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KY’s New Home

December 13, 2005 17 Comments

Hi there boys and girls, you have found the new home of KY speaks.

I moved away from blogspot to have more flexibility and to saves you noobs a few keystrokes when typing the URL if you have not bookmarked me already. So, welcome to, update your links, blogroll, bookmark, notes, handphone entry, scribbles on notes.. etc etc etc

I’m still in the process of customizing wordpress to make it behave exactly as I want it to be. New posts coming soon. I’ll also be adding galleries and fun stuff like that to the this site. Hang on. In the mean time, you can also take a look at my car site at

Enjoy your stay, I’ll be here all year.


Discuss : KY’s New Home

  1. michaelooi


  2. ShaolinTiger

    Good job on the new URL!

    But same ugly template as kydrives, erk, get something nicer please!

  3. looks nice!

  4. kimberlycun

    w00t! congratulations man

  5. kung hei kung hei !!!!!! wei how you transfer your old post into the new blog har ?

  6. Nice new home 😀 and the header is coool.

  7. I would like to humbly request for a KY Pimps hall of fame.

    Also, does a new improved website mean new improved n00b maps as well?

  8. Dabido (Teflon)


    I get the oscar for best performance in a first post on KY’s New site. Woo hoo!

  9. Okie dokie, balik rumah i tweak.

    Welcome to your new home,and WORDPRESS ROCKS !

  10. damn kau mafan i have to change my link @@$@%^&

    oi.. whats my picture doing as part of ur banner =PPP

  11. Congrates !!

    The new URL saves me from typing the extra 8 letters. 😀

  12. thanks thanks. 😀

    and ST, beauty is relative, look at ur own template. heheheh..

    i am, however, still in the process of tweaking or looking for a better template

  13. ahw.. pretty new site.. (^.^)

  14. bUttsH4k3r

    knn, lansi oredi outgrow blogger :p

  15. >> I’m still in the process of customizing wordpress to make it behave exactly as I want it to be.

  16. it deleted the rest of my comment.
    oh well, check your database 😛

  17. He finally gets a domain name. Yay for KY.

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