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Hungry for some burgers? Forget McDonald’s, throw away that Burger King’s voucher, to get the best, try the local Ramli’s, and for the best of Ramli burgers, head to the mamak square at SS2.

best ss2 burger
say hi to the friendly burger boy, Wan aka Bon Jovi

For the uninformed, the local Ramli burger is prepared slightly different from those you find at popular fast food outlets (I know, I worked in McDonald’s many years ago.)

The bun is first splitted into two halves, butter is applied to the inside, and then the buns are “fried”, butter side down. At the same time, the meat patty is also being cooked on the same surface. After about 3/4 way done, the beef is splitted into two halves on it’s thick side, but usually still connected (forming a figure eight). Seasoning is then applied to the inside. If you order a “special”, an egg is spread on the pan, and then wrap around the patty like an envolope, as opposed to the McD’s style of making patty look-alike egg. Lettuce, onion, mayonese, and chilli/tomato sauce are added on to complete the dish.

When you are at SS2 and hungry for burger, head over to the mamak square. The guy you see on the picture above is Wan, a friendly Malay chap who loves fishing. Order from him, say that I recommend you and get no discount. Ask ST or Kim, they love his burger too!

best ss2 burger
this thing is the good

mamak square at ss2
here’s the map, foo!

Jalan SS 2/60
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.117783, 101.622430

Discuss : KY eats – Best Burger at SS2

  1. kimberlycun

    oh gawd i need giraffe burger like right now…

  2. hey i noe that guy haha.. he’s kinda frenly.. n the burger is definitely nice 😛

  3. bon jovi’s burger pwns!

  4. ShaolinTiger

    Best burgers IN THE WORLD tbh.

  5. i can do better burger

  6. the best is Otai burger. there’s proper QC with every Otai stall too.

  7. I bet the ciggie adds an extra smoked flavour to the burger ;p

  8. ky, i remember in my hometown ipoh where they would make FANTASTIC ramly burgers when i was a kid. the burger dude would stuff baked beans (!) between the patty-cavity and the whole thing would be smothered in lots of onions, shredded timun and lots of chilli sauce. yummmy…. around year 1996 the burger duded up and left, so sad! i don’t like the mayo addition to ramly burgers nowadays ler. xoxo

  9. er, dude even.

  10. nice blog !!

  11. ärchängël

    damit.. i drool on my keyboard :p

  12. eh.the fella smoking lah =x

    em em.. who’s going to KY’s party and is from subang? I need a lift if I were to go.. and aku takde sms-invite wan? ;p .. and i have no hat lah >.

  13. with extra ingredients (cigarette ashes and saliva) , i am sure it taste superb! 😛

  14. jean`: can’t help it when I don’t have ur phone number now can it?

  15. foodcrazee

    No special ?

  16. Many years ago during college break, I sold burgers too.

    We also created our own special Little Devil. Ramli burger shred to pieces then at the end, put a cheese over and let it melt on top. Scoop all that in and place it into a hot dog bun.

    Fuck I’m hungry now.

  17. The burger in front of SS2 Bomba is even better. The juiciest burger daging I ever had…

  18. […] Kenneth, Horny, Kerol, and I were looking for something interesting for dinner the other day and Kenneth mentioned about the excellent fresh prawn noodle (生虾面) at Restaurant Green View that was just a stone’s throw away from the SS2 mamak area, a place we frequent quite abit. With no other suggestions from the fellow noobs, we decided to head there without thinking twice about the price of the offering. […]

  19. hey…anyone know contact no of OTAI BURGER?

  20. hi bro….ave heard of raja burger 2005 ……..i guess u wont know bout us…u want to c burger which is 3 times bigger than urs…then cum to penang…….at anjung gurney….

  21. Ben Corley

    Otai is the best, cleaner, well lit, workers have uniforms, neatly arranged utensils and condiments, better tasting burgers.

  22. […] The uptown food court is one of those places where you can find things to eat around the clock but not being a mamak stalls area like SS2 nor a centralized food court like ming tien. I was dragged there after a weekday badminton session that ended up past 11pm and was told that I should sample the old school yong tau foo. […]

  23. […] are actually quite a number of stalls at the square, Ramli burger, chicken rice, Pak Lang’s Malay food, Mamak Indomie, Satey, and more. One of the stalls I […]

  24. Wan is also known as ‘abang beruang’

  25. Dan,
    Hahaha, I didn’t know that.

  26. aiyo, should have come to this site earlier. yesterday i was hunting for burger, went all the way to UM kl gate but couldnt get their burger (second attempt). i should have just turned over to this place!

    btw, are you guys interested in doing online survey? can gain points which are redeemable to cash and stuffs like reload coupon and sorts. registration is free, you can do the survey anytime you’re free. give me your email if you’re interested. thanks alot, take care.

  27. oops, you can reach me at

  28. victor,
    Thanks! Interesting, interesting. 🙂

  29. Lets try our burger at SS16 Bandar Baru Bangi,Selangor.

  30. […] than chicken rice, the Ramli Burger and Ah Leong fried rice here are awesome […]

  31. […] My usual order of Ramly burger is usually the daging special (beef with egg), and Burger Ramly A&Z serves up one of the better burgers around the area (another favorite would be Wan Burger at SS2). […]

  32. You’re giving this guy a bad reputation. The picture of him smoking is not necessary to put on here is it?

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