vinegar. The duck was pretty awesome, with just the right texture, not too hard nor overly oily. The sauce/soup was in just the right viscosity, though I’d imagine it won’t be terribly good if it gets cold, but with 6 hungry souls, we never had that problem.

PJ duck rice, Lou Ngap Fan 卤鸭饭
are you hungry now?

The pork was commendable, the mushroom goes well as a side dish, the eggs were alright. However, the salted vegetable is something rather interesting, it is served as is, with nothing accompanying. It wasn’t really very salty at all and does serve as a very good compliment to the duck. Much like how those marinated ginger goes well with sashimi in way of washing off the prior taste so that your taste bud is leave afresh for another bite. Highly recommended.

PJ duck rice, Lou Ngap Fan 卤鸭饭 map
don’t you love those bank logos?

The stall starts serving at around 5pm and ends whenever they run out of duck, usually around 9pm or so. Give it a try if you’re around the area. You got the map anyway, right? 😉

Also, check out spymy, a digg clone but concentrate more on regional blogs. A good compliment to pps & blogsmalaysia I’d say, give it a go.

8 Jalan Tengah
Off Jalan Yong Shook Lin
Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.099378, 101.644478

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  2. Dabido (Teflon)

    Last time someone said DUCk RICE to me, I was too slow and got hit in the head by it! 🙂

  3. Yes, very stim!

    Yes, so hungry!

    Yes, I love all the bank logos, they are so cuteee!

  4. im too sleepy..

    *blames breakfast and lunch*

  5. Woo Hoo!!! Good on ya! glad you guys enjoyed the food…

  6. foodcrazee

    with a lotsa flour ? brother, sure or not……..who told you that !

  7. maybe it’s not called flour.. ah, tell me then, teh F&B manager. 😛

  8. is the duck rice brown in color? there’s one that i tried in singapore.. the rice is brown in color wan..

    off topic: btw.. wad do u mean bye “feed me” o.O

  9. Oooooh I LOVE duck rice!!! Even more than chicken rice, if you believe.

  10. Interesting Blog for ppl who LOVES LOVES LOVES to eat….

  11. Oooo…i love this ducky place. Very nice. In fact, i started frequenting this place ever since am 20 years ago. And it’s the best! Slurp..i might just go tonite…(salivating already)

  12. […] When the dish were served, I was pretty impressed with the duck at least visually, the skin roasted to the perfect dark golden brown color with some dark sauce over. I was not too thrilled about the rice though, they served normal white rice instead of the special blend of duck rice like what you get at the PJ State Loh Duck. However, a bite on the soft and tender duck explained why this place is so highly regarded, the texture of the meat was perfect, easy to chew and with no pungent duck smell that is undesireable to many. And the skin.. the roast duck skin was that of the Peking duck caliber, reminded me of a few times I had the chance to taste that expensive dish in a proper Chinese restaurant. […]

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  17. my favourite duck

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