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I bet my socks that some of you might have not even heard of black chicken, let alone having eaten it before. According to this site, black chicken is also referred to as the Taihi chicken, Silky chicken, or Black-boned chicken. I was so delighted when I found out that a stall in Chow Yang, Mac Roy Steam Duck Mee, carries such a dish. The last I hat it was at my hometown in Penang cooked by my mom, probably years back.

Black Chicken Herbal Soup Mee Suah
once you go black, you never go back

I ordered the black chicken in herbal soup with mee suah (fine wheat noodle.) The chicken was very well cooked and requires very little chewing. The flavor of the herbal soup was reasonably strong, and as most well prepared herbal soup, the taste of the chicken are a little weakend due to it’s flavor lost into the soup, which is actually a good thing. The mee suah was quite good, too, without being sticky nor too hard.

If you are one that loves Chinese herbal soup noodles, do try this out. At only 5 ringgit, you can’t go wrong.

Chow Yang Map
map, noob, map!

As for the X’mas eve party, click here!

Jalan SS 2/6
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.116862, 101.617377

Discuss : KY eats – Black Herbal Chicken at Chow Yang

  1. Looks good KY – thanks for the recommendation!

  2. oi lu kena tag leh

  3. i hate meesuah. = but at least i know what’s the black cheekern, even if i don’t like it.

  4. once you go black, you never go back.. sounds so familiar la… heheh

  5. How come everytime you finish eating something… there’s no left over?? where’s the bone and stuff?

  6. SImon Tan,
    eat all la. bones for the dogs.

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  9. Heya KY just want to let you know this place is closing down in September/October, being taken over by Old Town. Sadly im gonna miss the food here.

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