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Suan joined myself and kerol (don’t worry, no pictures of her this time) for dinner. As usual, that lady can never suggest where to eat, but was extremely good at saying “NO” to every suggestion I can come up with. Somehow we ended up at this Shabu Shabu KING steamboat place at SS2 instead. This is a pretty new establishment at the area.

Update: Shabu Shabu King is permanently closed

SS2 Shabu Shabu KING steamboat
best or not? hehehe

Shabu shabu actually means “swish swish” in Japanese, and usually associated with cooking very thin sliced beef in hot water. Since the steamboat ingredients are of the fast to cook variety, I guess the name is pretty appropriate. However, shabu can also carry an entirely different meaning, as described here.

SS2 Shabu Shabu KING steamboat
fresh and raw stuff before boiling

The restaurant serves 3 different types of soup, Miso, Clear, and Kimchi. As we only had one steamboat, we chose clear and kimchi (extra RM5.) The trick in making the soup tastes good is by boiling shell fish and crabs in it first to extract the aroma from the seafood. Do not keep adding new soup to water it down either, unless you absolutely have to.

SS2 Shabu Shabu KING steamboat
settings were mediocre, but air conditioned tho

The variety of items offered were quite generous, there were prawn, flower crab, sliced beef, sliced chicken, tofu, various vegies, egg, seaweed, squid, cuttle fish, imitation crab (was very good,) various types of fish ball and fish paste, scallop, clam, mushroom, and more. They also offer quite a big selection of dipping sauce and chilli to go with the steamboat. These include soya sauce, chilli padi, diced garlic, taiwanese satey sauce, wasabi, chicken rice chilli sauce, and more.

Other than the those main ingredients, ice water, tea, and ice lemon tea are also free flow. There were also about 8 types of dessert for your choosing, I think suan and kerol each had about 4-5 types *gasp*.

SS2 Shabu Shabu KING steamboat map
map, nice yeh?

For RM 20 nett per person, it was pretty good and worth the money paid for. I think if you go after 10:30 pm it’s even cheaper, like RM 15 per pax or something like that.

16, Jalan SS 2/63, PJ 47300 Selangor
GPS: 3.118523, 101.622376
Tel: 03-78761161

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  1. I know this one, I thought it’s a buffet?

    KY: yah it’s buffet


  3. foodcrazee

    WHen u wanna treat us for dinner ?

  4. FA: you were EATING CRAB!

    Jee: yea yea it’s buffet

  5. killuminati

    No! That page does not exist! :p

  6. who smokes Marlboro Menthol Lights?

    and why was there no alcohol on the table?

  7. no one smokes. it’s all your imagination

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  9. Dabido (Teflon)

    Happy New Year!!!

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  11. Happy New Year !!

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    Happy New Year

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    ello can update ahhhhhhhhhh?

  15. His face is always funny…

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  21. This place…halal?….or no pork serve?

  22. sufino,

    No pork served I believe, but not official halal cert

  23. Hey dude you might want to check this out

    He is totally copying you 100%

  24. nick,

    Thanks for informing. 🙂

  25. Have you guys try Kepong Manjalara Steamboat before.I think alot people know that there have alot of stemaboat shop but I will renconmend 1 shop which I consider nice and sort of PLC ( Parng Lerng Cheng ~ Cantonese ).Firstly would like to introduce Tai Tau Steamboat ( Big Head Stemaboat,ahahaha ) just behind Ketam Steamboat which I more renconmend more on his “Ma Lark” or Spicy soup,actually you won’t feel spicy until your lips like double hot dog,ahahah.Atleats you still can taste the food and not feel that numb on your lips or toungue.Beside from that you can order side dish slicing pork meat and slicing lamb meat which you just celup for less than 1 min on the soup which I never known others in Kepong Manjalara have offer before.

    Actually per head is RM 13.80 and side order is RM5.00.

    Really PLC….

  26. kl_guy74,

    Nice recommendation, thanks! Hope to try it one of these days. 😀

  27. rabbitfoot

    hi for every one here try this one Satsuma Shabu Shabu located at Cineleisure Damansara LG-1. u will be found lot of different from those u guys been to. tel 03 7710 8262 oh yes there are now offering some good deal promotion also.thx

  28. FishYellow

    Unfortunately this Shabu King in SS2 is no longer exist, not sure if it is moved or closed shop already!!

  29. rabbitfoot,
    ooo thanks. 😉

    Ahh, tragic!

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